The best material management software for stores

Materials management software helps digitize materials management for stores. Inventory raw materials inventory and forecast demand.

Supplier management is a necessary tool for businesses and stores to accurately track and manage raw material sources, helping to optimize costs and improve material use efficiency. Let's learn more about materials management solutions with Viindoo's inventory management software in the following article.

What is a materials management system?

Materials management is the planning of use and control of the flow and storage of materials. Effective materials management helps businesses optimally use resources, minimize costs and improve competitiveness.

Materials management includes tasks such as:

  • Planning and procurement of raw materials,
  • Evaluate and select raw material suppliers
  • Transporting, receiving, and controlling the quality of purchased raw materials
  • Store and manage raw material inventory
  • Distribution of raw material stores, facilities, branches

A materials management system is a management process that includes many tasks such as: Procurement, storage, transportation, inspection and distribution of materials. In addition, the materials management system also focuses on optimizing the supply chain, minimizing waste, increasing inventory accuracy and improving material transportation processes.

Warning about running out of stock
A materials management system is a process that includes many stages

Benefits of using materials management software

Traditional materials management methods such as using spreadsheets often take a lot of time and effort. Meanwhile, these materials management software not only helps users simplify management processes but also provides the ability to accurately track the quantity of materials, minimizing waste and loss.

More specifically, the software also can connect to POS sales reporting systems, synchronizing important performance and financial data. From there, users will receive timely warnings to reorder inventory when necessary.

In some fields, sales warehouse management software for raw materials is especially necessary, such as manufacturing enterprises, commercial enterprises, retail enterprises, and F&B enterprises. These are all business areas where materials management will affect the efficiency and performance of that business.

For example, in the restaurant and food service (FnB) sector, using a management system also helps you analyze food supplies, optimize the use of ingredients and make accurate predictions. more about your next orders.

Some main benefits when used materials management software for FnB stores include:

  • Real-time inventory visibility: Software integration with your POS system makes it easy to track production costs and current inventory levels.
  • Easy sales tracking: Software integration with POS allows users to understand which products sell best clearly and are most profitable.
  • Automatic purchasing: Some software also has the ability to automatically notify managers or automatically place orders when materials reach the specified level.
Supplier management
Management software helps businesses optimize work processes

Viindoo Inventory - Strict materials management software

Viindoo Inventory is a comprehensive materials management software solution, designed to help businesses track and manage inventory accurately and effectively. With Viindoo Inventory, you can easily track all activities from warehousing, and storage, to ex-warehousing... In particular, currently, we also have incentives on warehouse management software prices, free lifetime use for 1 application and 15 days free to experience the full features of the system.

Below are some outstanding features of  Viindoo Inventory that you can refer to: 

Management of raw materials inventory

Viindoo Inventory allows users to accurately track the amount of raw materials currently in stock. From there, you can easily grasp inventory status and make quick ordering decisions.

Supplier management
Viindoo Inventory helps businesses manage goods in warehouse

Supports quantification of raw materials

Viindoo helps users calculate and quantify raw materials for each product in the warehouse quickly and accurately. This quantitative information allows you to make appropriate sales and raw material decisions, minimizing waste and optimizing finances.

A typical example of a familiar product in every F&B store is Coca Cola and how materials management software Viindoo Inventory manages this product:

Warning about running out of stock

According to the illustration above, the store has 15 cans of Coca-Cola in stock. Besides, the store has set supply levels as follows:

  • Minimum inventory: 12 cans
  • Maximum inventory: 36 cans
  • Rounding multiple: 6 (Buy in packs of 6 cans)

The customer comes to the store and buys 4 cans of Coke

Warning about running out of stock

At this time, the store will have 11 cans left, lower than the minimum inventory level of 12 cans -> Immediately, the software will automatically create a draft purchase order to comply with the store's principles. previously set up.

Warning about running out of stock
Draft purchase order that the materials management software sets up

Warning about running out of stock

With the ability to calculate and determine safety inventory and reorder points, Viindoo Inventory helps businesses capture the time it takes to place new orders for raw materials to re-supply promptly before running out of raw materials. This helps stores be more proactive in ordering, ensuring uninterrupted business operations.

More specifically, what makes this feature different in Viindoo Inventory is the ability to:

  • Forecast and analyze demand
  • Calculate safety inventory levels and reorder points automatically
  • Support notification of running out of raw materials between departments so that departments and teams, such as the warehouse management team, and sales team,... can cooperate effectively, reducing the situation Exhaustion of raw materials or over-ordering of raw materials due to inconsistent information between parties. 
Warning about running out of stock
Set the Resupply level in Viindoo Inventory

Supplier management

Viindoo provides users with effective supplier management tools, from evaluating service quality to tracking transactions. From there, you can build good relationships with suppliers and ensure a stable supply.

Supplier management
Software to support businesses in supplier management

Materials management software Supports stores and businesses a lot in optimizing costs, time and improving work efficiency. With modern software features, business management will become more convenient and accurate. If you want more detailed advice about warehouse and goods management software, please contact Viindoo !

The best material management software for stores
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