What is Microsoft Teams? Advantages, disadvantages, and pricing list

What is Microsoft Teams? What advantages and outstanding features does Microsoft Teams have? Do businesses need to pay a fee to use this platform? Together with Viindoo Business Management Software, let's learn about Microsoft Teams in the content below.

What is Microsoft Teams software?

Microsoft Teams is a convenient online meeting tool. The application includes functions such as video meeting, file storage and can be integrated with the Office 365 suite. Today, Microsoft Teams project management software is becoming the company's most popular online meeting application along with Sky For Business and Microsoft Classroom.

Microsoft Teams is Microsoft's group messaging platform for business

Microsoft Teams is Microsoft's group messaging platform for business.

Microsoft Teams consists of 3 main components:

  • Teams: Group of people who work together on one system. 
  • Channel: Where work conversations of the same team take place. Users can chat, video call, organize meetings, store and share files right on the application. 
  • Tab: The tool that helps users in the same channel exchange information. The default channel will have 3 tabs: Chat, Files and Wiki. Besides, you can flexibly create other tabs to suit your work needs. 

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Features of Microsoft Teams application

So, What work management and tracking software supported features? In fact, this application is designed with 4 main functions which are necessary for every business. Let's learn about these features in the content below.

  • Hold meetings anywhere: With Microsoft Teams, businesses can hold audio, video, and web conferences with anyone, anywhere. In addition, the application allows users to schedule meetings, take meeting notes, share screens, etc. The scheduling feature helps users with valid email accounts to join quickly. Simply click on the emailed link to join the meeting.
  • Host large meetings, live events: The platform allows businesses to organize large meetings, webinars, and company-wide events. The maximum number of people supported in each event is 10,000 people. In particular, participants will have consistent experience when using the platform.
  • Capture meeting information: Teams supports audio, video and activity recording. This feature is made possible via screen sharing and meeting notes. Moreover, businesses can record meetings on the platform. New participants can also easily capture missed information through notes.
  • Collaborate and share content: Microsoft Teams allows businesses to easily share content when joining a meeting. In the process, the involved person can collaborate seamlessly. This advantage is achieved by the integration of Teams with Office 365.

MS Teams allows businesses to organize meetings, conferences, online events anywhere

MS Teams allows businesses to organize meetings, conferences, online events anywhere

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Does Microsoft Teams charge its users

At this point, businesses will surely wonder "Is there any fee to use Microsoft Teams". In fact, the platform offers two versions, paid and free. Usually, the free service plan will be limited in features. Specifically, to make the right decision, businesses should follow the details below about both of these service packages.

Feature-limited free plan

As mentioned, Teams' free service plan will be limited in features. When using this package, businesses can experience unlimited basic features such as messaging, making calls. Each group will be provided with 10GB of storage and an additional 2GB for each member. By signing up for this plan, businesses can conduct group meetings with up to 100 attendees and for 60 minutes.

When using the free MS Teams plan, users can use basic features
When using the free MS Teams plan, users can use basic features

Paid plan

In addition to free supported content, when paying, users will be provided with other great features. In particular, users will have 1 month free trial before deciding. Currently, Microsoft Teams is providing 2 paid packages as follows:


With the personal version, users can chat, video call, use popular Microsoft applications. This version allows users to easily switch between personal and work accounts. From there, families can stay connected with photos, calendars, chat and video without worrying about disrupting work.

For only $9.99/month, you can sign up for a family plan of MS 365 for up to 6 people.

For only $9.99/month, you can sign up for a family plan of MS 365 for up to 6 people.

When signing up for this version, you will get access to premium features. At the same time, the accounts will be integrated with the Microsoft 365 personal plan. To subscribe to this service, each account must pay a fee of $ 6.99 per month. Alternatively, you can sign up for a family plan for 6 people for $9.99/month.

Business plans

Unlike personal plans, Teams business plans are diverse. Organizations can use different features at different prices. Specifically, Microsoft Teams is providing 4 service packages for businesses including:

  • Office 365 ProPlus: This package costs $ 12 /person, per month. When you sign up for ProPlus, you must make an annual commitment. This version will support Office applications with Office application-compatible cloud storage and sharing. This service possesses the following outstanding utilities:
    • OneDrive storage and file sharing up to 1TB.
    • No limit to the maximum number of users.
  • Office 365 E1 Plan: Business will commit to an annual price of $8 per user per month to sign up for this plan. Then businesses can use more email, storage, file sharing, Office Online, meetings and more. However, the version is not integrated with Office applications. E1 will provide the following facilities:
    • Self-selecting email domain addresses and mailbox storage up to 50GB.
    • Up to 1TB of OneDrive file storage.
    • Stay informed, join communication sites, team sites in any intranet using SharePoint.
    • Host an HD video conference meeting with up to 250 participants.
    • Host face-to-face meetings for up to 10,000 participants.
  • Office 365 E3: This is an annual commitment plan for $20 per user per month. With this package, you are allowed to use all the features of ProPlus and E1 along with high security tools. Office 365v E3 stands out with the following utilities:
    • Optional email domain address and allowed to store mailboxes with a capacity of 100GB.
    • Personal cloud storage with unlimited storage.
    • Stay up to date with information and join communication and group sites using SharePoint.
    • Host an online, video conference with up to 250 participants.
  • Office 365 E5: This service plan costs $35 per account for one month and is committed annually. With E5, you can use all the features found in E3 versions with enhanced security, analytics, and voice functionality. This version possesses highlights such as: 
    • Owning all the outstanding utilities of Office 365 E3.
    • Powered by Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection.
    • The Customer Lockbox tool helps control agents accessing mailboxes.
    • Advanced Data Management functions for automatic classification, smart entry,...

