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Viindoo MRP is a fully integrated mechanical production management software on a single platform, optimally supporting and managing all production activities.

Mechanical production management software was born to help solve the problems that the mechanical industry has been facing. Not only that, the software also improves the working efficiency of each department. Let's learn more about how to optimize mechanical production with Viindoo software through the following article.

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Difficulties in mechanical management

One of the industries considered as the backbone of Vietnam's economy is the mechanical industry with the peculiarity of product diversity and sub-sectors. However, the problem of expanding the industry market faces many difficulties due to the lack of information, competitiveness, and an international quality accreditation system.

Mechanical production management software
Mechanical management is facing many problems

At present, mechanical management is still used by manual methods. As a result, manufacturing enterprises deal with some struggles such as:

  • Leaderships do not catch the actual operation of manufacturing enterprises. 
  • Many inadequacies are incurred in information exchange and data connection among l departments such as lack of synchronization, and difficulties in sharing information.
  • Staff spend a lot of time summarizing and reporting work.
  • The Board of Managers has trouble monitoring the operation of production machinery and equipment.
  • Sales department suffers hardship during managing employee sales and capturing the productivity of the production department.
  • Managing the number of raw materials, goods and finished products can be a major obstacle.
  • The Board of Directors cannot continuously monitor the business's operation to promptly provide timely solutions.
  • Summarizing and reporting on actual production and financial budget problems are difficult.

Knowing these difficulties, many software manufacturers have researched and developed factory management software systems for mechanical companies. This is also considered an effective solution, applied by many businesses to optimize management activities.

Comprehensive mechanical production management software solution

Viindoo MRP is a manufacturing management software for mechanical industry that comprehensively integrates many features on a single platform, supporting enterprises to manage all production resources in terms of both equipment, machinery and human resources. The software can solve all mechanical management difficulties with features such as:

  • Creating multi-level Bills of Materials that will meet the need for the simplest to the most complex manufacturing module.
  • Setting up time performance, efficiency, and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), operating cost for each resource. 
  • Automatically creating manufacturing planning based on manufacturing activities and efficiency.
  • Storing all information on a single platform, enabling management to easily access and track accurate information.
  • Being compatible with many electronic devices such as phones, laptops, tablets, helping users to view information anytime and anywhere.
Product management saves all information related to enterprise's products
 Viindoo MRP Software

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Functional modules integrated in mechanical processing production management software - Viindoo MRP

Inventory management

Viindoo mechanical production management software has the feature of warehouse management. With this feature, businesses will know the following information:

  • Informing the inventory quantity of each item and warnings about its expiry date. Therefore, companies have the plan to prioritize suitable imported products.
  • Receipting and delivering goods through managing inventory and removal strategy with barcodes.
  • Managing detailed materials by multiple units and quota.
Mechanical production management software

Inventory management keeps track of goods in warehouses

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Machinery equipment management

This useful feature helps corporations save lots of costs, due to:

  • Notifying periodical inspection time for various types of automatic equipment and ensuring continuous production.
  • Synchronizing inspected information on software and timely proposing additional notices or machinery replacement.
Mechanical production management softwaresoftware for management

Features save repair costs for businesses

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Real-time production management

Another feature of Viindoo software for mechanical management is real-time production management and expressed in specific jobs:

  • Statistics of actual consumption of materials and machines through each production stage.  
  • Automated cyclical supply chain forecasting.
  • Information record on receipt and delivery of raw materials and finished products.
  • Synchronizing data on the production system including the number of orders and its products , inventory quantity, the structure and norms of products, production staff.
  • Detailed tracking of the work orders of each product component.
  • Control of production progress based on work orders.
Mechanical production management software
 This feature closely follows product production process

Product management

  • Saving product design information: shape, theme, design tools, necessary materials, product uses, etc.
  • Supporting managers to assign production according to detailed product information and norm product management.
  • Pricing products based on quality and quantity of raw materials used in production.
  • Updating expected materials and resources and setting prices to produce finished products.  
Product management saves all information related to enterprise's products
 Product management saves all information related to enterprise's products

Human Resources Management

  • Managing the working time/overtime/leave of personnel.  
  • Automatically calculating salary according to regulations (shift, day, product)

3.6 Accounting & Finance Management

  • Exporting reports and accounting for production costs based on the software's database.
  • Calculating production prices based on labor costs, asset depreciation, etc.
  • Preparing financial statements, liabilities, management reports.

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Benefits of Viindoo software for mechanical management

Viindoo MRP benefits businesses in every way. When businesses use mechanical production management software, they will clearly see the utility of the software, and the management performance of the business is improved. Specifically:

  • Using and managing anytime and anywhere, from phones, tablets to laptops, just with an internet connection.  
  • Storing information and data on a single system, helping managers easily look up needed information.
  • Assigning access to users and ensuring security.
  • Customizing software configuration based on the needs and characteristics of each business.  
  • Being Fully integrated with other Viindoo applications and forming a uniform software ecosystem of data.
Mechanical production management softwaresoftware for management

Comprehensive software for management

Software for mechanical management links all information among departments and improves the enterprises production efficiency. Viindoo confidently accompanies businesses to thoroughly solve the above problems. Please contact the hotline at 0225 730 9838 to receive detailed advice on Viindoo's products and services.

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Mechanical production management software - Viindoo MRP
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