What is production scheduling?

Production scheduling is the process of directing production deployment according to the planning guidelines that the enterprise has set out for the purpose of optimizing resources and improving production capacity. In the following article, Viindoo will provide useful information as well as methods to regulate production to help businesses develop in the right direction.

What is production scheduling?

Production scheduling is organizing, directing and deploying the set production. Therefore, businesses can implement their production plans to achieve business goals. For effective production scheduling, business managers must ensure quality forecasting, design products and processes, plan production systems and training workers.

Production scheduling refers to the stage of organizing

Production scheduling refers to the stage of organizing, directing and deploying the designed production

Characteristics of production scheduling

The characteristics of production scheduling are different in each production system, specifically as follows:

For high volume production system

This production system brings the flow and balance of the entire stage. When building the production schedule, businesses need production capacity planning to analyze the close relationship among materials, process, labor, output and consumption.

For production scheduling to be effectively, enterprises need to analyze and evaluate the following factors:

  • Product design and processes of technology;
  • Repair and maintenance;
  • Quality related issues;
  • Reliability and punctuality of the supply chain system;
  • Cost and manufacture ability of the production stage.
Enterprises need to take into account the factors that can influence the scheduling stage

Enterprises need to take into account the factors that can influence the scheduling stage

For intermittent production systems:

This system is characterized by small production volumes, wide range of types and frequently changing steps. Therefore, the scheduling stage is somewhat more difficult and complicated. The main content of this process focuses on building, directing the implementation of production scheduling, and assigning labor and machines to each working place. In addition, businesses need to pay attention to issues such as:

For activities of assigning and arranging jobs for workplaces, machines and workers; Businesses need to pay attention to the following issues:

  • Characteristics and nature of the work;
  • Technological requirements;
  • Features and uses of machinery, equipment and technological lines;
  • Qualifications and working ability of the workers.

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Objectives of production scheduling

Businesses need to pay attention to the objectives of production scheduling that Viindoo lists below:

  • Optimize project time: Time is determined by the average completion time for each scheduled job.
  • Optimize machine utilization: Determined by the percentage of machines in use over total available time.
  • Minimize the amount of work performed: Measured by the average amount of work present in the system. Reducing the amount of work being implemented means reducing the amount of inventory.
  • Shorten due date: Determined by the average number of overdue days of the job.

The minimum overdue time is determined by the number of days overdue

Production scheduling methods

Viindoo would like to introduce you to the methods to effectively schedule production for your business. Tips below you can refer to

Forward scheduling

Forward scheduling entails completing production orders as quickly as feasible, based on the availability of the relevant resources, beginning from the first step to the last step of that work. This helps to get the job done as soon as possible.

Scheduling-production-helps-to-get-the-job-done-as-soon as-possible

Scheduling production helps to get the job done as soon as possible

However, this method does not guarantee the completion time. This method is commonly applied to the production by order, distribution products, and increased inventory at factories.

Backward scheduling

In contrast, backward scheduling (or reverse scheduling) answers the question of the latest time to start production to fulfill the order in time. Work from the last steps are scheduled first, then come the earlier steps. Businesses often apply this method in the field of assemble production and low inventory of semi-products.

Reverse production scheduling applied in assembly production and low inventory

Reverse production scheduling applied in assembly production and low inventory

Production scheduling process

Here are 5 basic steps to create a complete production scheduling process:

  • Production scheduling: From determining the quantity and volume of work, the total time to complete the work, the duration of each job and the order in which the work is performed.
  • Estimating the required amount of machines, materials, and manpower: This is to complete the set amount of work in the production process.
  • Coordinating work and specific completion time for each department, labor and equipment.
  • Arranging the above work order in each area in the factory: This helps to minimize downtime and waiting time during product processing.
  • Inspecting and supervising regularly: This is to promptly detect problems that may affect the completion of the production schedule and quality. Since then, businesses have taken timely handling measures.
The production dispatching process consists of 5 basic steps

The production dispatching process consists of 5 basic steps

Through the above article, hopefully everyone has knowledge about production scheduling, which assists businesses choose an proper organizational plan and implement it correctly to help optimize resources and improve production capacity. If you want to learn more about similar issues or have any other questions. Please contact Viindoo immediately, the team will support you as soon as possible!

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What is production scheduling?
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