What is Todo list? How to create, Todolist templates and Effective Todolist Software

What is Todo list? In order to be able to complete the tasks quickly, efficiently and ensure the duration is in time is not easy. Therefore, businesses need todolists to help employees manage their work more effectively. In the following article, let's find out in detail the benefits as well as some popular todolist software with Viindoo.

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What is Todo list?

The todolist template is a list of tasks and missions that each individual needs to do or willing to do. The todolist usually list the tasks and arrange them in order according to importance level.

This is a method to assist employees manage, put work into order and utilize time effectively, avoiding overload when performing tasks.

Employees are able to create todolists on sheets of paper, notepad templates, personal notebooks, on mobile devices, or on pre-designed todolist software. Todolist is widely used in work as well as things to do in daily life.

By this method, each employee can ensure that important tasks are performed and not forgotten.

What is Todolist

Todolist is a list of tasks and missions that need completing

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Common Todo list Types

With the above sharing, Viindoo believes that the readers have understood what todolist is. As can be seen, the jobs and categories listed in the todolist template are usually arranged in a scientific and organized manner. Here, Viindoo will introduce readers to common todolist samples.

  • Vision board: This is a list of big goals that each individual wants to accomplish over the course of their career. These desires will be the driving force and inspiration to help each person achieve their goals in life. Besides, this list is normally kept as long as possible, the categories can be exceeded upto 80.
  • 100 Days To-Do List: This is a todolist template made to organize tasks for the next 3 months. Each person are able to plan for themselves and list out which tasks are more crucial and need to be done during that 3 month period.
  • Todo list for a day: Todolist by day will help each individual work more smoothly, and also bolster for longer-term strategies. Each individual prepare a daily todolist in the early morning or late in the day.
  • Weekly To-Do List: List the tasks and missions that need to be done for a week. These jobs will usually be set up every Sunday night or Monday morning.
  • Daily 3T List: The most essential, significant tasks is going to be listed. The tasks arranged in this list usually contain 3 to 5 items. Moreoevr, for this type of list, they need to be made towards some important common goal.
What is Todolist

Based on the list of jobs, the todolist can be divided into several categories

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Benefits of using Todolist

Then, what are the benefits of Todolist to make this tool so popular? Here are some outstanding benefits that todolist software are capable of bringing to users.

  • Remember to-dos: Create a Todo list to help users remember the tasks that need to be done clearly and specifically. It is obvious that when the lists are updated regularly, users can track the progress of the entire scope of work. In addition, using todolist also helps users to have a continuous and complete information system, avoiding missing any types of work.
  • Helps increase productivity: Listing and creating todo lists, classifying the importance of each and prioritizing completing more important tasks. This helps users to take advantage and manage their time effectively, avoiding wasting time.
  • Increase work motivation: Break down to-do tasks into short-term and long-term work types making it easier for users to complete. In addition, when you have completed the work that needs to be done and crossed out from the todolist, it is the motivation to perform the next tasks.
  • Help manage time effectively: When there are too many tasks to handle at the same time, people often feel overwhelmed. Therefore, a perfect todolist template will help us know what is prior and need to be done first, thereby helping to improve time management skills more effectively.
  • Measure work progress: If there are too many to-do lists, building a todolist and keeping track of which tasks are completed, or in progress helping measure progress effectively.
benefit of todolist

Some outstanding benefits that todolist brings

Important factors when setting up Todolist

There are many factors that affect todo list generation. Those factors will depend on the overall task to be performed. Here are some important factors when creating a todolist:

  • The tasks in the todolist should be arranged in order of priority, from most important to least important.
  • The lists built into the todolist should be related to individual tasks, intentions, or a combination of both.
  • The duration for implementing tasks.
  • The todolist software needs to be appropriate.
  • The List tasks as detailed and specific as possible.
  • The todolist is access easily so that you can track your progress and stay in control of your day-to-day tasks.
Create todo list

Some basic factors affecting todolist construction

How to build Todolist

There are many methods for creating a todolist depending on the individual. However, to be able to build a reasonable and scientific todolist is not easy. Below Viindoo will guide readers how to build a simple but highly effective todolist.

Step 1: Prepare Todolist list

First, write down all the to-do lists and tasks that need implementing. If it is an important job or task, you should break it down into steps to perform that task.

Create todo list

Write down the tasks that need to be completed

Step 2: Sort by priority

After you have written down all the prior tasks, allocate these tasks in order of priority. In cases where the todolist has multiple categories of high importance, review the list and attamp to move the less important tasks down.

