Detailed inventory management software quotation 2024

The price of inventory management software is an important factor that businesses care about when they need to buy software to use. Therefore, do not ignore the article below. Because Viindoo will provide you with updated information about the price of inventory management software packages and factors that affect the cost of purchasing our software.

1. Quotation of inventory management software Viindoo Inventory

Viindoo Inventory is a comprehensive ERP warehouse management software that helps improve warehouse, goods and product management capacity. The software possesses full features and has a price suitable for Vietnamese businesses. In particular, if you register today, you will experience 15 days of free use.

Price list of warehouse management software

  • One App FREE
  • Standard Package: 198,000 ₫/user/month
  • Luxury Package: 252,000 ₫/user/month

Features of Viindoo Inventory software


Real-time inventory tracking

Merchandise Management

Partner Management

Inventory of goods, traceability to the origin
Sort products by group, batch, series, barcode,...

Warning when it's safe to ship

IoT integration optimizes operations within warehouses
Manage multiple warehouses on the same platform
Supply chain software connection
Automated inventory accounting
Create reports quickly, multi-dimensional analysis


Integrate with other useful feature modules

Accounting and Finance

Purchase management

Sales management

Production management

Bill management

Budget management

Import and Export Management
Transport Management

Ready to experience the excellence?

Viindoo Inventory - Multi-warehouse management system, covering internal transfer, timely supply, real-time inventory eports. 

Automating supply chain operations, control in-out, inventory adjustment, stock accounting,... Avoiding supply errors, capital stagnation, and waste of corporate assets.

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2. Factors affecting usage costs that you need to know when buying warehouse management software

2.1 Number of users and payment time

Inventory management system on the market today has many different payment methods and forms, for example:

  • Permanent full payment 
  • Payment for monthly/quarterly/yearly usage,...
  • Pay according to the actual number of users

Businesses should consult and choose the appropriate payment method and form according to the needs of using at the company.

For Viindoo, Viindoo inventory management software pricing is calculated by the number of users. Customers can pay the cost of using the software flexibly in a cycle or pay immediately in one time.

inventory management software pricing

2.2 Feature customization

Requests to upgrade and improve functionality in accordance with the type of business will cost a fee. This fee depends on the feature that the business requires.

2.3 Deployment costs

Deployment costs are fees used to install and set up software on an enterprise's system. Some software requires strict installation to ensure the software can work properly and stably, especially with software with on-premise platform. However, with SaaS-based warehouse management software like Viindoo, there is no such cost.

2.4 Training costs

This is the fee to train employees and personnel in the enterprise to use the software. Some units may offer free training services, while others may not.

2.5 Maintenance and software upgrade costs

Along with the rapid development of technology, the software is no exception and requires constant updating and upgrading to ensure smooth operation and usage. Maintenance costs and software upgrades are often included in the cost of purchasing inventory management software. However, businesses also need to take note and inquire more details about this issue with software providers.

2.6 Support and answer costs

The cost of support and addressing software-related issues is an important factor that businesses should consider when looking at the price of warehouse management software. Businesses should ensure that the price includes support services for addressing questions, difficulties during usage, as well as accompanying documents and instructions.

Above are the details about inventory management software pricing. Hopefully the above information has helped businesses have an overview of the price, as well as the costs of using the software. Contact Viindoo via hotline 0225 730 9838 for advice and support!

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Detailed inventory management software quotation 2024
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