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Garment software can effectively solve the problems of production management, order management, excessive quantity of goods, Waste of time and effort, High cost of goods sold

Garment production management software - Viindoo Manufacturing is an effective tool trusted by garment industry enterprises. Long-term business goals are guaranteed when applying scientific technology in production management. In today's article, Viindoo will introduce in detail the features of business management software for the textile and garment manufacturing industry - Viindoo Manufacturing.

Difficulty in managing garment production

Currently, there are still many enterprises in the garment and textile industry that are managing in the traditional way. This will cause businesses to encounter difficulties such as: 

  • Managing excessive quantity of goods: Producing garment products requires businesses to always update the status of raw materials in real time to capture the actual status of the business. Not only have to manage the quantity of materials, the managers also have to manage the inventory to be able to come up with a plan to solve the backlog of goods in a timely manner.
  • Waste of time and effort: Traditional management methods take a lot of time to analyze and make decisions and have a high level of risk. This will easily increase the possibility of late orders, costly manpower, and more time in the production stage of garment enterprises.
  • High cost of goods sold: In the garment industry, the price competition among enterprises is very fierce. However, the traditional management method makes the garment business take more resources. Since then, the cost of products has also increased and the competitiveness of the company's garments has been greatly reduced.
  • Difficult to control information: Managing and exchanging information through paper is an outdated method and no longer achieves high efficiency. Important data is frequently missed because there are so many reports to deal with every day. This can inadvertently cause information to be lost and difficult to find again.
  • Difficult order management: Raw material prices often fluctuate. Order production status should also be strictly managed to ensure credibility with partners.
Garment production management software

Ineffective management will sometimes cause material shortages in production.

Therefore, to solve difficult problems when managing production in the garment industry, many businesses have chosen to use factory management software solutions for the textile industry.

Garment production management software solution - Viindoo Manufacturing

There is a varied number of garment production management software on the market today. However, not all software helps businesses manage effectively and optimally. Therefore, to choose the best garment software, you should refer to the following evaluation criteria:

  • High security;
  • User-friendly view;
  • Suitable software for business scale and needs;
  • Enthusiastic and friendly consulting staff, ready to assist when you encounter technical errors.

With the above criteria, Viindoo Manufacturing can meet and even optimize. Viindoo's production management software for the textile industry is designed to support businesses and garment factories in solving production line management and operation issues. In particular, users can easily integrate the software with other Viindoo model applications such as warehouse management, purchase management or even features of production order management software... 

Therefore, if Businesses that are looking for professional and effective garment production management software should immediately choose the solution that Viindoo provides..

Benefits of using production management software for the textile industry

Using software to manage the garment factory makes production management easier. Specific:

  • Tracking actual product production capabilities: Each software provides a production tracking feature to help managers evaluate the working capacity of employees, each department and find solutions to improve performance. High work performance;
  • Save a large amount of time and human resources: Garment industry production management software is the most optimal solution to help textile factory management departments save time on data entry and limit errors during the production process. From there, managers can easily save most costs for businesses; 
  • Reduce the rate of defective garments: Quality machinery and equipment will produce many standard products. Under the software's supervision, managers will optimize the process of calculating manual product output, avoiding machine failures and labor inefficiencies;
  • Easily evaluate performance: The software allows providing data on production status, product quantity and quality, employee capacity,... in reality. This helps managers analyze and come up with specific solutions for product development.

Garment production management software

Garment production management software brings many benefits to businesses

Features of Viindoo Manufacturing garment factory management software

Below are the outstanding features that Viindoo garment production management software possesses:

Support management of garment materials

  • Manage inventory and condition of raw materials. This ensures product quality and production schedule without delay;
  • Besides, the software creates Bills of Materials that will meet the need of various manufacturing modules;
  • Building a general to detail manufacturing process with each action attached to a specific resource is highly convenient.

Planning and tracking production activities

  • Manufacturing plans are created automatically based on manufacturing activities, efficiency, and timetable of the resources joining in the manufacturing activities;
  • Manufacturing schedules are controlled by apparel production management software with visualizing customizable detailed Gantt charts;
  • Besides, the software records actual material consumption for each stage, order, and compares it with the planned norm. Therefore,  corporations would calculate the actual cost based on consumables at each stage;
  • Thanks to this software, companies keep track of manufacturing activity duration, evaluate the efficiency of resources, and optimize the manufacturing plan and process;
  • Cost analysis report for each work order and production cost;
  • Cost analyzing reports are recorded for work orders and manufacturing cost 

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Building and optimizing inventory planning

  • Viindoo MRP plans your inventory: capture the on-hand number, and forecast the demand on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis;
  • Businesses could integrate production software with supply chain management modules (logistics, purchasing, etc.) to  auto-create working orders, maneuver your inventory, or purchase orders to fulfill the planned inventory.

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Supporting real-time and comprehensive reports

Garment factory management software Viindoo MRP will provide businesses with the most intuitive, multidimensional and flexible reporting system. Therefore, the management of the production process will also become more optimal. In addition, all information about the situation and production performance is also fully and quickly aggregated by the software, helping businesses easily control and make timely and accurate plans.. 

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