Digital transformation for Textile industry: Story of X20 Nam Dinh

Up to 85% of Textile businesses are small and medium enterprises, and with the continuous development of technology and automation, competition in the market is increasingly demanding. Therefore, companies need to catch up with the innovation trend and follow the Digital Transformation roadmap for the Textile industry to foster and maintain its competitive advantage. Aware of that, X20 Nam Dinh Co., Ltd. has applied Enterprise Management Software to production, ready to make a breakthrough.

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About X20 Nam Dinh Co., Ltd

X20 Nam Dinh One Member Company Limited (X20 Nam Dinh) is a unit of X20 Joint Stock Company, producing fabrics and clothing for military units. Coupled with continuing to carry out the mission of ensuring the defense products production, the company also actively seeks to expand markets, exploit economic goods, and create a strong foothold in the textile and dyeing market.

Textile production line at X20 Nam Dinh.

Textile production line at X20 Nam Dinh.

Born in 1997, after 25 years of construction and development, X20 Nam Dinh always preserves and promotes its creative, industrious, and hardworking nature. The company's products launched are always well received and constantly meet the needs and satisfaction of customers.

X20 Nam Dinh One Member Co., Ltd​

  • Scale: 250 people
  • Business field: Textile and garment
  • Address: Lot 1 - Hoa Xa Industrial Park - Nam Dinh City - Nam Dinh Province
  • Website:

Digital transformation problem for the Textile industry

The textile production is extremely characteristic and complex, then requires company to manage and plan resources such as: Materials, machinery, equipment capacity, and labor thoroughly. It is considered as a challenge in the digital transformation process for the Textile industry.

The production and business planning which ensures the progress and quality of large textile orders with a fast turnaround time is a big concern. Therefore, to guarantee the quality standards of products and customer's satisfaction in domestic and foreign markets are problems that Vietnamese textile and garment enterprises need to solve to maintain market share and develop rapidly.

A stage in the Textile process at X20 Nam Dinh.

A stage in the Textile process at X20 Nam Dinh.

Challenges come from technology when implementing Digital Transformation in the Textile industry

Recognizing the role and importance of digital transformation in small and medium enterprises, especially the Textile and Garment industry, in addition to improving production processes and investing in machinery and equipment, X20 Nam Dinh Board of Directors As well as many other businesses, they are all looking for solutions to support businesses in digital transformation and modern management tools with a level of automation and greater convenience to help all employees. Optimize time, increase labor productivity and the Board of Directors has full information to help plan and make quick decisions.

While, the "painful" problem of X20 Nam Dinh on production planning management, quality management, and increasing labor productivity still makes the company's Board of Directors find a solution. X20 Nam Dinh Company has researched the implementation of Enterprise Management Software for many years, learning and cooperating with many consulting and application units, but has not yet achieved breakthrough achievements.

The fateful meeting between Viindoo and the Board of Directors of X20 Nam Dinh

At the Business Connection Conference for businesses in Nam Dinh last June, Viindoo was supported by the Department of Science - Technology of Nam Dinh and the Department of Science - Technology of Hai Phong to connect with businesses in the southern province. Viindoo's strategic consultants listened, answered the problems and wish to apply digital transformation platforms and technology in production and business from the X20 Nam Dinh's management.

With experience in implementing many large and small projects for the manufacturing industry, Viindoo worked with the Board of Directors of X20 Nam Dinh to discuss, analyze and find solutions for each problem that needs improving when applying Digital Transformation based on internal demands and resources of the business, which convinced the X20 Board of Directors. The decision on digital transformation for Textile industry at X20 Nam Dinh took place quickly and decisively, the two sides signed a cooperation agreement, agreed on the approach and project implementation roadmap.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Lien - Sales Director of Viindoo Technology Joint Stock Company at the project launch.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Lien - Sales Director of Viindoo Technology Joint Stock Company at the project launch.

Specifically, Viindoo has solved the management problem of X20 Nam Dinh through the implementation roadmap of Viindoo Enterprise Management Software (Viindoo Software) with 6 steps:

  • Process review: Reviewing the process and operations, collecting data of X20 Nam Dinh;
  • Business analysis: Analyze and propose an improvement of production and business processes under the application of technology;
  • Implementation: Viindoo Enterprise Management Software application based on the results of the business analysis phase;
  • Transfer training: Technology transfer, training "Digital HR" team to assist X20 Nam Dinh master technology;
  • Testing: Data planning, testing every business and process on the software system before the handover phase (go live);
  • Handover: Applying Viindoo Management software system to the actual daily activities of X20 Nam Dinh, supporting the company's personnel to operate smoothly.
Representatives of the two sides in the project kick-off session at the Head Office of X20 Nam Dinh

Representatives of the two sides in the project kick-off session at the Head Office of X20 Nam Dinh.

With a team deploying many years of experience in Enterprise Management Software for Textile enterprises, Viindoo is determined to achieve the key goals of the project:

  • Provide working tools with high automation for all X20 Nam Dinh employees;
  • Reduce manual work that takes a lot of time, such as data collection reports, increasing data accuracy, optimizing labor productivity;
  • Planning production and business management, controlling automatic cost calculation, creating a premise for production and business planning, pricing policy, optimizing production resources, and increasing the ability to meet customer needs;
  • Helping business leaders have tools to control anytime, anywhere;
  • Get a real-time reporting system for entire enterprise data, creating the basis for the management team to make quick, accurate decisions and minimize risk.

Mr. Chu Van De - Chairman of the Members' Council of X20 Nam Dinh Company shared: "The digital transformation journey of X20 Nam Dinh is in an urgent stage; fortunately, X20 had opportunity to meet and know Viindoo. Through the time of working together, the two sides have taken steps to learn about each other's working styles and goodwill to cooperate. Although the Textile unit is small in scale, the production process is very complicated and there are many problems. We also would like to have a modern management tool to manage production in a methodical and focused way, helping the Board of Directors to make quick and effective decisions, we believe that in the age of technology Some fast businesses thrive, but big businesses are not necessarily strong. It is necessary to determine from the very beginning that this work is difficult, hope that I unite the two sides of the business in determination and perseverance to cooperate together, and wish the project a great success!".

Deploying digital transformation for the textile industry is a process that requires determination from the business itself and the implementing unit. With in-depth experience in consulting and implementing digital transformation, Viindoo will coordinate closely with X20 Nam Dinh to achieve the best efficiency for the project, optimizing time and costs for businesses. We hope that the success of this project will contribute to increasing labor productivity and improving business efficiency in the future. Wish the cooperation between X20 Nam Dinh and Viindoo is always stable!

Digital transformation for Textile industry: Story of X20 Nam Dinh
Viindoo Technology Joint Stock Company, Sophia Nguyen November 11, 2022