Top 5 free quality management software 2023

Are you looking for quality management software? Are you having difficulty in managing the quality of work, and projects and looking for effective solutions? Refer to the article below of Viindoo about TOP 5 best quality management software today.

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Quality management software Viindoo

Viindoo Quality is supply chain management software helps businesses organize quality control tasks in their production and business processes. Depending on the quality standards applied at each business, the software will assist you in performing quality control at stages of purchasing - selling, exporting - importing products, etc.

Viindoo Quality Software

Viindoo Quality Software

Outstanding features

  • Support users to create quality control criteria with various methods
  • Automatically generate quality control sheets from the defined criteria for each step of production, receiving of goods, etc. 
  • Prevent and solve problems when the quality standards are not met.
  • Connect and integrate with other management applications such as Inventory, MRP, etc. 
  • Allow granting access rights for different levels of employees.
  • Provide reports, quality alerts in different criteria, analysis on alerts.
  • Can be installed easily and used remotely on any device such as computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. 
  • Monthly- cost based with diverse paying method.

Despite possessing many outstanding features, Viindoo Quality is completely free. Please click on the box below to register for a trial or get more detailed advice on deploying and using the software.

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Viindoo Quality standardizes your enterprise's quality management process, prevents errors, and optimizes costs.

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Construction quality management software XDA

XDA software is a tool created for building management records and project quality. XDA software can be applied to projects such as: Traffic, irrigation, civil, ME, fire prevention, etc. with a simple and easy-to-use design. It is also applied on Excel platform and compatible with all versions of Office.

XDA project quality management software

XDA project quality management software

Outstanding advantages

  • Put project file forms into the software easily 
  • Set the date and time of acceptance quickly based on the project file's form specifications
  • Automatically insert photo links according to all forms
  • Quickly construct and process tables in the minutes of acceptance report
  • Automatic produce and export data in construction log
  • Allow batch printing of acceptance, construction log
  • Support for aggregating and batch exporting data in construction log, serving for manual recording in the project
  • Support for batch export of list of records according to user's needs
  • Can be used in Excel platform and compatible with Office versions from 2010 onwards.

If you are interested in the price of XDA software, you can refer to the information table below:


Price (VND)​

Key Online
Hardware lock4,000,000 (permanent)

Excel quality management software

Excel Mando quality management software is an application developed by Research and Development of Software In Construction (RDSIC). The main use of this software is to make the construction and management of project documents easier and more efficient. In addition, Excel quality management software helps users to solve other difficulties in document management.

Quality management software by Excel

Quality management software by Excel

Outstanding advantages

  • Automatically update data and work from Excel into the system
  • Support editing documents, records
  • Read and create documents, text mixing templates 
  • Manage document, records in directory tree
  • Support to print even, odd, and double-sided documents
  • Always be updated and improved to suit the needs of record management jobs
  • Automatically extract data from Excel file

Software prices: 1,000,000 VND

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360 Construction Quality Acceptance Software

360 software is a tool to support quality management and construction projects completion. In addition to making records, exporting minutes of acceptance, this quality management software also supports recording diary, progress, payment process according to Decree No. 99/2021/ND-CP for settlement.

Outstanding advantages

  • Allow users to customize the form according to the investor's requirements and write logs automatically
  • Support drawing progress, export all relevant data for a set of payment records .
360 construction acception software

360 construction acception software

If you are interested in this software, you can refer to the information table below:

USB hard lock used for any machine
Online soft key for 1 machine/year

Odoo Quality Control Management Software

Odoo quality management software was developed with the aim of helping businesses manage and control their work effectively. Odoo will allow users to set up and build product quality control activities and business delivery processes. Odoo is also a robust project management software for organizations seeking to enhance their quality processes and ensure adherence to ISO 9001 standards.


  • Assist users in quality assessment and product alerts.
  • Support businesses to manage work easier and faster than manual ways.
Odoo management software

Odoo management software

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The above is the information about quality management software that Viindoo wants to introduce to you today. Hopefully with the provided information, you will choose a software that best suits your work and business needs. If you need consulting or more detailed information about management software, please contact Viindoo via website and hotline 02257309838 for immediate support.

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Top 5 free quality management software 2023
Viindoo Technology Joint Stock Company, Monica Nguyen 10 November, 2022

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