Introduction to Viindoo Rental app

The Rental app of the Viindoo Enterprise Management Software is a tool for rental businesses.


This tutorial requires the installation of the following applications/modules:

General introduction of the app

How to install the Rental app

To install the Rental app, you need to navigate to the apps and search for the Rental app.

The Apps in Viindoo

After accessing the Apps, type the keyword Rental in the search bar, select the Rental Management app, and press Install.

Search the Rental app

User access rights

The user rights in the Rental app are the same as the user rights in the Sales app. For details, please refer to Access rights settings.

User interface overview of Rental

In the overview interface of the Rental app, there is the following information:

  • Rental Orders;

  • Products;

  • Rental Schedule;

  • Reporting;

  • Configuration.

Rental Orders menu on the Rental app

  • Rental Orders: Manage all rental orders.

  • Customer: Manage customer information on the system.

Rental Orders menu

Products menu on the Rental app

  • Products: Manage products can be rented.

Products can be rented
  • Pricelists: Manage pricelists applied to customers who rent products.

Rental Pricelists

Rental Schedule menu on the Rental app

The Rental Schedule is represented by Gantt chart track the time of the rental orders by criteria like the product, customer,… You can use filter, group by to see the desired plan.

Rental Schedule

Reporting menu on the Rental app

Inventory Report
  • Rental Analysis: Summarize the statistics, and analyze the rental orders in the form of lines, columns, pie charts, and pivot tables in the Viindoo Rental app, helping managers evaluate the company’s business performance.

Rental Analysis

Configuration menu on the Rental app

  • Settings: General settings for the Rental app.

General settings for the Rental app
  • Recurrence: Set up recurring to apply the rental discount.

Set up recurring