5 best employee training management software today

training management software staff is considered a "powerful hand" for managers in monitoring and improving employee capacity. Human resource training management application is chosen by many businesses to replace traditional human resource management methods in the 4.0 era. Let's Viindoo Learn about what is HR training software as well as the top 5 best employee training software today.

1. What is employee training management software?

Employee training management software is the tool in the set HRM software provide processes, content and internal training courses for the company, helping employees improve and update professional knowledge and skills to perform better jobs. In addition, the software also supports administrators to manage and monitor the effectiveness of learning, training and employee development in accordance with the company's orientation.

Detailed benefits of HR training software yield that is:

  • Optimizing the time, cost and effort of the HR department in training planning
  • Monitor the check-in, check-out process and the attendance of employees.
  • Capture the learning status and work results of employees.
  • Supervising and certifying the learning process of personnel.
  • Track the work and study plan of the new day, the actual working and studying time of the employees.
training management softwareWhat is HR Management Software?

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2. Top 5 best HR training management software for businesses

2.1. Training software Viindoo E - Learning

Viindoo E - Learning is a useful tool to build a learning community inside and outside the business. E - Learning of Viindoo helping businesses build, centrally manage and digitize employee training activities effectively on the cloud platform.

The application can monitor, check, closely monitor the learning process and issue certificates to each individual in the organization. In particular, this is also an online learning software that possesses features such as: Systematizing the appropriate course for each audience, building a knowledge-sharing community, reporting on multi-dimensional training activities... allows businesses to reduce teaching costs, and can expand the training model at any time.

training management softwareTraining management solution withVindoo E - Learning

The outstanding advantages of training management software Viindoo E-Learning brings:

  • Manage and store lectures and learning content
  • Help learners easily grasp information by zoning the lecture content in a scientific way
  • Diverse types of documents from many sources such as videos, slides, links from websites, ...
  • Allows multiple people to work together to create a complete course
  • Integrated withVindoo Surveys allows building a question bank to test, survey and evaluate students' level

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2.2. WorkBright software

WorkBright software helps businesses reduce desk work, extremely time-consuming procedures in staff management and training. WorldBright implements employee management right on employees' mobile devices. Just turn on the device and fill in your personal information, the document will be recorded to the company's human resources department. In particular, the software allows scheduling and task management for HR teams. From there, businesses can plan a more detailed and appropriate training schedule.

training management softwareWorkBright software interface

Some features from WorkBright software:

  • Friendly on smart mobile devices
  • Notify when candidates complete filling out forms
  • Fingerprint security support
  • Connect with other apps with API integration
  • The main portal interface is always updated with information about new personnel

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2.3. Training softwarefast

fTrain is an internal personnel training software, part of a suite of software solutions developed by the company first develop. ToolsfTrain support enterprises to set up, store and absolutely secure professional documents used to train internal personnel. In addition, the toolfTrain It also helps businesses track the learning process, mark exams and provide certificates for employees.

training management softwareTraining solutions come from software fTrain

Some features of the softwarefTrain:

  • Manage student details
  • Issue certificates to employees upon completion of eligibility
  • Absolutely secure system, storing information
  • Decentralize content management

2.4. WorkStyle software

WorkStyle software helps businesses manage their human resources with a variety of evaluation methods. The goal of the softwareWorkStyle is to help employees improve work performance, create an ideal working environment thanks to assessment methods related to psychology.

training management softwareWorkStyle's base interface

Some features of WorkStyle software:

  • Store employee data in the most complete way
  • Support work activities related to teamwork
  • Support to evaluate employee capacity with psychological tests

2.5. Saba training management software

Saba software supports businesses to manage training for many different fields. Businesses will save a lot of time for recruitment because the Saba tool helps to process applications, review and select suitable candidates. Saba software, after helping with the selection, can quickly provide the corresponding training program for personnel.

training management softwareSome solutions come from Saba . software

Salient features of Saba software:

  • Monitor salary policy
  • Monitor recruitment status and employee discipline compliance
  • Make a plan to improve human resources

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3. Some criteria to choose the best training management software for businesses

In today's market, there are many software providers specializing in personnel management and training, which makes it difficult for businesses to make their choice. Therefore, managers need to note some of the evaluation criteria below to be able to make an easy decision.

  • Elements of software information storage, security and safety
  • Ability to formulate test questions, conduct assessments, provide certificates
  • Suitable for the operation and size of the business
  • Ability to manage learning data, control all personnel information
  • Diverse training features, building learning paths

Posts on here, Viindoo informed you training management software as well as Top 5 best HR training software. Based on these, Viindoo hope you will choose the most suitable software for your business. If you need any more information, please contact us via hotline 0225 730 9838.

5 best employee training management software today
Jun Nguyen April 17, 2023