6 Employee Assessment System For Performance Improvement

Employee assessment system is a supporting tool for employee management, allowing businesses to access employees’ performance and working status. Let's find out in the article by Viindoo software the top 6 effective employee evaluation software.

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Methods for employee assessment

Regular employee evaluation helps businesses capture the status of each employee. The way to evaluate employees can be different depending on the unique characteristics of each company. Here are two common types of employee performance appraisals.

Assessment by objective

Evaluating employee performance by objective ensures transparency and fairness. Enterprises can conduct evaluations following these objectives:

  • Administrative objectives: Enterprises should measure employee performance through the amount of work (KPI) achieved. This effective assessment method helps the supervisory department make appropriate reward and punishment policies.
  • Development objectives: Each company clearly defines its own development objectives. This sets the foundation for employees to best develop their ability to achieve objectives.
  • Level of task completion: Businesses often set different objectives and evaluation criteria at different stages of work. Therefore, employees complete work while the supervisory department evaluates effectiveness based on these specific criteria. The business can also promptly grasp the capacity of each employee.
Employee assessment system

Evaluate employees according to the criteria based on objectives

Evaluation by subjective

Businesses also evaluate employee capacity by subjective, shown as follows:

  • Hierarchy assessment: Enterprises conduct personnel evaluation from high to low levels. This means personnel will evaluate subordinates and set out specific plans, goals, and next tasks for them.
  • Peer assessment: Enterprises will set specific evaluation criteria and employees can conduct peer reviews.
  • Comprehensive assessment: This helps managers comprehensively capture the employee's capacity. Opinions of customers, self-assessment, and evaluation of surrounding colleagues set the criteria for the assessment.
Employee assessment system

Evaluation based on levels of hierarchy, peer-to-peer, or comprehensive evaluation

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Review employee evaluation tools recently

There are many supporting methods and tools for employee evaluation. Each tool has its own pros and cons. Depending on the current situation, the business can choose a suitable application to use. Here are some popular employee assessment tools today.

KPI tool

KPI helps measure employee productivity through specific indicators. Many businesses apply these metrics to assess employee performance. Applying KPIs to businesses stimulates employees to complete set targets, bringing in high work efficiency.

Employee assessment software

KPIs help managers evaluate employee capacity

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OKR Tool

When applying OKR, the company will set transparent orientations based on common goals. After that, departments and employees will togetherly work to achieve goals. Multiple large technology businesses apply ORK like Linkedin and Google. 

OKR supports businesses to periodically assess achieved results, thereby providing a basis for evaluating employees and giving rewards. OKR also helps businesses: 

  • Create a positive culture.
  • Motivate employees.
  • Support achieving bigger goals.
Employee assessment system

OKR ensures alignment among departments toward common goals

Here are some pros and cons of OKR:

  • Pros:
    • Set objectives for each stage, allowing prompt adjustment and better adaptation to changes.
    • Help employees become more self-reliant and responsible.
    • Inspire and motivate employees to accomplish their goals.
  • Cons:
    • Require constant improvement so that departments need to jointly work to accomplish common goals.
    • Can cause distractions in achieving main goals because there are so many small goals.

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OGSM tool mainly focuses on 4 main factors: Objectives, Goals, Strategies, and Measures. Specifically:

  • Objectives: Administrative will set general objectives. These objectives must represent the plans and achievements that the business wants to achieve in the future.
  • Goals: Once common objectives have been set, senior managers will divide them into specific tasks and a milestone for proper performance. 
  • Strategies: Transparent strategy building is important to achieve the goals as planned.
  • Measures: Through specific indicators, businesses can review progress and adjust deviations in the process of achieving goals.
Employee assessment software

OGSM plan lasts around 3 - 5 years and reevaluation is conducted every 6 months.

Advantages and disadvantages of the OGSM tool:

  • Pros: 
    • Shows consistency in building long-term goals for the business.
    • Allow transparent processing for accessible strategy implementation.
    • Enhance the visibility and responsibility of employees in the company.
  • Cons:
    • Take a long time for relevant departments to approve the goal.
    • Require a high level of concentration.

Balanced Scorecard (BSC)

The Balanced Scorecard supports planning based on strategic vision, customer behavior, financial situation, and internal training. The method helps businesses easily compare the implementation progress with the original plan.

