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With wood workshop management software, businesses can solve problems such as managing a large number of input materials, laborers, machinery and equipment, factories and all orders, etc. In the following article, Viindoo will introduce in detail the outstanding features of production management software.

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1. Enterprise challenges in the furniture factory management

Wood manufacturing is an industry that brings high profits and the potential for many businesses. However, the traditional manufacture and operation way of wood factory enterprises still faces many difficulties such as:

  • As much as 80% of raw materials imported from abroad are depleted each year, making it challenging for businesses to source raw materials for manufacturing maintenance.

  • Although the source of wood materials is gradually scarce, businesses have not optimized the management and use of raw resources

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises are lacking in human and capital resources, etc. while the management level is not yet met

  •  Production lines are not automated, and machines are just average.

Enterprise challenges in furniture factory management

Enterprise challenges in furniture factory management

Moreover, it is easy to create the following situation when using old management methods like paper-based management, Excel, etc.

  • Enterprise data lacks security

  • Employees can also change the data which is not strictly managed, employees can also change it.

  • There are many errors in the system, and it takes a lot of time to make reports for employees because there is too much data to manage.

  • The transfer of documents between departments is very slow

  • Calculating production and raw material costs or incurred costs is difficult due to the lack of suitable tools.

  • Enterprises struggle to control inventory and determine whether raw materials have been used or not, how to use them, etc.

These challenges are barriers for businesses to develop. Therefore, wood factories need to optimize and modernize their management and manufacturing processes. Viindoo Integrated Manufacturing Software​​​​ is an effective solution to help you solve all existing problems.

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2. Viindoo's wood workshop management software

With the desire to meet the needs of many customers, Viindoo has successfully researched and developed a solution for wood workshop management. The software is set up and specialized in functions to meet all business needs from basic to specific.

Viindoo Manufacturing software for wood workshop

Viindoo Manufacturing software for wood workshop

Through this software, you can automate and synchronize your operating processes on a unified platform while still ensure security. Specifically, managing all stages such as:  Manufacturing Management from natural wood to interior wood, human resource management, accounting, inventory, supply chain, etc.


The main benefits of software

  • Streamlined processes, optimized performance 

  • Digitized and managed all manufacturing processes.

  • Meet all business needs from basic to specific.

  • Unlimited software integrations.

The wood workshop management software is very necessary and useful for all businesses in wood industry. Besides, the ability to integrate unlimitedly with other Viindoo applications such as Maintenance Software, Inventory Management Software, Accounting Software, Purchasing Software, etc. Thereby, an unified environment is created for all business operations.

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3. Outstanding features of Viindoo manufacturing software for the wood industry 

Features of Viindoo's software include:

  • Statistics of actual consumption of materials and machinery through each stage.

  • Automate the quality control process, and plan maintenance to ensure continuous manufacturing.

  • Automatically record in and out of inventory, forecast and propose the supply-demand of raw materials according to the cycle.

  • Automatically calculate costs and the manufacturing cost based on the cost of raw materials, labor costs, asset depreciation, etc.

  • Automatically prepare financial statements, liabilities, management reports, taxes, and profit margins.

  • Manage timesheet/overtime/absence flexibly according to self-established rules.

  • Automatically calculate salary based on working day, shift/manufacturing team or sales bonus, KPI, etc. 

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Viindoo's effective wood workshop management software is detailed information above. This comprehensive feature-integrated software helps wood manufacturing management to become simpler and more efficient. Please contact the hotline at 0225 730 9838 to receive detailed advice on Viindoo's products and services.

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