Create todo list

Sort the list in order of preference

Step 3: Using Todolist

Once you've completed your todolist in order of preference, start using it. Users only need to perform the tasks in the order listed in the todolist, prioritizing completing the tasks from top to bottom. When done, mark or cross it out and move on to the next task.

Create todo list

Do the work in the order created in todolist


However, in the process of setting up and implementing todolist, there are a few tips you can refer to:

  • There should be a distinction between important and urgent tasks when prioritizing tasks.
  • There is difference among thinking, planning, and execution. Therefore, research and build your own todolist list before choosing to implement someone else's todolist template.
  • There is a small amount of work are able to be done effectively by Todolist. When there are too many to-do lists, multiple actions need to be combined to better manage things.
  • There are necessary work and tasks need remembering to complete.
  • There is a strive to complete urgent and important tasks first, avoid wasting time on unimportant tasks.
  • There is a belief that for the unimportant tasks, you can pay less attention.
  • There are available software based on available ones to set up your own todolist. The software can synchronize with many different devices, making management easier and more efficient.
Completing the todolist scientifically and logically

Completing the todolist scientifically and logically

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Easy-to-use todolist template

A todolist template includes scientifically designed to-do lists that can help users keep track of all their work progress and tasks. Include projects, assignments, products to buy, daily chores. Here are some samples of todolist Viindoo readers can refer to:


Todo list template

Simple but scientific todolist template

Form 2: Todolist is suitable for people who have a lot of work to solve and need a specific time for each task.


Todo list template

Template todolist when there is a lot of work to do

Form 3: Build a todolist by adding tasks to separate columns for better management and tracking


Todo list template

Record tasks in separate todolist columns

Form 4: List the work in progress and how much time is left to do it.

Todo list template

Template todolist to help track work progress

Form 5: The todolist template plans for each specific day of the week.


Todo list template

Specific todolist templates for each week

Form 6: Design a todolist for different tasks and tasks for a week.


Todo list template

Specific and detailed Todolist template

App, effective Todolist software

Currently, there are many apps and software that support users to create effective todolists. Here are some tools to help establish a popular scientific todolist today:


The todolist management apps is one of the most popular and popular todolist creation support apps. The application supports users to construct to-do lists for free. However, if you want to experience special features, users need to pay $29/12 months.

Some outstanding features that the todoist application brings:

  • Support to use even when not connected to the network helps users manage tasks simply and easily.
  • Support to sort and arrange tasks in order from important to least important based on color.
  • Support the feature of dividing work and tasks for friends.
  • Support to synchronize and integrate with Todolist such as Google Drive, Toggl,... 
Todolist software

App Todoist supports creating effective todolists


If you are a person with a bad memory, Due is definitely the perfect choice. So what are the outstanding features of Due todolist app? When using Due, users do not need to log in to an account, but simply build tasks by importance. The App will help users perform reminders with a number of functions such as:

  • The tasks reminders Continuously notify from time to time.
  • The length of the alarm and the variety of sounds.
  • The app can be used even offline.
  • The integration of the Built-in countdown function.
Todolist software

App Due with continuous reminders over time


Trello is famous for being a simple, easy to understand and suitable todolist creation application for all audiences. When using Trello, users can create multiple Boards, then break down the tasks that need to be done for each Board.

When using Trello, users can track the progress of undone, in-progress and completed work, avoiding the situation of missing important things. A special feature of Trello is that it integrates teamwork through the Invite Friends command. Trello is free to use, so it attracts a large number of users.

Todolist software

App Trello with simple and effective usage

Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk application is a task management software that is quite popular for busy people. In particular, Remember Milk can integrate with other devices and platforms, helping users to use it more efficiently and easily.

Todolist software

Software to support creating todolist “Remember the Milk”


Evernote is an application that supports creating todolists that are commonly used on both iphone, ipad, web browser,... Some outstanding features of Evernote tool:

  • Share task lists.
  • Set up reminder notifications.
  • Chat with everyone on the list.
  • Requires users to pay in case of need to secure or store large volumes of work.
Todolist software

The famous Todolist creation tool Evernote

In the above article, Viindoo with readers answered what Todolist is as well as the benefits that this tool brings. Todolist helps each person manage their work more efficiently and scientifically. Hopefully the above sharing will help Viindoo readers to consult and choose the most effective Todolist creation support tool.

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What is Todo list? How to create, Todolist templates and Effective Todolist Software
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