Pros and cons of the Balanced Scorecard (BSC): 

  • Pros: 
    • Build the overall strategic structure of the company with specific goals.
    • Communicate strategies with ease.
    • Create connections among departments. All departments jointly conduct tasks to achieve common goals.
  • Cons:
    • Show limits in flexibly assessing and allow only annual assessments, not periodical ones.
    • Restrain personnel initiative and creativity due to the application of hierarchical leadership.
Employee assessment system

The Balanced Scorecard helps track work progress

Performance leaderboard

The performance leaderboard is a statistical table that evaluates employee performance in rank. The administrative set specific evaluation criteria. Based on that, managers and direct supervisors evaluate employees, make comparisons, and set appropriate rewards and punishments.

Employee assessment software

Performance leaderboards help evaluate employee performance



Balanced Scorecard

Performance Leaderboard

- Clarify employee productivity and orientation. 

- Stimulate employees' sense of responsibility.

- Adjust goals flexibly.

- Enhance self-discipline and sense of responsibility of employees.

- Motivate employees to achieve goals.

- Stabilize the company for long-term goals achievement.

- Allow simple processing. 

- Support capacity development of businesses.

- Consolidate corporate strategies.

- Make strategies communication easier.

- Links departments together.

- Unify personal goals with corporate strategies.

- Is easy to use.

- Clarify all criteria for evaluation.


- Hidden risk as there is no specific completion time for tasks. 

- Require regular modification of KPIs according to specific business goals.

- Requires constant innovation, requiring close connection among departments. 

- Cause distractions.

- Take a lot of time for discussion and approval of goals.

- Require high concentration.

- Can create a strict framework.

- Restrict employee creativity.

- Show a lack of flexibility in assessment, making it difficult to adjust. 

- Only suitable for small businesses.

- Lack of specialized criteria for evaluation.

What is an employee assessment system? Why should use the software?

In the past, the evaluation of employee competency in businesses lacked transparency and fairness. Employee competency assessment system is an effective tool to overcome those inadequacies. 

Through the data analyzed on the software, administrators can effectively review and evaluate employees. Specific benefits of the employee assessment system are:

  • Provide clear and precise data on the system.
  • Help businesses manage human resources and make fairer decisions.
  • Support planning suitable development strategies for individuals.
  • Help propose appropriate remuneration, reward, and punishment based on employee capacity.
Employee assessment system

The benefits of the employee assessment system

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The best employee assessment system currently

Different employee evaluation software owns different functions and interfaces. Businesses can make a suitable choice depending on the needed characteristics. Here are 6 effective software that Viindoo wants to introduce to readers.

Viindoo OKR - Employee evaluation software

Viindoo OKR employee assessment system helps businesses manage objectives and key results. The software supports setting common goals and sharing them with all employees. In addition, the software assists in the development of specific plans, ensuring the execution of tasks following the set objectives.

Besides, OKR software helps exploit the core competencies of employees, fulfill internal commitments, and encourage self-recognition of created value. This will motivate the working spirit of employees to achieve the highest efficiency, improving the initiative, self-discipline, and responsibility of employees. 

Viindoo OKR can integrate with other software such as HRM software, task management software, or time management software. This helps with more effective employee evaluation. Specifically:

  • Human resource management software: Help manage all human resources information. Managers can make the right decision based on analysis and reports of employee data. Some features of the software are:
    • Manage employee information: Personal information, resumes, degrees, training, promotion processes, etc.
    • Manage labor contract: Job and corresponding position, working time, remuneration, etc.
    • Manage time-off, working time, timekeeping, leaving, etc.
  • Task management software: Help clear plans and projects building. Managers can conveniently control and monitor the working process. Some typical features provide:
    • Track the process and progress of the work.
    • Provide an intuitive interface with modern charts.
    • Assign all work on the software.
    • Export reports on employee situations, minimizing the workload of departments.
Employee assessment system

Viindoo software integrates with HRM and task management software

Viindoo OKR employee assessment system is offered at an affordable price with outstanding features. From $8/month, readers can use all the features of Viindoo.

