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Want to know what is the production schedule? How to track progress as well as effective production schedule management software? Follow along with the following article

Good production progress will make the production operation process smooth and efficient. So what is the best method to track and manage production progress? In the following article, Viindoo will provide you with useful information related to production progress and effective production tracking software . Let's read it now!

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What is the production schedule? Why track production progress?

Production progress is the rate at which a production activity has progressed over a given period of time. Monitoring production progress is monitoring the production process with the aim of ensuring that the activities are as planned. This helps businesses save time, allocate human resources, production costs, avoid loss and waste for businesses.

The software tracks production progress

Tracking manufacturing production progress is monitoring the production process

Here are a few reasons why it's so important to keep track of your production progress:

  • Progress also plays an important role so that the entire production process takes place smoothly and reasonably.
  • Failure to ensure the production schedule of one stage in the chain can affect all subsequent stages.
  • If the actual progress of the business is slower than the plan, it may lead to the situation of not having enough goods to export, and not meeting the quantity and delivery time as expected. 
  • However, progressing faster than planned is not necessarily a good thing. Because this easily leads to waste due to overproduction.

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Difficulties in tracking and managing production progress

Difficult to closely monitor

Difficult to closely monitor is a common occurrence in workshops. This is because managers cannot follow each worker. If this happens often, the quality and progress of work will also be affected.

Software to track production progress

Managers cannot follow each worker, so it is difficult to monitor closely

Influenced by employee consciousness

The supervision of employees, if not done skillfully, can lead to unpredictable harm to the business. If the inspection process is performed poorly, it is difficult to detect which steps are not performed well.

On the other hand, 24/7 monitoring is not only a waste of time, but also creates an uncomfortable, insecurity, and coping mentality on the staff's part. Therefore, even if the work schedule is satisfied, the production quality will not be at the optimal level.

Software to track production progress

Employees' consciousness affects production progress

The manufacturing production planning has many gaps

This plan is created to ensure production runs smoothly and on schedule. Therefore, enterprises need to plan production schedules and production moderation plans in a very detailed, feasible and scientific manner, in accordance with the process and ensure the set schedule. Managers need to pay attention to these criteria right from the beginning of planning to build a reasonable production plan.

The software tracks production progress

Manufacturing production progress is created to ensure the plan goes smoothly and on schedule

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How to track production progress

After learning about what is the production progress, we'll provide you with information on two ways to track production progress. Follow along right here!

Track production progress with excel

Tracking production progress using Excel assists managers by storing information, monitoring established standard production processes . This helps in the correct implementation of the previously set plan.

Advantages of tracking production progress with Excel are as follows:

  • Help businesses track and manage manufacturing production progress easily.
  • Help businesses easily divide and make statistics of production items.
  • Help businesses plan production conveniently.
  • Friendly, simple, easy-to-use Excel interface.
Software to track production progress

Tracking manufacturing production progress with Excel

Besides the advantages, the excel file to track the production progress also has the following disadvantages:

  • Manual data import and export makes the process of managing or tracking manufacturing production progress becomes more complex.
  • When tracking manufacturing production progress with excel, errors and delays are inevitable.
  • Breaking information at various stages, damaging the operation of the business.

However, with the current pace of global integration and development of 4.0 technology, Excel software no longer really brings optimal efficiency to businesses. In order to bring convenience and easier management to production units, enterprises should use production management software . This helps to track progress with high accuracy, saving time as well as controlled human resources.

Using software to track production progress

The traditional method of tracking progress is no longer really effective. Therefore, a lot of production schedule management software has been born, such as ERP, MES, which support monitoring and management of production progress. This brings convenience and ease to users.

The software tracks production progress

Viindoo manufacturing production progress software

The software tracks production progress , ensuring accuracy to each stage in each production stage. The advantages of software progress management include:

  • Real-time progress monitoring: The function allows users to check the status of production and work on a single system. The obtained data are real data and are strictly and synchronously managed. This helps managers grasp the actual situation and make appropriate decisions.

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  • Synchronous management: Due to real-time synchronous management, managers can grasp data in all workshops and branches without having to spend time checking and monitoring directly. Therefore, the manufacturing production planning is still guaranteed.
  • Remote management: The function helps promote employee self-discipline. All issues related to productivity, performance, and work progress are managed through the software. Notifications of changes become quicker and easier to capture.
  • Accurate information: Errors in the process of tracking manufacturing production progress are unavoidable. However, the software can handle it with a notification function when the inventory is close to the specified limit.

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Viindoo MRP production schedule management software​

Viindoo MRP is a flexible platform, ready for expansion and integration with peripherals. Such as measuring tools, sensors, production machines... for businesses.

Here are some outstanding features included in Viindoo MRP software that you should not miss:

  • Manage all production resources including machinery, equipment, and human resources. Enterprises can set time efficiency, operating cost per resource, capacity, and overall OEE performance.
  • Build multi-level BoM and meet a variety of production models from simple to complex.
  • Build the production process from general to detailed according to each activity associated with each resource with production management software Viindoo MRP.

Advantages when businesses use Viindoo MRP production progress tracking software:

  • Use anytime and anywhere, with any smart device.
  • Fully integrated with other Viindoo as Warehouse, Sales, etc thereby creating a comprehensive management ecosystem for businesses.

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Software to manage and track production progress Viindoo
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