9+ Best Mobile Attendance App

Mobile attendance app is an effective solution to help businesses manage their employees' time work. In addition, the timekeeping app can also support businesses in the process of making payroll for employees. Find out right away the 9 best timekeeping apps today in the Viindoo’s article below!

Vindoo Attendance - Time attendance software

Vindoo attendance is an Attendance management app on the modern phone which is highly appreciated today. The software will automate the timekeeping for employees without having to manually enter data as before.

mobile attendance app

Vindoo Attendance mobile attendance software

Outstanding features that Vindoo Attendance software brings businesses such as:

  • Log in employee accounts for timekeeping by the modernist timekeeping process 
  • Use biometric technology with many methods such as Face, fingerprint, etc.
  • Support to upload attendance data to Excel files by synchronization, thereby employees easily track their attendance data 
  • Calculate automatically the employee's attendance time to give the most accurate results
  • Integrate attendance data with Vindoo  Payroll software file 2023 [SUMMARY] HR software
  • Update automatically the results, aggregate attendance reports, and evaluate employee performance. 

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Wisami mobile attendance software

Wisami attendance software is commonly used for restaurant chain businesses, offices, and factories, etc. Wisami is integrated with 3 modern solutions that serve timekeeping such as Time attendance by phone, time attendance through a magnetic card scanner, and fingerprint time attendance.

Wisami mobile attendance software

Wisami mobile attendance software

Features of Wisami software:

  • Recognition of attendance via wifi/GPS
  • Automatic time attendance when employees come to the office
  • Attendance by taking a photo
  • Employee's location through digital maps
  • Employee time-off management and accurate calculation
  • Fingerprint time attendance
  • Summary of attendance report

ACheckin time attendance app on the phone

ACheckin time attendance app is designed with a modern and easy-to-use interface. The software works well on both iOS and Android operating systems. Acheckin supports businesses to manage time attendance and create work shifts flexibly.

mobile attendance app

ACheckin attendance app on the phone

Outstanding features of ACheckin time mobile attendance:

  • Time attendance recognition via GPS and wifi
  • Time attendance via QR code and face

Base Checkin online attendance software

Base Checkin Online time attendance software is trusted by many businesses. Base Checkin, businesses can take time attendance online and manage daily attendance data. In addition, employees can access Base Checkin and check attendance data every day, promptly correcting any errors.

mobile attendance app

Base​ Checkin online attendance software

Outstanding features of Base Checkin attendance software:

  • Update automatically attendance data
  • Display instantly attendance data 
  • Connect to many different accounts
  • Display attendance data for each employee
  • Support to look up and find timekeeping information quickly
  • Suggest updating attendance data for managers

Attendance application on the phone - Time Book

Time book supports effectively business in the timekeeping process. The application will help business owners manage and report attendance data accurately, and quickly, as the basis for the payroll process.

mobile attendance app

 X Worker Bee time attendance software

Outstanding features of  the Time book:

  • Time attendance is flexible by day and hour
  • Appointment reminders for established events
  • Time attendance at any time and any position
  • Support to make attendance report by time and location
  • Synthesize time attendance data by data file
  • Online management of leave application

EZHR9 mobile attendance app

EZHR9 attendance app is developed by Tinh Tinh Solution Joint Stock Company. This is a modern attendance solution which is designed to accommodate mobile devices. In addition, the app work well on both iOS and Android operating systems.

mobile attendance app

EZHR9 attendance app on phone

Outstanding features of  the  EZHR9m app:

  • Log in on the phone
  • Integrate timekeeper with other software
  • Keep track of employee's annual leave
  • Propose and approve Time-off
  • Set up payroll for employees

Timesheet application – Time Tracker​

Timesheet is an online attendance app for Android phones. The application supports businesses to manage employee time and attendance data. In addition, the application helps managers create charts and reports to analyze data, and generate invoices automatically.

mobile attendance app

Timesheet application

Outstanding features of  the  Timesheet app:

  • Monitor and manage employee attendance
  • Track attendance by date, time, and location
  • Extract attendance history
  • Update the shift, time, and attendance position that the company set up for employees
  • Monitor employee attendance time
  • Approve Time-off proposals for employees
  • Export attendance data to an Excel file

Tanca attendance app

Tanca is a comprehensive mobile attendance solution for businesses. The software's modern features help businesses eliminate the problem of fraud in attendance and accurately calculate the employees time work.

mobile attendance app

Tanca offline attendance app

Outstanding features of  the  Tanca application:

  • Attendance via GPS/wifi
  • Modern-time attendance by Face Id, QR code, camera AL
  • Offline attendance
  • Automatic building and updating timesheets

X Worker Bee time attendance software

mobile attendance app

X Worker Bee time attendance software

X Worker Bee is a software that supports businesses in attendance and building the perfect payroll for employees. This software will accurately record the employee's attendance. Therefore, the attendance data will be automatically updated and serve as the basis for the payroll process.


A timesheet is a cost-free way to keep track of employee time. If you decide to keep everything digital, you can use an Excel template that will quickly calculate everything for you. If you choose the hard copy method, you can print actual timesheets that workers can use.

Today, it's best to use software for duties like tracking and verifying student and employee attendance, as well as event attendance. You may easily track presence and sort, group, organize, and analyze this data with the use of an attendance tracker.

Does Google have an attendance tracker?

From within a meeting or from the Google Calendar event, all other qualified Workspace users can toggle attendance monitoring and live stream reports on and off.

Mobile attendance app will help businesses to save time and costs in employee management. Hopefully, through the Mobile attendance software in the article, businesses have been able to choose a suitable application. If you need more information, please contact Viindoo via the hotline at 0225 730 9838!

9+ Best Mobile Attendance App
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