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Viindoo SMS Marketing helps businesses mass specialized messages to the audience automatically, bulk texting services.

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​Why should you choose Viindoo SMS Marketing?

Viindoo SMS marketing app

 Effective Marketing tool

 Faster than Email Marketing

 Highest open rate

Even the best Email Marketing campaign also can be left unread, SMS Marketing supports sending directly and opening instantly.

Outstanding Features of Viindoo SMS Marketing

Master all SMS Marketing campaigns

Easily plan and set up marketing campaigns via SMS.

  • Edit content, add icons for messages.
  • Automatically replace SMS content by fields (Company Name, Display Name, Created time, etc.) with Placeholder Generator, enable to send SMS quickly.

  • Track the progress of sending messages automatically visually on the Kanban interface.

Set up SMS marketing campaign - Viindoo SMS marketing
Hit the right target - Viindoo SMS Marketing

Hit the right target audiences 

Easily classify and select recipients by data groups of Paid Customer, Lead/Opportunity, Event Registration, etc. or select contacts manually.

Integrating with Link Trackers - Viindoo SMS Marketing

Integrated with Link Trackers

  • Shorten the link to optimize the SMS volume.

  • Link trackers are integrated by default to help track click rate, earned revenue generated from SMS Marketing campaigns.

Automatically recorded 

Provide precise statistics in real time to have an overview about the whole campaign.
Keep track of all the data: created potential, orders, earned revenue, SMS open rate, bounce rate, click rate, etc… as the basis for improving the total advertising campaign.

Recorded statistic - Viindoo SMS marketing

Fully integrated with other Viindoo applications



Send a strong message directly to the potential leads and keep on tracking.

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Manage the contacts of partners, customers and send SMS directly.

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Send SMS to your customers about any happening event.      



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