12 best, professional warehouse and inventory management software

Warehouse management software helps businesses automate inventory counting processes, effectively operate goods management activities and increase profits.

Currently, there are many inventory management software that help monitor and inventory a company's exported goods simpler and more effective. So what are the best inventory management software? Join Viindoo to learn about 12 professional import-export management applications on phones and computers right in the article below.

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1. TOP 6 simple and easy-to-use warehouse management software on phones

1.1 Viindoo Inventory warehouse management application

Viindoo Inventory is a comprehensive warehouse management software that provides extremely effective solutions for controlling imported and exported goods. Viindoo's warehouse management system helps optimize inventory levels and control the quantity of goods in the warehouse easily. In particular, the software also helps companies optimize human resources and costs, while contributing to increasing the efficiency of supply activities.

Outstanding features of Viindoo warehouse software:

  • Merchandise management: Software helps businesses focus on detailed product information and classify products flexibly. In addition, the software also supports expiry date control and warns about the best time to ship goods.
  • Trace the origin of the product: Viindoo Inventory applies the Lavoisier method & double-entry bookkeeping, supporting businesses to record all changes in quantity, transaction history and person in charge. From there, the software will help businesses ensure there is no loss of goods.
  • Optimize inventory operations: Software integrating IoT technology, supporting businesses in minimizing errors in digitizing documents, standardizing processes with automatic rules.
  • Warehouse management on the same platform: The software allows users to manage warehouses according to a genealogical structure, consolidate data, and update reports quickly and accurately on a single platform.
  • Comprehensive connection of supply chain activities: Viindoo Inventory is integrated with supply chain management software, helping businesses plan supply and manage suppliers quickly and conveniently. From there, businesses can minimize waiting time and improve resource efficiency.
  • Automatic inventory valuation: Integrating many inventory valuation methods such as standard cost price, weighted average, first in first out.
  • Real-time multi-dimensional inventory reporting: Software helps businesses make timely, quick and accurate decisions, helping to eliminate erroneous guesswork.
Viindoo Inventory possesses many outstanding features

Not only that, Viindoo Inventory also has a friendly, easy-to-use interface that integrates on many platforms including phones, computers, and iPads. Therefore, you can absolutely use online warehouse management software anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

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Viindoo Inventory Software

1.2 Warehouse management software on Iphone KiotViet

KiotViet is a mobile warehouse management application developed specifically for companies in Vietnam. This warehouse import and export software received many positive reviews from customers such as being simple on the outside, powerful on the inside, and convenient to use. Up to now, KiotViet professional warehouse management software has been trusted by +150,000 stores.

Outstanding features of KiotViet mobile warehouse management software:

  • Businesses are able to perform multiple sales operations, including creating invoices, placing orders and returning goods on one interface, thereby increasing work productivity by 30-50%.
  • Stock are managed in a simpler and more efficient way. Vendor owners can import products with unlimited quantities, colors, and designs.
  • Through detailed indexes that are updated continuously in real time, businesses can capture the specific and detailed quantity of products in stock.
  • KiotViet supports effective customer segmentation, making it easier to build and deploy promotions.
  • KiotViet are available for laptop, pc, mobile, etc.
  • Businesses’ data can be accessed faster through cloud computing.

The only downside of KiotViet sales warehouse management software is that it is only suitable for offline sales at stores. Therefore, businesses that develop online sales will encounter difficulties in managing goods, measuring efficiency and reporting inventory.

Phần mềm quản lý kho trên điện thoạiKiotViet WMS app for small and medium businesses

1.3 SUNO import and export management application

SUNO is warehouse management software on iPhone that helps business owners track and monitor store tasks including inventory management, expense management, support, customer care as well as summary. and evaluate business operations. Furthermore, the software's interface is user-friendly and suitable for all types of customers.

Outstanding features of SUNO warehouse management software include:

  • All-in-one inventory management system app;
  • Stock tracking based on information imported from barcode, websites, excel files or even other inventory management software.
  • Friendly interface, simple operation
  • Availability for multiple platforms and devices such as phones, computers, barcode printers, etc.;

The disadvantage of the software lies in the after-sale customer care and management process. In addition, SUNO is free warehouse management software, so it will definitely be limited in some features, capacity limits and usage time limits when used. So, if you need to use professional warehouse management software, it's time to pay to own all the necessary features.

