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Are you looking for an effective solution to manage your print shop or calculate printing costs? Viindoo printing management software is the best answer to take your business to the next level. Let's find out in this article. 

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1. Common problems of managing printing businesses

Along with the development of Vietnam's economy, printing enterprises need to develop in both quantity and quality. However, it is difficult for businesses to avoid challenges in managing production, orders, etc.

Let's take a look at some common difficulties of printing factories: 

  • Managers could not understand the actual operation of the factory.

  • Employees and managers spend a lot of time making reports on the factory's operation.

  • Reports are not accurate as data are imported from different departments such as Business Development, Production, etc.

  • Raw materials are not strictly controlled, leading to the loss of raw materials, and causing consumption for enterprises.

  • Departments do not exchange information or connect data in a timely manner.

  • Accountants could not accurately calculate production costs and profits.

  • It is difficult to manage the quantity of in-stock materials such as paper, ink, etc. 

  • It is difficult to keep track of consolidated financial statements by day, month, quarter, and year. 

Understanding the above exertions, Integrated Manufacturing Software​​​​, Viindoo Solution, was introduced to help businesses solve these problems as well as upgrade production processes and work efficiency.

Common managing problems of printing enterprises

Common managing problems of printing enterprises

2. Viindoo Manufacturing - printing management software solution

Viindoo Manufacturing is designed specifically according to the requirements of the printing production field. Viindoo's software can be used on all platforms such as web apps and mobile apps, meeting the needs of manufacturers anytime, anywhere. 

With Viindoo Manufacturing, managers can:

  • Plan and monitor the production activities of the printing factory

  • Build and optimize the material based on the actual production and printing situation on a daily basis, monthly or yearly. 

  • Set up and create visualized data reports to optimize the management process.

Printing management software in Viindoo manufacturing

Printing management software in Viindoo manufacturing


  • Address

    • Head Office: 6th Floor, Taiyo Building, No. 97 Bach Dang, Ha Ly Ward, Hong Bang District, Hai Phong, Vietnam

    • Hanoi Branch: 8th Floor, CIC Tower Building, Lane 219 Trung Kinh, Yen Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi, Vietnam

  • Email: email Viindoo

  • Hotline: 0225 730 9838

  • Website:

3. Outstanding features of Viindoo Manufacturing

Why should you use print shop management software of Viindoo? Refer to the outstanding features below:

3.1 Production planning

With this function of Viindoo, users can automatically execute production orders based on the required quantity. The planning department can easily manage the workshop's plans. The software also integrates with other modules for accurate estimation of material needs. 

In addition, the software is able to plan production automatically based on production activities with the timetable and capacity of human resources involved in each stage. 

Meeting a variety of user needs

Meeting a variety of user needs 

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3.2 Materials and equipment management

  • Mechanical management software help managers calculate material requirements based on production schedule and planning.

  • Conduct an analysis of the capacity and resources of the system based on the information about the production plan. 

  • Automatically calculate material needs to submit purchase requisitions and perform material purchases.

The software support equipment and material management

The software support equipment and material management

3.3 Production stages and material management

Viindoo's software allows real-time recording of material consumption based on the actual production stage and production order. Besides, the software supports building multi-level Billing of materials (BOM) to meet production models from simple to complex.

Management of production stages and material norms

Management of production stages and material norms

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3.4 Management of production progress 

The production progress of the factory is managed in detail by the software with an intuitive Gantt chart plan. You can completely adjust the entered data as a whole. In addition, the printing management software allows users to track production progress according to each work order, product batch, and stage. 

Easily control work progress with printing management software

Easily control work progress with printing management software 

3.5 Labor management

Viindoo printing management software fully integrates with HR applications, project management applications, etc. to support businesses in:

  • Plan work and shifts for employees in the factory

  • Track the entry and exit of employees

  • Coordinate workers from one factory to another based on work progress 

  • Allocate products and work by groups of employees or individuals 

Control and manage employee productivity levels

Control and manage employee productivity levels 

3.6 Product Management

The software has the following product detail management functions:

  • Product portfolio management

  • Information management product information 

  • Product images management 

  • Product price change history management

Manage products according to various criteria

Manage products according to various criteria 

3.7 Inventory plan development and optimization 

Viindoo printing management software supports plan inventory management based on actual inventory, and forecasts demand on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Enterprises can integrate manufacturing software with the supply chain, thereby automatically creating work orders, and dispatching warehouses or purchase orders to meet planned inventory. 

In addition, the software also supports businesses to:

  • Manage import and export process

  • Manage workshops by area or different branches

  • Manage warehouses by code or barcodes 

  • Manage and alert inventory

  • Manage exporting, importing receipts and stock counting

  • Track the import/export of each product or product category

  • Predict the number of products to be exported in the near future based on historical data 

Remote management across multiple platforms and devices

Remote management across multiple platforms and devices 

3.8 Real-time reports and statistics

Thanks to the intuitive, flexible, and multidimensional reports, the management of printing factories will be more effective and optimized. All data needed can be fully and instantaneously aggregated, thereby supporting businesses to make timely and accurate decisions. More specifically:

  • Support reporting and analyzing the cost of labor, machinery, raw materials - for each order and each product batch

  • Product costing software support compare production costs at each stage and costs throughout the production process. These costs include labor costs, raw material costs, equipment and machinery costs, stage transfer costs, etc.

Remote management across multiple platforms and devices

Support making reports and statistics through the chart utility automatically 


Viindoo printing management software supports businesses to apply the latest technology in the management and production process, thereby improving work efficiency. If you need to experience this, please contact Viindoo at the hotline (+84) 225 730 9838 for the most detailed advice! 

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Printing management software | Viindoo Manufacturing
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