Document approval

With the documents managed by Viindoo Documents app, you can Ask to Review and Approve them.


This tutorial requires the installation of the following applications/modules:

Required settings

Set up actions for the approval features

After installing the Documents app, Ask to Review and Approve actions will be auto-created. To view the settings for these actions, navigate to Documents > Configuration > Actions.

Enter actions Actions details

With the Ask to Review action, make sure you have the right settings for the due date and the assigned person on the Schedule Activity tab.

Schedule Activity

Set up the file that contain the documents to review

On the settings of the file that contains documents to review, you will need to add co-responding actions which are Ask to Review and Approve.

Select actions on a file

Approve the document

With the above settings, the documents uploaded to this file will be suggested with the following actions.

Document approval actions

Here, select Ask to Review, the system will auto-change the document’s tags (on the tags field and on the product’s label) to To Review and at the same time schedule an approval activity for the assigned person based on the pre-set information.

Select Ask to Review Auto-change the document's information

As an approver, you can access the Clock icon to view your scheduled activities.

Needed actions

Moreover, you can select the Discuss icon to view the discuss view which has the exchanged information about this document and the scheduled activities for this document.

Select discuss icon Chatter section

After checking the document’s information, the assigned person will select Approve.

Select Approve

Now, the tags attached to this document will be changed accordingly to Approved.

The document's information after approving