6 steps of digital transformation in education & effective solutions

Digital transformation in education has become a popular trend in today's society. The strong development of technology requires the education sector to change to modernization for accessing smarter education methods. Let's find out about digital transformation methods in education in the article below with Viindoo.

What is digital transformation in education?

Digital transformation in education is the implementation and application of modern technological developments in educational methods. Education digital transformation is mainly applied in 3 main forms, which are the Application of technology in teaching method, management method, and in the classroom. Also, the 3 application forms mentioned above are based on the purpose and structure of the educational institution.

  • Build and promote a distance education platform.
  • Apply technology in educational methods.
  • Digitize the library of documents and books.
  • Combination of face-to-face and online teaching.
  • Deploy distance teaching.
  • Apply technology to test and monitor students's learning process.
  • Create the best environment for learning and teaching.
6 steps of digital transformation in education & effective solutions

Digital transformation in the education sector is the application of modern technology in teaching

The importance of digital transformation in the education industry

Digital transformation in teaching has created an extremely strong and huge turning point, helping to build many smart and convenient teaching and learning methods. Below is what digital transformation of the education sector brings

Active learning

First of all, these examples of digital transformation in the education has shown that each person learns more actively and self-disciplined, specifically:

  • Helping each person to manage and arrange their own study time. Learning can happen anytime, anywhere, with the right convenient learning devices. This will not cause any difficulties for learners whenever they have to move to the study location, saving time and effort, and improving learning results
  • Access a diverse range of learning materials, books and documents.
  • Help save time in searching for suitable learning materials.
  • Search for information quickly and conveniently.
6 steps of digital transformation in education & effective solutions

Digital transformation applications help learners become more flexible and proactive

Ensure the quality of education

Digital transformation in education and training helps to improve and ensure the quality of education, specifically:

  • Modern digital technology will ensure the storage of information from basic to advanced, conversion software will also support tracking of teaching activities. Blockchain platforms, cloud computing, ... will support to manage and store records, student and teacher information clearly and transparently.
  • Saving time and money for learning.
  • Optimizing costs for traditional printing.
6 steps of digital transformation in education & effective solutions

Ensuring the effectiveness of education is constantly improving

Diversity of information

The technology's development and Internet’s explosion have made it possible for learners to search for and access a variety of information for learning. Any information found can also be verified to ensure it is not misleading.

digital transformation of the education sector

Help find information quickly and accurately


There are no limits to interacting like the traditional way, applying technology digital transformation in school will help students, as well as teachers, can interact with others easily. The interaction can be extended with people in different places.

6 steps of digital transformation in education & effective solutions

Develop interaction and broaden your mind

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Planning for successful digital transformation of the education sector with 6 steps

Although digital transformation in education system has become increasingly popular, however this is not really an easy issue. Below is the plan for digital transformation of the education sector. With only 6 steps to help schools apply successfully.

Setting up a flexible teaching environment

Traditional learning methods only focus on a certain area and space. Therefore, it is easy for students to get bored with this traditional learning method. In contrast, with today's modern life, students only need mobile devices, computers to be able to study and exchange information with teachers from anywhere. This is definitely a new learning method that makes learners excited.

the education sector digital transformation plan

Build a convenient and comfortable learning environment

Create unlimited learning resources

Learning materials are a huge treasure. This has caused many difficulties for learners to find and access reference sources. Therefore, digital transformation in higher education created great conditions for students can easily find different materials.

In addition, the time-consuming to find documents in the traditional way is also a concern. Document management applications created in digital transformation technology have helped learners easily exchange and search documents without spending too much time and effort.

6 steps of digital transformation in education & effective solutions

Sources of references are diverse and rich

Promote online interaction between teachers and learners

Online teaching through software or web browsers has become increasingly popular. This form of learning helps teachers and students to interact online and connect easily with each other. Moreover, promoting online interaction also creates enjoyable experiences and minimizes the stress of studying.

