Top 5 most comprehensive customer relationship management tools

Currently, customer relationship management tools are being applied by many businesses to improve customer relationship care. So, how to choose quality and reputable software that suits the needs of your business? Here is the top 5 useful software that Viindoo has synthesized. Find out now!

Microsoft Dynamics customer relationship management software

Customer relationship management tool Microsoft Dynamics is a software to support the management of all parts of the business such as Sales, Marketing, Customer service, etc. This system is integrated with many different functions to synchronize information in the business.

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The Microsoft Dynamics CRM system is integrated with many different functions

Key features of Microsoft Dynamics:

  • Tight security and multi-layer locks help to protect data.
  • Record and store all user data.
  • Support the marketing activities of the business thereby attracting and increasing the number of potential customers.
  • Manage the entire working process of the company.
  • Integrate with SMS software, Call Center, automate all communication activities with users such as happy new year, birthday ...

Customer relationship management tool Vindoo CRM

Vindoo CRM is software that helps businesses manage customer relationships. With Viindoo CRM, businesses comprehensively manage the sales process and contact with customers from the nascent stages such as Approach, Appraisal to the decisive steps such as sending quotation, and close orders.

Viindoo CRM software

Viindoo CRM software helps companies manage customer relationships.

Key features of Viindoo CRM software:

  • Manage the entire sales cycle.
  • Manage all data related to customers.
  • Take care of customers effectively and save time.
  • Manage the work of the staff.
  • Multi-dimensional reporting and automated analysis system to identify business opportunities, potential customer sources, etc.

Advantages of Viindoo CRM software:

  • Give businesses a holistic view of all parts of the company.
  • Manage all information and storage synchronously on one platform.
  • Automatically analyze and record leads.
  • Salespeople can easily prioritize customers and schedule care automatically, saving time.
  • Manage the entire sales team, track the progress of achieving revenue, and then analyze and report on each specific time.

Salesforce Customer Relationship Management Software

Salesforce was one of the first apps to develop customer relationship management software. This is a comprehensive management system, integrating many different functions including marketing, sales, customer care, trade promotion, etc.

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Salesforce is the ultimate customer relationship management software

Key features of Salesforce:

  • Effective customer care, saving time. Salesforce software helps predict customer needs from information about buying behavior. In addition, the software also provides SMS and MMS services for all customers.
  • Provide a full range of features related to sales activities, including collecting and storing customer information, interacting, and finding potential customer files.
  • Provide active support features to promote business marketing activities such as telemarketing, social networking, advertising, email marketing, etc.

Hubspot customer relationship management software

The customer relationship management software of Hubspot is considered a comprehensive management system. The software integrates many functions, supporting most of business activities from sales, advertising, and commerce to customer care.

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Hubspot's customer relationship management software is a comprehensive management system.

Hubspot's outstanding features:

  • Store all customer information over time.
  • Support the Marketing function of the business through Email Marketing.
  • Connect with many other sales software from Hubspot Sales such as Email, Outlook, Website,...
  • Compare the effectiveness of ads from different platforms, and establish an effective communication plan.
  • Find customers through ads and interactions.

Zoho Customer Relationship Management Tool

Customer relationship management tool Zoho helps businesses manage all sales activities, from sales and customer services to advertising, etc. This application can solve problems related to sustainable relationship management between customers and businesses.

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Zoho CRM helps businesses manage all operations well.

Zoho Features:

  • Help increase the productivity of employees in the business thanks to effective management.
  • Multi-dimensional management of activities in the company: projects, contracts, customers,...
  • Record information about users, analyze activities and provide appropriate and effective customer care plans.
  • Customize the look and feel of the report. From there, businesses can store as well as look up customer information quickly.

Criteria for choosing the right customer relationship management software

Currently, there are many companies providing customer relationship management software on the market. So how can organizations choose the best software that best suits their needs is a question of interest. Here are 5 criteria to help businesses make the selection process easier.

  • Determine user needs for customer relationship management software of the enterprise.

First, to choose appropriate software, businesses need to determine the needs of users. Depending on the field, the company can find out the requirements for CRM software.

  • The software is easy to operate and use.

If choosing software is too complicated, businesses are likely to have many problems in applying CRM. Therefore, just choose simple and user-friendly software. This will bring maximum efficiency to businesses when applying CRM, especially for small and medium-sized businesses that lack funds for intensive training in information technology.

  • High confidentiality for corporate information.

Information security is an indispensable condition when deciding to choose a CRM application. Because all important business data will be managed by the software. Therefore, a good customer relationship management application must ensure high information security.

  • Fits your business budget.

Next, an equally important criterion affecting the choice of a business is the investment cost. For small and medium enterprises, investment resources for software will be more limited. Therefore, companies need to carefully consider their budget to find the right application.

  • Integrates with other software and systems.

Currently, businesses are using information technology to integrate into business activities. Therefore, CRM needs to be able to integrate with other systems. This will make it easier for administrators to manage, track and monitor their work.

Through the above article, Viindoo provided readers with the top 5 customer relationship management tools efficiency as well as some criteria to choose the right application. Hope you can find the option that best suits your needs. If readers have any questions, don't hesitate to leave a comment below for timely answers.

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Top 5 most comprehensive customer relationship management tools
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