What is 4M in manufacturing? How to effectively apply and improve 4M

Your business wants to apply the principle of 4M in production. Businesses do not know what elements the 4M rules include and how to apply and improve. The following article by Vindoo will help businesses answer all the questions above. Let's find out now!

1. What is 4M in production?

4M in production is understood as a rule determining factors affecting business processes created by Kaoru Ishikawa (Japanese philosopher). The application of the 4M rules helps businesses find the causes and solutions to improve work quality and productivity. This rule consists of 4 main elements: Materials, Man, Machine, and Methods.

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4M in productionPrinciple 4M

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2. Materials

Materials are understood as materials used in the production process. In order not to disrupt the product process, the source of raw materials must be ensured that the supply is just enough, there is no shortage or excess, causing disruption to the production process. In addition, the supply of sufficient materials also helps businesses reduce costs to pay for inputs, increasing revenue.

2.1 How to apply

Because raw materials are an important factor affecting the quality of products and account for about 50% of the cost of production Therefore, enterprises need to strictly check on quantity and quality. To apply In this factor, businesses need to solve problems such as:

  • Determine the materials needed for the production process
  • Amount of materials needed
  • How to handle materials properly?
  • How to handle product inventory
  • Sorting materials in a scientific warehouse

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What is 4m in productionHow to apply the Materials element

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2.2 How to improve

To improve the Materials factor, businesses can do the following ways:

  • Develop conditions to check the quality of incoming materials
  • In order to avoid falling into the situation of running out of raw materials, businesses need to find and create New materials can replace old materials. In addition, this can also help businesses save resources, protect the environment ... increase the professionalism and competitiveness of products.
  • Businesses need to learn about the history and reputation of the supplier before choosing to cooperate. In addition, businesses should also choose to cooperate with suppliers of quality raw materials to be able to create the best products.

3. Man (Human Resources)

Human resources are considered the most important factor in the rule 4M in production, which has a direct impact on the quality of the finished product. This factor includes all members of the business, from management to employees. In general, no matter how modern and advanced technology is, humans are still the factors that control them, playing an essential role.

In order to have quality human resources, enterprises need to focus on recruitment and internal training. In addition, businesses also need to build professional processes to facilitate management.

3.1 How to apply

Man is the key to the success of the production process. However, to apply the Man factor in the 4M principle, businesses need to solve problems such as:

  • Define job goals
  • Recruiting personnel with high ability and sense of responsibility, bringing effective productivity
  • Develop policies to reward and handle violating employees

In addition, businesses also need to answer questions such as:

  • What are the recruitment criteria for the vacant positions?
  • Measure employee performance?
  • Policies to retain and attract employees to stick with the business? 
  • How to train and guide new employees?
4M in productionHow to apply the Man factor

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3.2 How to improve

Enterprises can use some of the following methods to improve the Man factor, creating a sustainable competitive advantage in the market such as:

  • Organize internal training sessions to improve employees' qualifications and skills
  • Allocate appropriate working positions: Managers need to grasp the capabilities of each employee, identify their strengths and weaknesses to allocate appropriate working positions.
4M in quality managementEnterprises should organize training sessions to improve the qualifications and skills of their employees

4. Machines (Equipment)

Machines is understood as the ability that enterprises invest in equipment and machines that directly affect product quality and work efficiency. Enterprises always have to improve the quality of machines, especially for units using automated production lines.

Without updating modern technologies into the production process, businesses will not be able to create quality products that meet the needs of users. In addition, enterprises also need to pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of equipment to avoid problems of damage and interruption of the production process.

4.1 How to apply

If in the production process there is a problem with the machine, it will affect the working progress and revenue of the enterprise. Therefore, the inspection and maintenance of machines is a very important job.

To limit the occurrence of machinery damage, businesses need to solve problems such as:

  • How to check the machine
  • Arrange and use machines to maximize working productivity
  • How and when to maintain machines
  • Assigned to employees for certain types of machines
  • Arrange and arrange space to place all kinds of machines to facilitate the use process
4M in productionBusinesses need to regularly check and maintain machinery

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4.2 How to improve

Ways to improve the Machines factor:

  • Develop a suitable maintenance plan: The time of work interruption due to damaged machinery will reduce revenue, increase operating costs... Therefore, building a suitable maintenance plan not only helps to increase the age. machine life, but also to limit production interruptions.
  • Using production management software: Currently, there are many modern management software that support businesses in monitoring, maintenance, and predicting damage of machines...
  • Using modern machines: Using modern machines will help businesses improve work productivity, improve product quality, and meet consumer demand. In addition, investment in modern machinery also contributes to creating quality products with cheaper and more suitable prices.

5. Methods (Technology - Methods)

Methods is the use of methods of technology, management, and energy in the production process of an enterprise to make full use of the benefits and resources, contributing to increasing productivity and revenue of the unit.

5.1 How to apply

To apply the Methods factor, employees need to work together to create synchronization in the production process. In addition, managers must make employees aware that improving product quality is a common task of all employees.

When applying Methods, businesses need to well address aspects such as:

  • % error occurred when applying methods
  • Security
  • The effectiveness of the method
  • How to build charts to track progress
  • Instructions for operating the machine
4M in quality managementHow to apply the Methods

5.2 How to improve

Ways to improve the Methods element:

  • Develop a detailed, clear, scientific strategy, and identify activities to be done to achieve the set goals.
  • Assign appropriate tasks to each employee and department.
  • Authorization for each specific employee
  • Using management software: Technology is an effective way to support people in management. The use of ERP software also helps businesses plan and manage human resources effectively. The dashboard will help businesses visualize the overall business picture. From there, businesses can make the most informed and quick decisions.
4M in productionHow to improve the Methods

Apply the principle 4M in production will help businesses save a lot of costs and bring high revenue. However, in order to have the highest production efficiency, businesses should use software Viindoo MRP - Comprehensive production management solution in the 4.0 era. Please contact hotline 0225 730 9838 to get more detailed advice on this software.

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What is 4M in manufacturing? How to effectively apply and improve 4M
Jun Nguyen March 16, 2023