5 effective remote employee management software to use

In the era of technology 4.0, many businesses allow employees to work from home and work online. In addition, the number of multinational and multi-regional companies has sprung up, so many businesses have applied remote employee management software to support business management. In the following article, Viindoo will introduce you to the TOP 5 best remote employee management software today. Check it out now!

Challenges of Remote Employee Management

While there are significant advantages to managing remote teams, it is essential to address the challenges that may arise.

  • Communication Barriers: Lack of face-to-face interactions can lead to misinterpretation, difficulties in conveying tone, and reduced personal connections.
  • Collaboration and Coordination: Coordinating tasks and fostering collaboration among team members who work in different time zones or locations can be challenging.
  • Monitoring Performance: Tracking and evaluating the performance of remote employees requires efficient tools and regular communication channels.
  • Social Isolation: Remote employees may feel isolated or disconnected from their colleagues due to the absence of in-person interactions.
  • Technology Dependencies: Reliance on technology increases, making it crucial to have reliable and secure tools for effective remote employee management.

Therefore, using remote working management software is cruel to solve these challenges. 

Choosing the Right Remote Employee Management Tools

Managing remote teams effectively requires a different approach compared to traditional in-person teams. Having the right tools is crucial for seamless remote employee management . Here are some essential tools that can enhance productivity and collaboration:

  • Project Management Software helps track tasks, assign responsibilities, and monitor project progress in real-time.
  • Communication and Collaboration Tools facilitate team communication, file sharing, and collaboration on projects.
  • Time Tracking Software tracks time and ensures productivity. This helps monitor remote employees' work hours and identify areas for improvement.
  • Video Conferencing Software enables face-to-face interactions, virtual meetings, and webinars.
  • Document Sharing and Storage allow easy access and sharing of files across remote teams.

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Recommended remote employee management software​

1. Viindoo HRM

Human resource management software - Viindoo HRM is a product of Viindoo Technology Joint Stock Company. This software fulfills all the above requirements of remote employee management in only one platform, help administrators easily manage employees working remotely.

Remote employee management software

Viindoo HRM - Comprehensive human resource management solution

Viindoo HRM is trusted by many businesses because of the following advantages:

  • Software to manage personnel records, including all information related to employees such as: Personal information, job information (title, skills, experience, position ..), history work, the process of rotation, appointment and promotion route. All of this information is stored on the same system.
  • Setting up an organizational chart that facilitates task allocation.
  • Sharing employee information with other users through the user authorization function. Please rest assured that all important information is secured. 
  • Creating competency tests and storing the results in employee records through integration with different online survey applications.
  • Adding and editing documents with no trouble. 
  • Managing time spent on a task of each employee.

From the above advantages, Viindoo HRM helps managers have the most general view of each employee's working activities. From there, the manager will make adjustments, assign work and support personnel in the right way. It can be seen that this is a preeminent remote employee management software.

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Viindoo HRM - Manage human resources, measure performance, improve HR quality and retain employees effectively.

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2. G Suite online work software

G Suite is a tool from Google that caters to the communication and teleworking needs of businesses and organizations. This toolkit includes software that is quite familiar to us such as Email, Drive, Calendar, Hangouts ... Each tool in this software has different functions, meeting all the needs of users.

Remote employee management software - G SuiteG Suite is a suite of collaborative productivity apps that offers huge benefits to businesses

The advantages that G Suite brings to users are:

  • Sharing access to data with specific individuals within the company or external partners.
  • Allowing users with shared access rights to directly edit or comment on the file.
  • Not requiring users to download the document because it has already been stored on the Cloud platform. 
  • Allowing people with access rights and document owners to know who is working on it.

G Suite is likened to a remote work management software with the lowest cost, allowing data synchronization, access anytime, anywhere. All data is stored on the Cloud so that employees can solve their work even when only using smartphones.

3. Acheckin remote employee management software

Time attendance software - Acheckin supports remote personnel management. Managers can control the progress and productivity of each employee. Acheckin's features such as time attendance via face recognition, taking pictures of actual working time at the current position, saving the work chart over time...

Remote employee management software - TimelyACheckin has different time and attendance tracking methods

ACheckin has the following advantages:

  • Send all updates to the administrator.
  • Time and attendance tracking methods are diversified.
  • Capture screenshots randomly, and employees are notified when they stop working on the computer for too long.
  • Ensure all tasks will be finished on time as the users are able to make the most of the software.

4. Tool to support remote working Toggle

Toggle is also remote employee management software that assists the managers in tracking the working time, and provides general reports. Besides these two basic features, Toggle also has below advantages:

  • Record the user's program and website visit history and mark the websites that users spend the most/least time.
  • Send notifications to employees in case they have been idle from work for a long time.
  • Remind employees to take a break to avoid overload and stress thanks to the built-in Pomodoro clock.
Remote employee management software - TimelyToggle tracks the websites you visit and updates the time you spent on them

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5. Timely remote employee management software

Timely is an online employee management software that helps businesses understand the working status of their employees. A unique feature of this software is the feature of time classification based on work, websites visited and tools used.

Remote employee management software - Timely                              The software supports the classification of time spent on each task

Some of the outstanding features of Timely consist of:

  • Automatically track working time.
  • Capture billable activities through detailed timesheets and reports. Besides, the software can also track non-billable activities.
  • Advanced dashboards help team members collaborate through an activity feed.
  • Mobile, web-based data collection and powerful data synchronization for agile workflows.

Thus, when using remote employee management software, businesses or individuals will only need to pay a fee to purchase the software and connect to the internet. Based on the advantages and disadvantages of each software, businesses can make the right choice for their needs. However, some notes when choosing software that businesses should consider are:

  • Simplified software
  • Fully integrated employee management services.
  • Costs that fit your budget
  • Flexibility in the platform of use (mobile and desktop platforms)


To manage remote workers without micromanaging, establish clear expectations, focus on outcomes rather than activities, encourage open communication, provide the right resources, set clear milestones, empower decision-making, recognize achievements, foster a results-oriented culture, and lead by example, promoting autonomy and trust.

The best way to manage conflicts while working remotely is to encourage open and direct communication, utilize video conferencing for discussions, practice active listening, establish clear conflict resolution procedures, foster empathy and understanding, and focus on problem-solving. Document agreements, follow up, and promote continuous team building.

Managers should support remote employees by providing clear expectations and guidelines, ensuring they have the necessary resources and tools, promoting open communication and regular check-ins, fostering a positive work culture, addressing challenges promptly, offering professional development opportunities, and prioritizing their well-being and work-life balance.

Yes, HR software can be beneficial for managing remote employees. It can streamline various HR processes such as onboarding, performance management, and employee communication. It provides a centralized platform for managing remote employee data and automating administrative tasks, increasing efficiency and improving communication.

Hopefully the information provided by Viindoo has helped you better understand the remote employee management software. If you need advice on solutions in business administration, please contact Viindoo's hotline 0225 730 9838!

5 effective remote employee management software to use
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