6 steps of digital transformation in education & effective solutions

Enhance interaction between teaching and learning objects

Improve the quality of teaching

To improve the quality of teaching and technology, digital transformation in education in Vietnam are increasingly being focused on and developed. Researchers are always looking for ways to upgrade, update and apply advanced softwares for teaching. As a result, it is easy to create engaging, attractive and interesting lectures for learners.

Digital transformation in teaching

Create learning conditions that contribute to improving the quality of teaching

Optimizing training costs

The digital transformation solutions in education helped optimize training and teaching costs. The costs for building and upgrading facilities and teaching equipment are also significantly reduced. Because when applied digital transformation in education, we can study anytime, anywhere, in different flexible times and spaces.

Technology application in teaching and management

Digital transformation application in education and management has brought many successes. Big Data system helps to store all knowledge related to teaching, IoT helps to monitor and control teaching activities, ... and many other advanced software are applied.

6 steps of digital transformation in education & effective solutions

Using technology in teaching

Comprehensive solution for digital transformation in the education industry

Enterprise digital transformation software brings many benefits for both teachers and students. The application of the software will help save time and money to track problems that arise in the school. In addition, it allows administrators to deploy plans and tasks to everyone in a more flexible and convenient manner.

Viindoo Joint Stock Company is a pioneer enterprise with quality technology products. The most prominent business management software which is a comprehensive solution in the digital transformation process. Specifically, Viindoo was very proud to be awarded for its exemplary digital transformation solution .

Software built and developed by Viindoo helps learners easily access information in school. In addition, the software is developed to allow teachers and students to update documents in many different formats. This facilitates creating advantages for the exchange of materials and updates the lesson knowledge. 

Also Viindoo’s software has some other outstanding features include:

  • Centrally manage all activities in the school in one platform.
  • Flexible email creation feature, capable of announcing and reminding information about the course to relevant people.
  • As long as there is an internet connection, learners can access and study at any time and place.
  • Provide regular, scientific, multi-dimensional reports, helping managers to monitor and manage schools more effectively.
digital transformation application in education

School management software Viindoo


The implementation of digital transformation in education still has quite a few challenges. Viindoo will answer frequently asked questions about the problem of Digital transformation process in education:

What are the requirements for digital transformation of the education sector?

What are the conditions for the success of being able to do education digital transformation? This is a question asked by many companies. Here are some basic elements to help Digital transformation in education success:

  • Facilities require new and modern equipment.
  • The software and applications support teaching methods as well as serve the management.
  • All software should be centrally integrated on a single platform and interoperable.
  • Requires managers to have thinking, creativity as well as adaptability.
  • Factors in the teaching culture such as attitudes, ethics, consciousness, sense of responsibility of teachers as well as students.
6 steps of digital transformation in education & effective solutions

Main conditions when applying digital transformation in education

What are the difficulties when digitizing the education sector?

Some difficulties that many units encountered in the digital transformation process of the education sector:

  • Underdeveloped infrastructure, limited network connection, equipment for teaching and management.
  • Requires large resources including people and money.
  • There is no consensus and consistency in the transformation plan at all levels in charge of implementation.
  • Many problems arise that waste time, energy and money.

Quality online learning software

Currently, a lot of quality online learning software is built and developed, specifically:

  • Google Classroom
  • Microsoft Team
  • Skype
  • Zoom
  • Google Hangout
  • Vsee
  • eLMS Mona
  • Viindoo E-Learning

What are the applications that support digital transformation in teaching?

Some popular apps and software include:

  • Foreign language, technology, STEM,...
  • E-Learning Program.
  • Learning through virtual applications.
6 steps of digital transformation in education & effective solutions

Application in the E-learning program

Throught this post, Viindoo provided readers with the process of Digital transformation in education as well as the benefits of applying digital transformation technology in schools. Hopefully, the above sharing will help readers to refer to and understand the process, making digital transformation at your unit faster, easier and more effective.

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6 steps of digital transformation in education & effective solutions
Viindoo Technology Joint Stock Company, Amber Nguyen March 16, 2023