6 best equipment management software for businesses

Equipment management software helps businesses closely monitor the system of machinery and fixed assets. In particular, businesses can easily repair when machines have technical problems. In the article below, Vindoo will introduce the 6 most effective equipment management applications for businesses.

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6 most optimal equipment management software today

Next, Vindoo will recommend to businesses the 6 equipment maintenance management applications most used.

Software name
Support management on mobileSupport detailed report extractionFree/Charged
Viindoo Maintenance$8/ month
GSOFT$69/ month
Izi solutionCharged
CMMS - VietSoft EcomaintCharged

Vindoo Maintenance equipment management software

Viindoo Maintenance is considered the most popular and trusted equipment management software. The software helps to track and record the data of the machines from the warehousing stage to the operation. In addition, Viindoo Maintenance supports maintenance planning, inspection, and repair to help businesses promptly handle and fix errors when needed. Other outstanding features of the software are as follows:

  • Set up tasks and task lists on their own.
  • Intuitive and scientific reports in Pivot view, Calendar view, and Kanban view.
  • Monitor production processes and extract information, helping businesses manage data quickly.
  • Employees easily exchange records and create maintenance orders.
  • Automatically remind PIC of equipment maintenance tasks and due time.
Viindoo Maintenance softwareViindoo Maintenance Software

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GSOFT equipment management application

GSOFT is an effective machine management application that is used as an Excel spreadsheet to update all business information. Thanks to this, managers can monitor the capacity and working steps of equipment. The software also supports quick and easy data updating. Some other outstanding advantages of GSOFT are:

  • Control and collect full information such as quantity, condition, and expiry date of machines.
  • Create a procurement schedule to ensure machine stability.
  • Assist in scheduling or planning for the purchase of machinery.
  • Set up detailed asset usage history and information reports.
  • Manage services and sales contracts.
GSOFT equipment management application

GSOFT equipment management application

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Quasoft CMMS equipment maintenance management software

Quasoft CMMS is an optimal equipment management software. The software directly monitors the operating condition of the machine. In addition, Quasoft CMMS also provides timely maintenance to help businesses save repair costs. Companies can closely monitor their activities and get an overview report thanks to the following features:

  • Monitor and maintain all production activities, and keep track of the condition or performance of the machines.
  • Track the progress of work and repair activities.
  • Provide a preservation feature to keep production running.
  • Allocate maintenance regulations, and set priority tasks.
  • Present the history and reports of each piece of equipment quickly.
  • Categorize and test each available piece of equipment.
Quasoft CMMS equipment management software

History and reports of each piece of equipment will be made public

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Cloudify equipment management app

Equipment maintenance management application Cloudify brings optimal features for businesses. Specifically, managers can monitor production progress, and view reports on efficiency and productivity. The software also provides automatic risk warnings. Some other benefits of Cloudify include:

  • Support management and track equipment.
  • Support an interface that is not too complicated for users. With just a simple click, employees can fully adjust and manipulate the software.
  • Integrate with multiple platforms, thereby saving time when overseeing production.
Cloudify equipment management softwareThe application's digitized business process

SpeedMaint equipment maintenance management application

One of the equipment management software trusted by many businesses is SpeedMaint. The software helps to manage the operation progress as well as the frequency of use of the machines. In particular, businesses can easily link audit departments and equipment together. SpeedMaint also provides automatic warnings for machine failure for businesses to promptly repair. Other features of the software include:

  • Fully update assets, contractors, material, and equipment suppliers through the profile.
  • Provide a specific repair and maintenance history.
  • Digitize all business processes.
  • Digitize quality maintenance operations.
  • Suggest solutions for proper equipment maintenance.
SpeedMaint equipment management software

The application's digitized business process

WinMain equipment management software

WinMain is a machine management application for businesses to manage and track project planning and maintenance. At the same time, managers can also monitor equipment operation and working conditions. WinMain provides statistical reports and analysis of risks for businesses. A few other advantages of the software are:

  • Analyze and manage equipment maintenance activities.
  • View reports and history for maintained machines.
  • Manage suppliers, contractors, and equipment accurately.
  • Observe and check the working process as well as the cost for each type of machine.
  • Integrate tools and features of other applications to create plans.
WinMain equipment management software
WinMain Software to help with statistics and observe activities

Criteria for selecting suitable equipment management software

To ensure smooth and continuous software operation, businesses need to consider the following criteria and features.

  • Comprehensive asset management in terms of users, usage frequency, etc.;
  • Detailed reports on the number and status of equipment in the enterprise;
  • Ensure data security;
  • Set up and remind maintenance schedules so that the equipment is maintained on time, thereby increasing the service life;
  • Invest in software based on cloud algorithms: All data from the equipment will be stored and converted in time, therefore users can easily manage and delete data in case they have problems. The information is also not too tied to the equipment's workstation.

Equipment management software supports businesses to periodically monitor machines and analyze failures or risks in production. As a result, strategies and plans will be launched to ensure the long-term interests of the business. Viindoo hopes the article will help readers choose the right software for their company.

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6 best equipment management software for businesses
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