Instructions for setting up and using Viindoo human resource management software

The following article is a summary of instructions on how to make a standard human resource management software when using Viindoo solution. Thereby, you can take advantage of this software system to improve business processes and performance.

1. How to create and manage employee records on the software

There are 3 ways to create a new employee account on Viindoo human resource management software to manage them:

Method 1: Create employees from HR file software: Access the Employee application. Select Employee > Employee > Create.

Guide to making human resource management software

Method 2: Create employees from Candidates on the Recruitment application: Click the Create employee button on the Candidate interface > Enter the information according to the data set up on the Candidate interface.

User manual for human resource management software

Method 3: Create Employee from User Account: Go to Settings > Users & Companies > Users, select the user and press Create Employee.

Instructions for setting up employee management software

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2. Set up and decentralize the recruitment system

Viindoo Recruitment will support the recruitment process of enterprises to become easier and more scientific. To understand how to set up and assign permissions in this recruitment software, follow these steps:

First, install the software: Applications > Job Search > Select App > Actions > Install Modules

Next, customize the permissions:

Step 1: Choose settings

Step 2: On the menu select Users & Companies

Step 3: Select the username you want to decentralize > Edit

Step 4: In the Human Resources section, select the level of authorization for the personnel corresponding to each category.

Finally, customize the basic settings of the application:

Step 1: Select Recruitment

Step 2: On the menu select Configure

Step 3: Choose settings

Step 4: Customize the features in the general settings (recruitment process, job posting ...)

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3. Instructions on how to set up an organization chart in human resource management software

Instructions for creating a department

Step 1: Access the employee application

Step 2: Access configuration > select department > Create

Step 3: Enter the full name of the department/department, superior department/department, direct manager, company…

Instructions for creating a position

Step 1: Access the employee application

Step 2: Go to configuration > Position > Create

Step 3: Enter full information such as title name, department belongs, recruitment, salary table ...

>>>> Details you can see instructions here

4. Instructions for creating a recruitment process on software

Currently, Viindoo recruitment software has a standard recruitment process available:

  1. Departments recommend recruitment.
  2. Post job ads (On corporate websites, job search websites, etc.) to find candidates.
  3. Record the candidate's profile on the system.
  4. Conduct recruitment/interview rounds (1st > 2nd > Contract Proposal)

5. Instructions for making payroll for each employee on human resource management software

Viindoo HRM solution suite is also integrated with a payroll software module that supports setting up custom payroll and automatic updating, data retrieval from other integrated software. To make payroll for each employee, you can do the following:

Go to Payroll > Payroll > Create

How to use HR management software

Here, fill in the general information of the payroll including:

  • Payroll name. The system will suggest you the current monthly payroll name. In case of creating a payroll for each department/department, factory workshop, you can assign the department name on the payroll name for easy lookup.
  • Pay Cycle: Select your company's pay cycle. The system will automatically suggest the default pay cycle configured in Payroll ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings.
  • 13 monthly salary

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All operations and processes related to human resource management are automated. Therefore, you do not need to learn how to design software or how to make a standard human resource management software, just apply Viindoo's solution set. All operations and jobs become extremely simple.

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Instructions for setting up and using Viindoo human resource management software
Jun Nguyen March 19, 2024