The best construction material warehouse management software

Materials warehouse management software is a smart solution that allows businesses to control the process of importing and exporting construction materials, construction materials and other related products. Thanks to that, businesses will save a lot of time and effort in managing supplies and materials. Specifically, the warehouse software - Viindoo Inventory, please read the content below.

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Benefits of using construction materials warehouse management software for projects

Using data entry and communication recording methods causes businesses to sometimes make mistakes, make mistakes, and waste a lot of time. If businesses apply construction Being reasonable for all production and business models, the construction materials management process will be more effective and the quality of goods will be improved, stabilized and significantly reduce the amount of inventory and damage. , out of date,...

Here are some typical advantages that the software brings:

  • Storing a mine of information about goods and supplies
  • Sorting products into categories easily
  • Controlling product quantities simply and supporting multiple calculate inventory value
  • Transacting accurately and fastly in quantity and value of goods
  • Saving time and money, optimizing human resources thanks to high automation features.

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Viindoo Inventory - Super convenient construction materials management software solution

Viindoo Inventory is the best warehouse management software solution for businesses dealing in construction materials or managing materials for construction projects. The software effectively supports the management of construction materials warehouses, raw materials for projects... combined with purchasing management software to create a perfect supply chain, thereby improving capacity. business competition in the market.  

Stock management software has many benefits

Stock management software has many benefits

Specifically, the functions that Viindoo construction materials warehouse management software possesses are:

Manage warehouse of construction materials effectively by category

  • With Viindoo Inventory, users can sort products by category, product code, lot & serial number, size, unit of measure, materials’ group, detailed notes attached, or whether they are approved by the administrator or not, etc.
  • Synchronize all product information, such as detailed on-hand quantity, location & putaway rules, etc.
  • Easy-to-custom tools to filter, group and search for product conveniently. Information on materials is arranged scientifically to manage.

Efficient stock management by catalog.

Trace back to the origin of construction materials

Viindoo's material warehouse management software combines two methods: Double-entry bookkeeping and Lavoisier. Thanks to that, all materials and goods are recorded with destination & source location, specific quantity, exchange history, transaction time, person in charge of the transaction,... Enterprises will Get effective support for goods inspection, inventory, and clear traceability activities.

Tracking every stock move.

Tracking every stock move.

Optimal Inventory Operations

Viindoo material management software helps users operate quickly through:

  • Flexible putaway rules: Suggesting the most suitable location according to the stock characters, removal strategy, etc. 
  • Automatic receipts: Automatically process from input area to quality control area, and finally to a storage location in the warehouse.
  • Internal transfers: Choosing the fastest and most suitable delivery location and route based on the actual situation.
  • Automatic Deliveries: Automatically process with multiple-step of deliveries: Pick-Pack-Ship. 
  • Removal Strategy: FIFO (first in first out), LIFO (last in first out), FEFO (first expiration first out).
  • Automatic deliveries with logistics methods: Drop-ship and Cross-dock.
The software has a lot of features to support stock management

The software has a lot of features to support stock management

Real-time, multi-dimensional analysis and reporting system

  • Allows businesses to eliminate mistakes caused by predictive, unfounded data. 
  • Support accurate, timely and active decision-making based on reports of inventory, stock age, inventory forecast, inventory valuations, etc., which are always updated according to actual data, with no delay.
  • Report forms properly and fully meet Vietnamese standards by law.  
Timely estimated reports

Timely estimated reports

Warning about expired materials

Construction materials warehouse management software - Viindoo Inventory can control usage time and product lifespan, thereby warning about damaged products and poor quality. In particular, the software predicts the safe time to ship goods, quickly adds new goods or sets up promotions to effectively push inventory. 


Comprehensive inventory management helps to detect expired products and long inventory. 

Why should you use Viindoo construction materials warehouse management software?

Viindoo construction materials management software provides optimal solutions for any business model. Furthermore, Viindoo Inventory helps reduce material loss during the inventory process and effectively save costs. Specifically: 

Being Suitable for all production and business

Viindoo software possesses many specialized features, effectively managing warehouses and improving sales productivity. Furthermore, Viindoo Inventory is not only a software for managing warehouses of construction supplies and construction materials, but can also manage inventory for most production and business models on the market such as:

  • Stationery
  • Agricultural supplies: Fertilizer warehouse, machinery
  • Mini supermarket
  • Electronic store
  • Milk tea, coffee and tea shop
  • Drugstores, etc.
Being reasonable for all production and business models

Being reasonable for all production and business models

Material loss reduction

Thanks to the above outstanding features, the software accurately indicates the status of material warehouses in real time, and all import and export histories are carefully recorded. This ensures that supplies and raw materials in the process of purchasing, selling, and using construction projects are controlled every hour and every day.  

Viindoo believes that goods are neither born nor lost, but only moved from one location to another. Therefore, the task of the software is to control the location and efficient use of materials.

Effective remote management

  • Viindoo Inventory synchronizes data for all devices from phones to laptops in one account.
  • This software has convenient management anytime, anywhere, just with an internet connection.
Effective remote management on many Internet-connected devices

Effective remote management on many Internet-connected devices 

Integrating other features

Not only does it help businesses manage supplies and construction materials in warehouses well, our software also integrates a few other outstanding software.   

  • The accounting module helps automatically collect and allocate landed costs, product cost and stock value.
  • The MRP module automatically suggest production plans to meet production needs.   
  • There are some other necessary modules such as Sales and Purchases. 
Supporting other multitasking features

Supporting for many other multitasking features 

Saving costs

Viindoo Inventory is also the most suitable piece for businesses with all types of budgets. With Viindoo SaaS, businesses donot need to invest in server systems, professional IT teams or maintain the system regularly.


Cost-effective software, incentives for all businesses 

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Viindoo Inventory - Automating supply chain operations, control in-out, inventory adjustment, stock accounting,... Avoiding supply errors, capital stagnation, and waste of corporate assets. 

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The best construction material warehouse management software
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