Download 8 specific work plan templates by day, week, and month

Nowadays, many people have difficulty setting up work schedule board and want to find out the most accurate sample tables available. With this post,Vindoo will introduce detailed Excel work plan templates by day, week, and month.

1. Weekly work plan template

Weekly work plan table have information about the tasks, the execution time as well as the results of the process. This template allows for regular updating of work progress and results. Consult now!

Download now: HERE.

Weekly work plan template.Weekly work plan template.

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2. Table of 5-day weekly work schedule for individuals

Develop a 5-day work plan for individuals to keep the work going smoothly and according to the process. The content of the plan table includes the name of the work, the implementation time and the project results. If you need make a work plan for 1 week, this would be a reasonable form.

Download now: HERE.

Weekly work plan for 5 days for individuals.Weekly work plan for 5 days for individuals.

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3. Table of daily work schedule for individuals

With daily work schedule board, work is done at separate working hours during the day. You can arrange so that each task is suitable for each time frame to achieve the highest efficiency.

Download now: HERE.

Daily work plan for each individual.Daily work plan for each individual.

4. Monthly work plan table

Monthly work plan table will include all the to-dos for each month. The table includes work items, job details, responsible person and detailed tracking by day of the month.

Download now: HERE.

Monthly work plan table.Monthly work plan table.

5. Work schedule table by to do list

Invite you to consult right Sample work plan according to to do list is introduced below. With this planner template, you will control your work easier and more efficiently than before.

Download now: HERE.

Work plan file by to do list.

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6. Fixed work schedule table

Planning for fixed jobs will help each individual proactively complete all tasks efficiently and with higher productivity. Please refer toright The most commonly used work plan template today.

Download now: HERE.

Fixed work plan file.Fixed work plan file.

7. Work plan table according to the Kanban method

Kanban method use boards with different colored cards to represent tasks and stages of the work process. Kanban boards are usually divided into columns, each representing a stage in the work process, such as "Pending", "In Progress", and "Done". When a job is completed, it is moved from the "In Progress" column to the "Completed" column. The Kanban method helps to increase efficiency and productivity at work. Try it now!

Download now: HERE

Sample table according to Kanban methodSample table according to Kanban method

8. Getting Things Done work plan template

This table is used to manage tasks and tasks by method Getting Things Done, a popular work and time management method.

The table is divided into categories like "To-Do", "In Progress", and "Completed". Each entry is created to represent different stages in the work process.This sample table helps users focus on essential tasks and avoid being distracted by unimportant tasks.

Table template by Getting Things DoneTable template by Getting Things Done

9. Instructions on how to make a work plan with Excel

Here are the detailed instructions how to make a work plan table using Excel. We invite you to continue reading the article!

9.1 Information to be included in the work plan sheet

In a work plan template, users need to fill in the necessary information to make tracking and implementation easier. Here's what the user needs to present:

  • Name of the unit or department that is responsible for the job.
  • Time to deploy and complete the work.
  • Specific tasks that need to be done.
  • The expected date of completion of the work.
  • The main goal and the sub-goals to be achieved during the implementation of the work.
  • Contingency plans if the unfortunate problem occurs.
  • Necessary support recommendations.
Some of the content that should be included in the work plan.Some of the content that should be included in the work plan.

9.2 How to set up

To proceed with setting up a work schedule board different processes need to be followed before presenting it to stakeholders. The specific steps are as follows:

Step 1:In order to determine the most accurate time needed for the completion of goals, you need to use the SMART model through the following criteria:

  • Specific: Define clear and specific goals.
  • Attainable: Establish a goal that is realistic and achievable.
  • Relevant: Make sure the existing goal is necessary for the project and aligns with the other goals of the business.
  • Measurable: Ensure the measureability of the goal to track progress and meet deadlines.
  • Time-bound: Specify exactly a target date so as not to get lost in the chain of daily needs.

Step 2: Identify resources and financial potential. To accurately determine current resources, individuals and organizations need to answer the following questions:

  • How much of your budget is needed for this project?
  • Whose finance, which part?
  • Does this project require any special tools or software?

Step 3: Allocate and assign people to do the work to ensure all tasks are completed quickly and minimize role confusion. Each member receiving the task must be aware of his or her job and responsibilities for that job.

Step 4:Implement the plan when you have well secured human resources and financial potential. An effective way that can be applied to optimally control the progress of tasks is to create a daily work tracking table using Excel or a word file.

Setting up a work plan must go through 4 basic steps.Setting up a work plan must go through 4 basic steps.

Besides word or Excel files, businesses can choose Viindoo Project software to make business plans and plans at their units. When using this software, businesses will easily plan and track progress accurately and timely on just one system.

Here are some advantages of Viindoo Project software:

  • Keeping abreast of progress helps businesses implement projects and jobs easier.
  • Modern, multi-view user interface through data visualization charts.
  • Working with information, transparency, division and coordination between departments.
  • The overview report, immediately, helps reduce the workload of administrators and subordinates.
Viindoo Project - The ultimate Project and Task Management Solution.Viindoo Project - The ultimate Project and Task Management Solution.


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Through the above article, Viindoo Hope readers have updated the files work schedule board Latest. Wish readers soon create a scientific and accurate work plan file for themselves.

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