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SimpleKPI software

SimpleKPI owns a simple and easy-to-use interface. Businesses can easily manage business activities with outstanding features. The software also helps list all business activities visually and in detail. Some outstanding features of SimpleKPI are:

  • Display KPIs for employees visually.
  • Analyze information in detail, helping businesses to easily control, detect, and adjust deviations in business activities.
  • Manage data in real time.
  • Present detailed reports in various forms such as charts, graphs, etc.
  • Support evaluating employee work based on the set goals.
Employee assessment system

SimpleKPI software with fully presented metrics

FAST HRM Online software

FAST HRM Online employee assessment system is useful and popular. The software supports businesses to manage employee data, calculate salaries, track timekeeping, and evaluate employee work. This helps effectively evaluate employees monthly, quarterly, or annually. Some outstanding features of FAST HRM Online are:

  • Provide detailed information about personnel including personal data, professional skills, training process, learning, achievements, etc.
  • Own a simple and easy-to-use interface. 
Employee assessment software

FAST HRM Online software supports periodic employee evaluation

Zoho software

Zoho is a comprehensive and effective employee competency assessment system. The software can integrate with many features such as ratings and reports to help businesses maximize work efficiency. Zoho supports evaluating employees with outstanding features:

  • Comprehensive evaluation: Evaluations are conducted among employees. These evaluations include self-assessment, peer reviews, and reviews from different levels of management. Everything is done objectively and efficiently. 
  • Feedback on the work situation: Individuals in the company can conduct a self-review. Based on that, they can find out their strengths and weaknesses and adjust to satisfy job requirements.
  • Detailed reports: Provide overview reports on the working situation and productivity of departments or the whole company. 
Employee assessment system

Zoho software with a series of outstanding features

Geckoboard software

Geckoboard software is an effective employee assessment system. The outstanding features that this software brings:

  • Connect and integrate data from many different sources.
  • Support quality control of all business activities such as marketing, investment, etc.
  • Build a quick and simple overview dashboard.
  • Automate key metrics filling. 
Employee assessment software

Geckoboard employee competency assessment system

Amis software

Amis software is a part of Amis HRM system, powered by Misa. Amis helps quickly assess the situation of employees, departments, and divisions in the company. Some typical features of Amis software:

  • Support employees and administrators to self-review and periodically evaluate.
  • Perform automatic review.
  • Export overview employee reports.
  • Assist managers in developing HR plans. 
Employee assessment system

Amis software supports accurate employee and department evaluation

Criteria for suitable personnel assessment software

Different software has different advantages and limitations. In general, HR assessment software provides unique features. Choosing effective software is not an easy task. Viindoo notes here some criteria for evaluation Viindoo:

  • Capability of tracking employee productivity in real-time.
  • Assessment of individual performance towards a common goal.
  • User-friendly interface. 
  • Visually and detailed reports.
  • Features to satisfy evaluation models: KPIs, OKRs, etc.
  • Indicators for reports. 
Employee assessment system

Criteria for suitable software

Frequently asked questions about employee assessment system

Viindoo is going to answer frequently asked questions here:

#1 What are the tasks for employee performance evaluation?

Performance evaluation should include feedback and evaluation, helping overcome work quality issues and stimulating a sense of responsibility, team spirit, diligence, etc.

#2 Is the employee assessment system useful for human development?

The system allows employees to easily follow feedback and evaluation of managers and other departments. Therefore, they can know their weaknesses, develop strengths, and improve their ability to work effectively.

#3 Does software help improve corporate culture?

Definitely yes. The Employee competency assessment system integrated with the training system will support the training culture building. 

#4 Does the employee competency assessment system help improve business productivity?

Most employee assessment software helps businesses set specific tasks and goals as well as provides tools to track work progress. Therefore, managers and employees can work towards goals and enhance productivity.

#5 What are the basic features of an employee competency assessment system?

The system must have the features of setting goals and work tasks, monitoring work performance, reporting work results, etc. Besides, the interface must be compatible and allow synchronization on many devices, ensuring safety and security when using.

Employee assessment system

Employee assessment system helps increase work productivity

The above article by Viindoo provides details about employee assessment software as well as its outstanding benefits. The software should help optimize the employee evaluation process at businesses. Hopefully, the article supports readers to choose the right tool for business. 

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