Phần mềm quản lý kho trên điện thoạiSUNO mobile based inventory management system

1.4 Warehouse management software on Sapo POS phone

Sapo POS merchandise management software is developed by Sapo Company. This is a business specializing in multi-channel management platforms. Sapo POS is an effective and optimal warehouse management solution for retail stores or chain stores. The software supports users in performing activities such as importing and exporting goods. From there, businesses can optimize 80% of time and costs for human resources.

Outstanding features of Sapo POS sales and inventory management software :

  • Precise inventory management;
  • Inventory management is available on Facebook All information about customers, orders, products in stock will be updated immediately.
  • Support decentralization between facilities, making management easier and more efficient.
ứng dụng quản lý kho hàng iosSapo POS is integrated with Facebook warehouse management support features

1.5 IOS warehouse management application Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory's inventory management software on iOS phones is very suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. The application allows users to manage 20 online orders, foreign languages, 12 shipments and 1 warehouse per month completely free of charge. Besides, Zoho Inventory also helps businesses choose and track shipping service providers for their orders.

Outstanding features of Zoho Inventory import and export software:

  • Availability on PC and mobile;
  • Quick updates on information about packaging or shipping status;
  • Shipping management tool integration.
App quản lý kho trên điện thoại miễn phíZoho Inventory is suitable for any device on any platform

1.6 StockPile free mobile inventory management app

StockPile is also a recommended inventory management app that operates on a cloud platform. The software has a free mobile version to help conveniently manage and track goods in the warehouse. However, this software is often limited and can only support simple warehouse management. Users cannot program, fulfill orders or build packages.

Outstanding features of StockPile warehouse management software:

  • Images for products;
  • Built-in alert function in case of low inventory stock;
  • Inventory and transaction reports;
  • Warehouse management software by location, conveniently tracking goods for manufacturers.
Phần mềm quản lý kho trên iphoneStockpile warehouse management application is completely free

2. TOP 6 best warehouse import and export management software on computers

2.1 Simple inventory software NetSuite

NetSuite is a comprehensive cloud-based inventory management software solution. The software supports order processing, inventory management, supply chain and warehouse operations accurately in real time. Thanks to that, warehouse management for businesses becomes simple, saves costs and has clear control over business activities.

Outstanding features of simple warehouse import and export software NetSuite:

  • It is an ERP warehouse management software that fully integrates features on the same platform
  • NetSuite warehouse management system optimizes daily warehouse operations, tracking inventory in real time from warehouse entry to warehouse release.
  • Effective warehouse management software ensures goods have enough storage space and are transported as quickly as possible.
  • The software uses an effective order picking method to help increase order rates.
  • NetSuite supports the management of warehouses of all sizes from simple to complex with advanced WMS, which can be managed on mobile devices.

The only downside of NetSuite is that the price of the warehouse management software is quite expensive, about $99/user for 1 month.

Phần mềm quản lý kho

NetSuite is online warehouse management software based on cloud computing

2.2 Cin7 online inventory management software

Cin7 is warehouse management software that integrates many features to track and manage inventory, automate the purchasing process and manage warehouses according to flexible plans. The application is specially designed for businesses that need to automate multi-channel online inventory management for their stores.

Outstanding features of Cin7 import and export software:

  • Multi-channel online warehouse management, support for in-store sales management.
  • Monitor inventory levels in many different locations, ensuring to limit out-of-stock or excess inventory.
  • Ability to display real-time inventory reports, optimize warehouses, process orders and update warehouse status automatically.
Phần mềm kho hàng

Cin7 automates the purchasing and inventory management process

2.3 Ordoro professional inventory software

Ordoro warehouse management software unifies supply chain management and inventory tracking processes from parts management to shipping. The software is capable of instantly synchronizing inventory levels and shipping status across most e-commerce platforms and online marketplaces. A unique feature of Ordoro logistics warehouse management software is the automatic purchasing feature, ensuring inventory is always complete, avoiding supply shortages.

