5 Functions of effective Human Resource Management software​

The trend of using software to support human resource management is becoming more and more popular. Managers need to understand the roles and functions of human resource management software to make a successful selection and application. The following article will show administrators a clear overview of the roles and 5 functions of human resource management software

1. The role of Human Resource management software in the business​

In addition to supporting the professional work of administrative and human resources departments, HR software also has an impact on the comprehensive development of the whole business. The main role of human resource management software is to help businesses grasp the overall situation of human resources, systematize the employee management process and plan for talent development. Thereby, the enterprise manages the staff more comprehensively and better exploits the power of human resources.

Viindoo HRMHRMs software plays an important role in business management

Besides, the software eliminates many cumbersome and unnecessary processes and creates opportunities for administrators to focus on core strategies and talent development. Therefore, this is one of the business management software needed to increase competitive advantage, create a premise for sustainable development in parallel with the overall orientation of the organization

2. Five essential capabilities of Human Resource management software

2.1 Profile Management

The software allows businesses to store employee data on the system. Moreover, all information and personnel records are confidential and easy to search. As a result, the HR department will save a lot of time in paperwork.

  • Monitoring the complete working procedures of employees.
  • Storing all employee contact information, health status, resumes, etc.
  • Managing additional insurance and tax information, such as the number of dependents or family deductions, etc.
  • Managing the decision to reward or appoint employees who perform well in their tasks.
  • Recording an employee's prior employment history.
Functions of HR management software

Profile management function

You can refer to Viindoo Employee personnel file management software belonging to the Viindoo HRM solution suite to make employee information management easier.

2.2 Recruitment Management

Most human resource management software has the function of building a quick and intelligent recruitment process. All operations are automated and candidate data is stored on one platform. Thereby, businesses can increase the efficiency of finding the right person for the unit.

  • Generating jobs on demand.
  • Application for candidate profile management, screening, and matching.
  • Combining multiple recruitment platforms.
  • Sending candidates automated email notifications of results, admission, interview invitation, declination, etc., based on a sample email library.
  • Measuring recruitment efficiency with a reporting system that indicates the number of candidates, expected salary, proposed salary, response delay, etc.
  • Converting the candidate's profile into the enterprise's official full-time employee profile.
Human Resource Management Software function

Recruitment management function

In particular, Viindoo has developed a human resource recruitment software solution that can help businesses automatically create a separate recruitment page for businesses to attract more candidates.

2.3 Training Management

Training is also one of the very important HR software functions. HRM software can help businesses build a standard internal training process as well as monitor and control training sessions to improve the quality of knowledge.

  • Manage all training programs, document libraries, attendee lists…
  • Follow up throughout the training process, get quality feedback on training days
  • Post-training test design
  • Look up information of training students quickly
Functions of HR management software

Training management function

Viindoo also has developed its own internal online training software model for businesses (if necessary). You can find more software at Viindoo E-learning!

2.4 Time attendance management

HRMs software allows integration with common timekeepers to support enterprises to take attendance, monitor, and retrieve employee's time to and from work. In particular, this will be an extremely important function for companies with an increasingly large scale of personnel, and the operating mechanism has more shifts and crews.

  • Receiving data from the timekeeper and automatically standardizing it according to the business's rules.
  • Customizing shifts with specific policies, such as time in and out, early and late check-out, break time, etc.
  • Constructing shifts according to each department.
  • Automatically compiling timekeeping data for employee review.
HR management software functions

Time attendance management function

You can learn more about attendance software - Viindoo Attendance is part of Viindoo's suite of HRMs solutions.

2.5 Payroll Management

The HRMs software system also supports automatically calculating employee salaries accurately and quickly.

  • Permitting the setting of varied salary formulas. The software can calculate pay in a variety of ways, including by timesheet, by off day, by actual working hours, etc.
  • Easily calculating penalties and bonuses in accordance with company policy.
  • Helping businesses calculate taxes and insurance premiums.
  • Monitoring the employees' salary advance period.
  • Automatically aggregating payroll and salary deductions and sending them to each employee.
Functions of HR management software

Payroll function

Let's learn more about payroll management software and try Viindoo Payroll app now to experience the details.

In addition, HRM software includes additional features such as:

  • Managing working hours or development plans.
  • Managing employee leaves and leave reasons based on the different types of leave.
  • Controlling both working hours and timekeeping in actuality.
  • Efforts of employees are tracked throughout the process for promotion purposes.

Therefore, every business should choose for themselves a suitable human resource management software. Don't hesitate to try our multi-function Viindoo HRM solution for free.

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The preceding section contains detailed and helpful information regarding the main functions of human resource management for businesses. We at Viindoo hope that you will have a comprehensive perspective and select the best human resources management software for your business.

5 Functions of effective Human Resource Management software​
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