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Product cost calculation software - Viindoo Manufacturing

Manufacturing cost software supports the calculation of production costs, labor costs, etc. automatically calculates costs

Manufacturing cost management is a crucial aspect of any production-oriented business. Accurate calculation and analysis of manufacturing costs play a vital role in determining profitability, optimizing resources, and making informed business decisions. In this article, we will explore the significance of manufacturing cost software, with a specific focus on Viindoo software. We will delve into the challenges encountered in calculating manufacturing costs, discuss how Viindoo software simplifies this process, and highlight the advantages it offers.

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Challenges Encountered in Calculating Manufacturing Costs

Calculating manufacturing costs can be a complex task due to various factors involved in the production process. Here are some of the common challenges encountered:

1. Multiple Cost Elements: Manufacturing costs encompass various components, such as raw materials, labor, overhead expenses, and indirect costs. Tracking and accurately assigning these costs to specific products or processes can be time-consuming and prone to errors.

For instance, when calculating the cost of a finished product, it is essential to consider direct material costs, direct labor costs, and other associated costs like machine maintenance and utilities.

2. Dynamic Cost Factors: Manufacturing costs are subject to fluctuations influenced by factors such as changing market prices of raw materials, labor wage rates, and energy costs. Keeping track of these dynamic cost variables and incorporating them into cost calculations requires continuous monitoring and adjustments.

For example, if there is a sudden increase in the price of raw materials, the manufacturing cost per unit may rise, impacting the overall profitability.

3. Complex Production Processes: Modern manufacturing involves intricate production processes with multiple steps and interdependencies. Determining accurate costs at each stage can become challenging, especially when dealing with complex assemblies or multi-level bills of materials (BOMs).

Consider a company that manufactures automobiles. The production process involves several subassemblies like engine assembly, body assembly, and interior assembly, each contributing to the overall manufacturing cost.

4. Data Accuracy and Integration: Gathering accurate data for cost calculation is crucial. However, data may reside in various systems or departments, making it difficult to consolidate and integrate seamlessly. Inaccurate or incomplete data can lead to erroneous cost calculations and compromise decision-making.

For instance, if labor hours are not recorded correctly or if the data from the procurement system does not accurately reflect material costs, the resulting manufacturing cost analysis will be flawed.

Calculating Manufacturing Cost within Viindoo Software

Viindoo software provides a comprehensive solution for manufacturing cost management. Leveraging advanced technology and intuitive features, Viindoo software streamlines the process of calculating manufacturing costs. Here's how it works:

BOM-based Costing

Viindoo software understands the complex manufacturing processes and supports bill of materials (BOM) based costing. It allows you to define hierarchical BOM structures, specifying the required components and their associated costs. By automatically rolling up costs from lower-level assemblies to higher-level products, Viindoo software simplifies cost calculations for complex production scenarios.

For instance, when calculating the cost of a final product, Viindoo software considers the costs of all intermediate assemblies, subassemblies, and components specified in the BOM.

Bom-based costing - ViindooBom-based costing

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Automated operational cost calculation

Viindoo software enables flexible machinery operational cost calculation either per hour or based on standard costs for each operation, or both. Within work center or, you can choose the cost type and input the corresponding unit price.

Costing method within manufacturing cost - ViindooCosting method within manufacturing cost

During operations, the production department records the actual hours of production or the actual quantity of manufactured products. From there, the system multiplies it with the corresponding unit price to automatically calculate operational costs and incorporate them into the manufacturing cost.

Record information for caculating manufacturing cost - Viindoo softwareRecord information for caculating manufacturing cost

Collecting costs for allocation

Tracking costs for allocation into product costs is a complex task, involving various cost types gathered from different departments. For instance, shared material costs (fuel, packaging), machinery depreciation costs, and other external procurement costs (electricity, water for production) need to be allocated.

Viindoo software enables you to consolidate these costs within a single interface, categorized by time intervals. This helps you keep track of which costs need allocation, how much has been allocated, and the remaining balance. It prevents instances of multiple allocations for the same cost type, ensuring accurate and streamlined cost allocation.

Collecting costs for allocation - Manufacturing cost Viindoo softwareCollecting costs for allocation

Allocating based on multiple criteria.

After gathering the costs needed for allocation to the finished product, Viindoo's cost calculation software allows you to allocate them using various methods, such as:

  • Equal
  • By quantity
  • By current cost
  • By weight
  • By volume
Allocating based on multiple criteria - ViindooAllocating based on multiple criteria

Real-time Cost Updates

Viindoo software integrates with relevant data sources such as your inventory management system, procurement tools, and human resources database. By capturing real-time data updates, it ensures that the manufacturing costs reflect the latest information, including changes in material prices, labor rates, or other cost factors.

Manufacturing cost report

Viindoo software calculates and compiles costs into cost reports with a user-friendly interface, presenting data from an overview to the finest details. This helps you trace down to the smallest data points.

Manufacturing cost report - Viindoo software
Manufacturing cost report

In this article, we explored the significance of manufacturing cost software, focusing on Viindoo software. We discussed the challenges encountered in calculating manufacturing costs, highlighting factors such as multiple cost elements, dynamic cost factors, complex production processes, and data accuracy and integration. We then delved into how Viindoo software simplifies the process of calculating manufacturing costs by offering features such as cost element tracking, real-time cost updates, BOM-based costing, and data integration and analytics.By leveraging Viindoo software, businesses can effectively manage and optimize their manufacturing costs, leading to improved profitability and informed decision-making.

Product cost calculation software - Viindoo Manufacturing
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