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Optimize production statistics with Viindoo software

Optimize production statistics with ease with Viindoo's production statistics software. Support automation in all operations

Statistics and reports during production play a very important role for businesses. Based on the statistics, managers can easily monitor the production situation, detect and fix problems. So what is specific production statistics work? How to apply production statistics software to the company's operations to improve and optimize processes? Let's find out with us.

What are production statistics?

Production statistics is the activity of collecting, synthesizing and analyzing data related to the production process of an enterprise. Production statistics can help businesses achieve many goals such as:

Monitor the production situation

Production statistics help businesses grasp the production situation of each part and production line, thereby making timely adjustments to ensure product progress and quality.

Detect and fix problems

Through statistics, businesses can detect arising problems, bottlenecks, downtime ,... in the production process, from which timely corrective measures are taken, avoiding unnecessary losses.

Production planning

Production statistics help enterprises plan production accurately, in accordance with market needs and production capabilities of enterprises.

Enhance and enhance production management capabilities

The process of evaluating and monitoring data and statistics helps enterprises manage production more scientifically and effectively, thereby improving labor productivity and minimizing production costs.

Production statistics

Statistics, production are important jobs in the production management process

What does a production statistics job consist of?

What information and data do businesses need in the management process? Some important information businesses need to pay attention to during statistics include:

  • Output: The number of products produced in a certain period.
  • Manufacturing productivity: The number of products produced by one worker in a given period.
  • Production cost: Necessary expenses associated with the production in a business.
  • Product quality: The conformity of the product to technical requirements.
  • Production tracking: The time it takes to produce a product.
  • Inventory: The number of products currently in stock.

In addition, some equally important information that businesses also need statistics and reports such as: 

  • Quantity of raw materials in stock
  • Quantity of raw materials released
  • Number of defective products

Note: The data that needs statistics and analysis may vary depending on each specific business model and field of operation. In order to monitor all the data and parameters in production, production statisticians need to perform tasks and operations such as:

  • Make statistical files of raw materials, secondary goods, finished products in warehouses, material consumption norms,...
  • Collection and analysis of statistics
  • Process the data after completing the statistics. Data can be processed by: Data screening, data normalization
  • Create production reports from statistical data.
  • Make periodic reports
  • Make final reports

In addition, production statistics must also ensure requirements such as:

  • Data security: Businesses need to have data security measures.
  • Update data: Statistical data needs to be updated regularly to ensure accuracy and data exploitability.

Because of the complex requirements of production statistics work mentioned above, Viindoo advises businesses to use production statistics software integrated with cloud computing platforms to better store, ensure information is always updated in real time.

Optimize processes with Viindoo's production statistics software

Production software - Viindoo MRP is a comprehensive solution that helps businesses collect, process and analyze production data quickly and accurately. The software provides all the necessary features for production statistics, including:

Automatic statistics and data collection

Viindoo MRP collects data automatically and directly from various sources by integrating with various applications such as Sales, Purchasing, Warehouse, Financial Accounting, Quality Management,... This process eliminates manual data entry, reduces unnecessary errors, and saves time.

Production statistics software

Viindoo MRP production statistics software

Centralized data management

Data is centralized into a single system, easily accessible from anywhere, helping to minimize errors and ensure data accuracy. From there, businesses can easily analyze statistical data to make accurate decisions.

Production statistics work

Viindoo MRP manages data, integrates information on only one platform

Analyze and report statistics in real time

With this feature of Viindoo MRP, manufacturers can access production data right at the time the data arises. This helps businesses to grasp the production situation in a timely and accurate manner, make decisions and react quickly.

Production statistics software

Data is constantly updated in real-time

Intuitive tracking with custom statistics tables

With intuitive dashboards and easy to change, customize the display, production managers can easily monitor and get the most intuitive information.

Production statistics

Customizable visual dashboard dashboard

Diversify reports, set up automatic reports

Viindoo MRP provides comprehensive overview reports with many types of reports such as Work Order Report, Work Order Cost Analysis, Production Activity Report, Total Equipment Performance Report...

Businesses can monitor how Viindoo MRP collects data, set up reports in the following video:

Quick Start Guide with Viindoo Manufacturing

Comprehensive Manufacturing software


Comprehensive Manufacturing software fulfills the production management needs of enterprises in the 4.0 era.

Above is the information to introduce an overview of Viindoo's production statistics software solution. By applying tools to production and business activities, businesses will save a lot of time and effort compared to manual methods. Viindoo is always ready to accompany your business to optimize production processes, increase profits and create sustainable development. Do not forget to contact our hotline +84 225 730 9838 for detailed advice.

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Optimize production statistics with Viindoo software
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