Categorize documents with tags

Documents and links in the Documents app can be categorized and sorted by tags and tag categories.


This tutorial requires the installation of the following applications/modules:

Configure a Tag category

Tag categories are used to categorize the tags system into groups, based on different criteria and your usage purposes. For example: tags related to Status, Labor contracts, Accounting documents, etc.

Navigate to Master Data > Tag Categories > Create to set up a new tag category.

Create a tag category

At the Tags tab, press Add a line to add one or various existing tags to this category. You can also add an explanation of the usage purpose for this tag category in the Description tab.

Add tags to a tag category

Configure a Tag

To set up a tag, navigate to Master Data > Tags > Create. From here, configure the name and categorize this tag accordingly, as well as describe the usage purpose of the tag at the Description tab.

Configure a document tag in Viindoo

Depending on the usage purpose, you can categorize this tag into multiple tag categories at the same time.

Add a tag to multiple tag categories in Viindoo

Tags and tag categories application in documents management

You can use the tags and tag categories system flexibly to manage workspaces, documents, and saved links in the Documents app by adding one or multiple tags to the documents that needed to be organized.

Add a tag to documents in Viindoo

On the workspace view, tags attached to each document help you search and find documents/links easily at the first glance.

Tagged documents in Viindoo

On the other hand, the filter and groups feature also helps you search documents by tags quickly.