Outstanding features of Ordoro warehouse software:

  • Supports retail inventory management through POS integration with platforms like Square, Shopify, and more via open APIs.
  • The software automatically forwards orders to multiple warehouses and dropship providers to make purchases based on sales forecasts or reorder quantities.
  • Synchronize inventory management across all sales channels, tracking every step of goods from the time of supply to order management from suppliers and dropship services.
Phần mềm kiểm kê hàng hóa

Ordoro is the ideal choice for multi-channel e-commerce businesses

2.4 Fishbowl Inventory import and export management software

Fishbowl Inventory is also a recommended commodity management software because of its ease of use and application of advanced warehouse management methods. The software focuses on many features specifically designed for businesses such as large manufacturers, e-commerce, and multi-channel sellers. Fishbowl manages all aspects of inventory, from finished product tracking to purchasing data and ash storage.

Outstanding features of Fishbowl Inventory import and export tracking software:

  • Inventory planning software based on a business's purchasing and business activities
  • The software can provide inventory management data to all managers at one or more different locations

In addition, another advantage of Fishbowl Inventory production warehouse management software is its reasonable price for small and medium businesses. The software's warehouse management features are streamlined and extremely easy to use.

Fishbowl Inventory is an advanced merchandise management software

2.5 RetailEdge offline warehouse management software

RetailEdge is inventory management software designed to help retail businesses efficiently manage inventory and orders. The platform offers many key features, including barcode scanning, item list management, and inventory history tracking. In particular, this software allows offline warehouse management, data protection with safe storage options.

Outstanding features of RetailEdge warehouse software:

  • Supports barcode scanning, item list management, tracking history of imported and exported goods, and product price management.
  • Allows managers to track sales performance, calculate profit margins, and monitor the profitability of specific items, suppliers, or departments.
  • API and third-party integration software like Shopify, ShipStation, Locally, and Brandify allow owners to configure their online store, process orders, and manage inventory.
Phần mềm quản lý kho

RetailEdge is offline warehouse management software for retail businesses

2.6 Easy-to-use warehouse import and export software Perfect Warehouse

Perfect Warehouse warehouse management software is also trusted by many businesses. The software integrates a series of system management functions, product categories, employee information and warehouse operations. The advantage of the Perfect Warehouse application is that it has a completely free version for businesses to fully experience.

Outstanding features of Perfect Warehouse software:

  • Comprehensive warehouse management software from controlling the import and export situation of goods, tracking warehouses with vivid codes to managing prices of all types of inventory, inventorying goods and forecasting expired goods.
  • The software provides detailed reports on the volume of assets in the warehouse.
Phần mềm xuất nhập kho

Perfect Warehouse integrates a variety of warehouse management functions on the same system

3. Necessary features of warehouse management software

Product inventory: This is an important feature in warehouse management, helping to ensure the accuracy and synchronization of information about current inventory. In addition, warehouse software also helps businesses manage order cycles, optimize warehouses, avoid fraud,...

Inventory control: Provides the ability to track inventory levels in real time, helping warehouse managers understand the current inventory situation. This information helps determine whether there is a surplus or shortage of goods, thereby providing insight into whether the business is paying for products that the market is not buying.

Warehouse layout: Allows users to determine product storage locations based on weight or size, optimizing movement within the warehouse. When there are signs that a particular product is running low, warehouse managers can ensure that the product is stored in a convenient location to ensure the fastest shipping times.

Supervising the warehouse import and export process: Helps closely monitor and control import and export activities. This feature helps synchronize data between the system and actual processes, ensuring that information in warehouse management software always reflects the true status of goods.

Warehouse Modeling: Enables simulation and evaluation of changes in warehouse workflows, providing reporting data on performance. This is an important tool for testing changes before deployment, and also recommends optimization measures so warehouse managers have a clear view on how to adjust workflows to maximize efficiency.

4. How to choose the best warehouse management software

Choosing a warehouse management software is not only a technological decision but also an important strategic decision to optimize performance and enhance the competitive strength of the business. If customers want to use it comprehensively, choose Viindoo Inventory,...

Besides, to choose the best warehouse management software, you need to consider the following factors:

  • The software has all the necessary features for warehouse management
  • Warehouse management software is simple and easy to use
  • The software has the ability to expand features and integrate with other applications
  • The software supports online and offline warehouse management
  • The software can be used on multiple platforms, including phones, computers, and iPads
  • The software has a free trial to experience

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In the above article, Viindoo has provided readers with the 12 best inventory management software on phones and computers today. Hopefully through the above sharing, businesses can find the goods management software that best suits their needs..

12 best, professional warehouse and inventory management software
Jun Nguyen February 18, 2024