Businesses can choose from 4 paid service packages with different features

Businesses can choose from 4 paid service packages with different features

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Advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft Team

If businesses are wondering " What is Microsoft Teams’ pro or con", the answer will be in this section.

Advantages of Microsoft Teams

It can be seen that Teams support all collaborative activities of members within the organization. The greatest advantage of this tool lies in the fact that its features are developed in both breadth and depth. Specifically, the advantages of Microsoft Teams are:

  • Cost: If you have used the full Office 365 license, businesses would not need to pay any additional costs.
  • Online meeting, chat, calling anytime, anywhere: The application allows to organize online meetings with up to 300 people.
  • Centralized data: Data is placed in a single place to help members less distracted and focus on work.
  • Integrated with many applications: Microsoft offers more than 400 integrated applications to help businesses increase work efficiency.
  • Data is well secured: Managers can control and limit employee usage.
MS Teams allows businesses to hold meetings anywhere with up to 300 attendees. 

MS Teams allows businesses to hold meetings anywhere with up to 300 attendees.

Disadvantages of Microsoft Teams

Besides the advantages, Microsoft Teams still has many limitations. So what are the disadvantages of the Microsoft Team application

  • Limit the number of channels: Each group is allowed to create up to 100 channels. 
  • Inadequate arrangement of file shares: Businesses must apply classification rules before uploading data. Otherwise, the file division will then be very difficult.
  • Restricted decentralization: Managers only have the ability to control and limit the rights of members. 
  • Does not support administrator rights: Enterprises cannot assign permissions to members.
The inadequacy in the arrangement of shared files is a major limitation of MS Teams 

The inadequacy in the arrangement of shared files is a major limitation of MS Teams

Comprehensive Task Management Software Viindoo Project

Viindoo has both helped businesses learn about Microsoft Teams through its main function of creating meetings. However, in addition to this feature, MS Teams is also known for its ability to manage and track work. In Vietnam, businesses can refer to Viindoo Project - a specialized project and work management platform.

With Viindoo Project, leaders can completely monitor and control work remotely. In addition, the software supports planning combined with progress tracking on a single platform. To learn more about Viindoo Project, let's learn about the features and costs of this application.

Viindo Project is a specialized project and task management software

Viindo Project is a specialized project and task management software.

Features of Viindoo Project - Comprehensive task management software

Viindoo Project possesses outstanding features as follows:

  • Monitoring progress, controlling processes Working: The software manage work flexibly to finish projects and works easily with the following functions:
    • Track and follow the progress with the function of planning, controlling the person in charge of the work, track working time.
    • Workflow is standardized at Kanban interface, set up scientific management…
    • All work-related documents and exchanges are recorded and stored at each job and task. 
  • Modern interface; Collaboration, information transparency: Users can track progress through perspectives with intuitive charts such as Gantt chart, Kanban, List, etc. The division of work and coordination between departments can be implemented on the same interface. 
  • An overview and instant reporting system to forecast resources and needs: Data will be visualized through charts, analysis tables, etc. Thus, managers can easily grasp the situation of personnel, work. From there, leaders can easily allocate resources, assign tasks, forecast time and duration for each project, etc. In addition, businesses can calculate profits through comparison between expected and actual time.
  • More specifically, Viindoo Project can integrate with "enterprise social network" - Viindoo Discuss application. With Viindoo Discuss, businesses can centrally manage all messages and notifications on the same system. 

The most outstanding feature of Viindoo Discuss is the integration of the work exchange interface and chat frame on all other software in the Viindoo business management software system. Employees when performing any job - from creating purchase, sale, payment, invoice, etc. can discuss directly at the management interface of the task. As a result, all work communications are centralized, not scattered or omitted on social networks. 

Viindoo Discuss also allows users to call, video call, share screens with each other or in groups with just one click.

Viindoo Discuss also allows users to call, video call, share screens with each other or in groups with just one click. 

  • Fully integrated with other Viindoo : Users can use Viindoo Project task management software in combination with sales, CRM, timekeeping and invoice management applications in the management software system. Vindoo enterprise. Thanks to that, all work will become transparent, centrally managed, accurate and easier.

Cost of using Viindoo Project Task Management software 

Viindoo Project is the best cost-effective task management platform on the market today. This platform is suitable for Vietnamese businesses, including small and medium-sized enterprises. 

Besides, the cost of using the software is calculated according to the actual number of users. Thus, with each account, businesses can choose from different features without limitation. In addition, before deciding to pay, businesses will get a free trial for 15 days.

Ready to experience the excellence?

Viindoo Project - Plan tasks, track progress in a timely manner, control the workflow of employees. All in only one system. 

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The article has answered the question "What is Microsoft Teams?". Here, if you still have questions, please leave a comment below for support. In addition, when there is a need to use a specialized task management software, you can refer to Viindoo Project. This is definitely a superior application, suitable for different fields.

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What is Microsoft Teams? Advantages, disadvantages, and pricing list
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