Create new applicants

Applications can be created on Viindoo systems by two ways:

  • Manually create applications;

  • Automatically create applications.


This tutorial requires the installation of the following applications/modules:

Manually create applications

When applicants apply for a job in-person or directly via phone calls,… for recruiters, you need to create applications manually.

You can open the new application creation view by two ways below:

  • Create an application from applications list: Go to Recruitment > Applications > All Applications, click Create button. At here, you can see a list of applicants for all job positions divided by each stage.

Applicants list
  • Create application by Job Positions:

    • Go to Recruitment > Applications, go to job position that you want to create applications and then click on the # Applications.

    Applications button in Job Positions
    • Click on Create to create an application for this job position.

    Create applicant for specific job position

At the new application view, you need to fill below information:

New applicant creation interface
  • Subject / Application name: the name of the application profile. You should enter the applicant’s name in a short, easy way to look up later.
  • Enter the candidate’s basic information in the fields of Email, Phone, Degree.

  • Tags: keywords for searching and filtering information.

  • Recruiter: the person in charge of recruiting this applicant, automatically filled in by the system according to the recruiter set up on the position that the applicant applied for.

  • Appreciation: your assessment in terms of opportunities to become an employee, attitude, ability,… of the applicant. This helps recruiters have more information for the next stage.

  • Sources: sources that recruiters receive applications, example: directly in-person, job fair at university,…

  • Medium: medium of receiving applications. For example: apply in-person, Website, Phone call,…

  • Jobs:

    • Applied job: job position that applicant want to apply for.
    • Department/Division: Department/division of the applied job, automatically filled in by the system.

  • Contracts:

    • Expected salary/Proposed salary: salary that the applicant expects or recruiters propose. This information helps the recruiter to make assessments and decisions for this candidate. For example: negotiation, salary agreement,…
    • Availability: date that applicant is ready to onboard.

  • Application Summary: you can fill the summary information of the applicant about education, experience, attitude,…

To manage Resumé and Skills, you need to install the Employee Skills module.

  • Resumé: information about degree, certifications, experiences,… You can click on CREAT A NEW ENTRY for filling Resumé of applicant.

    Create a new entry for Resumé
    • Name: title of Resumé, example: Hanoi National University of Education, Master of Psychology,….
    • Type: type of Resumé, example: Internal certification, degree, experience,… If the system doesn’t have the type you need, you can click on Create and Edit for creating new type:

      Create and Edit resumé
    • Display Type: at here, system allows you to display in Classic. After applicant becomes employee, you can choose other display types as Certifications, Training Courses,… (if you have installed Skills Certification (hr_skills_survey), E-learning (website_slides),…).

    • Date Start - Date End: enter the date start and end of this resumé line. If the process is not finished, the Date End field can be left blank.

    • Description: detailed description for resumé such as major, job title,…

    • After filling all information, click Save & New if you want to add the next record or click Save & Close.

      Create Resumé interface
  • Skill Types: applicant’s outstanding skills such as language, presentation,…
    • Set Skill Types: you need to create Skill Types first before filling skill information for applicants.
      • Navigate to Employees > Configuration > Skill Types, click Create.

        Click Create the Skill Types
      • Name: the name of the Skill Types. For example: English, Computer skills, Soft skills,…

      • Skills: skills that belong to this Skill Type. You click Add a line or trash icon to add/remove a skill. For example, English skill type includes listening, speaking, reading, and writing; Soft skill type includes communication, personal planning,…

      • Levels: a skill can have multiple levels, each level is rated by percentage (%). You click Add a line or trash icon to add/remove a level. For example, Listening skill of English Skill Type, there are 3 levels of Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced, respectively 25%, 50%, 75%.

      • After filling all the information, click Save.

        Save Skill Type
    • Create Skills for applicants: Click the button CREATE A NEW ENTRY to add skills for the applicant.

      Create a new entry for skills
      • Skill Types, Skills, Levels: information about the applicant’s current skills. After you finish creating, the system shows the percentage of the current skill, according to the Skill Types set up above.

        Save Skill Types
      • After filling all information, click Save & New if you want to add the next record or click Save & Close.


You can also quickly create a skill type right on this create skills window by clicking create and edit in the same way as creating a new Resumé.

Finally, click Save to finish creating a new application.

Save applicant

Automatically create applications

Applications will be automatically create on the Viindoo system by one of the following ways:

  • Option 1: Applicants apply directly from the Website.

    • Applicants access the Recruitment view on the company’s website, click the Apply Now to submit their application.

      Click the Apply Now button on the website
    • Applications are automatically created on the system.

  • Option 2: Applicants access the link trackers.

    • Applicants access the URL link of the link trackers that you post on the recruitment pages, which is directed to the recruitment view on your website. From here applicants can submit their applications.

    • Applications are automatically created on the system. With this method you can identify the applicant’s source and method.

      Create applications with sources
  • Option 3: Applicants send to the email address set up on the Sources of Applicants. When an applicant sends to this address, the system automatically creates an application. With this method you can identify the applicant’s source and method.

    Email on Sources of Applicants Create application from email source
  • Option 4: Applicants send to the Email Alias ​​address set up on the Job Positions. When an applicant sends to this address, the system will also automatically create an application.

    Email Alias

Right from the Recruitment overview, you can see the number of new applications for each position.

  • You access the module Recruitment, the screen displays the Applications by Job Positions.
  • If a new applicant applies for this Job Position, the number of New Applications and Applications will increase. Recruiters can see how many applications have been recruited for each of these positions, including how many new applications have applied.

The number of new applications applied for this job position

You click the button showing the number of applications, the screen navigates you to the Applications interface. At here you can view the list of applications for this Position.

Applications interface by Job Positions