Challenges when digitally transforming in state agencies

Currently, government digital transformation is the synchronous application of technologies in all ministries, sectors, and localities. However, this is a difficult process and requires a feasible, robust, and synchronous solution. Learn about the process to implement digital transformation in this article by Viindoo here!

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What is government digital transformation?

Government digital transformation is the process of developing a digitalizing government and administrative agencies. The digital transformation process happens also in localities.

Digital transformation in the government and public sector is about developing infrastructure for a smooth and concentrated working process. In addition, digital transformation supports the formation of socio-economic databases so that government can base on that to make transparent policies and limit corruption.

government digital transformation

Government digital transformation

In particular, digital transformation provides residents with online public services. People can easily look up and process on mobile devices without wasting paper and time.

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What benefits does digital transformation bring to administrative agencies?

State agencies and administrations will receive many outstanding benefits of digital transformation as follows:

  • For the government: Digital transformation support for more efficient activities of government. All work will be carried out transparently and corruption will be limited. For example, the authorities can carry out inspection and testing activities online instead of directly going to every business.
  • For localities: Digital transformation helps utilize infrastructure used by ministries, sectors, and localities. With modern technology, every ministry, sector, and locality can create its own data-sharing platform. Accordingly, these data will connect all ministries, sectors, and localities, and are shared on the National Data Portal
  • For residents: Digital transformation supports residents with convenient electronic payments. Besides, people can have better access to education. Moreover, they are able to enhance the quality of cultural and heritage values enjoyment with online traveling.
Digital transformation in the government and public sector

Digital transformation activities generate many benefits

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Challenges of digital transformation in government

Digital transformation in the government and public sector is challenging and takes a long time to complete. The government may encounter these obstacles when implementing a government digital transformation:

  • For the authorities: The enthusiasm and courage of the leader are essential and greatly contribute to the success of the digital transformation.
  • For residents: In the process of digital transformation, people must adapt and build skills to use digital tools. They also need to change their habits and lifestyle to fit the digital transformation era.
  • For organizations: Organizations must understand how to apply modern technology to operations. The current legal environment seems to be the biggest obstacle for them.
What is government digital transformation

Digital transformation is difficult and time-consuming

How can State agencies successfully transform digitally?

The breakthrough solution is a digital platform that supports the development of digital government to reduce costs and increase work efficiency. The digital platform is built by excellent digital technology companies and allows users to use it as a service without having to invest or operate it themselves.

In general, to successfully digitally transform, state and local agencies can do the following:

  • Build a comprehensive picture for the first stage of the digital transformation process. This will be the connection between e-government and digital government. The picture will also be a guide for stakeholders to clearly understand what they have accomplished and what they need to do.
  • Use a team of professionals to operate and manage the digital transformation process. Besides, the government and localities can use cloud-computing services of qualified businesses to save time and ensure safety.
  • Utilize a sharing platform to connect and integrate data in the information system. The data-sharing platform also helps ministries and public sectors communicate with other sectors and quickly solve data-sharing problems.

In the era of digital transformation, pioneering technology enterprises play an important role in the process of digitalizing business activities.

Viindoo Technology Joint Stock Company is one of the units providing comprehensive digital transformation solutions for all fields. Our products have won the Sao Khue Award for 2 consecutive years (a prestigious award in the field of Software and IT in Vietnam).

Digital transformation in local government

Professional and effective digital transformation service provided by Viindoo

On October 9, 2022, Viindoo proudly won the Vietnam Digital Award 2022 in the category of typical digital products, solutions, and technologies. The award is organized by the Vietnam Digital Communications Association (VDCA) and the Ministry of Information and Communications to honor government agencies, businesses, and individuals that have achieved outstanding achievements in the digital transformation process.

When using the digital transformation service of Viindoo, customers can take advantage of:

  • A team of experts with more than 10 years of experience in the field of technology application in business administration.
  • A clear direction with goals set in each stage of implementation.
  • Cost-saving by applying detailed plans for each stage of technological development.
  • Feasible implementation as Viindoo has been deployed technologies for many large and small businesses.
  • Consultants with in-depth knowledge in the field of Technology Management, providing support for businesses for any issues related to the implementation.
  • Sustainable development with Viindoo's Digital Transformation Service, which is developed based on the principle of putting customers' interests first and in-depth analysis of integration capabilities.

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Hopefully, through the analysis and solutions for implementing government digital transformation, audiences have gained more useful information on these issues. For any businesses that want to implement a digital transformation, please contact Viindoo to have the most detailed advice!

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Challenges when digitally transforming in state agencies
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