Project management with Google Sheets quickly and effectively​

Project management with Google Sheets brings optimal efficiency not only for individuals but also for businesses and organizations. Find out now with Viindoo the benefits, features, and templates available on Google sheets to help businesses with management.

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Learn about the task management tool Google Sheets

Google sheets is a spreadsheet program in the office suite on the browser provided by Google. This product is part of the Google Drive service and has the same functionality as Microsoft Excel. 

Google Sheets includes outstanding features that are:

  • Automatically update data: Figures and answers filled in Google forms will be automatically entered into Google sheets.
  • Built-in formulas: On Google Sheets, there are built-in formulas to help users save time and simplify tasks.
  • Effective teamwork software: When using this application, individuals can share links with everyone. As a result, multiple users can work and edit on a unified file, saving time and improving teamwork efficiency.
  • Automatically save changes: When working on Google Sheets, employees will not have to worry about losing the entered data thanks to the feature that automatically saves changes on the sheet. Anyone with access can easily view the revision history and see who modified the data content. 
  • Can also be used on mobile phones.
Google Sheets is a useful tool that is completely free

Google Sheets is a useful tool that is completely free

Benefits of managing tasks with Google Sheets

Project management with Google Sheets brings many benefits to employees. For individuals and organizations, they can be mentioned as:

  • Easy to use: On Google sheets, there are many different templates suitable for each project from personal to professional.
  • Easy collaboration: One advantage of this application is that it can handle up to 100 users accessing data at the same time. 
  • Free to use: Google Sheets offers many utilities and is free for everyone.

How to effectively manage tasks with Google sheets

Some effective ways to manage tasks with Google sheets are:

  • Create a project plan
    • Start planning by creating a work breakdown spreadsheet work, open access, and sending links to team members. 
    • Increase the visibility of outstanding tasks and the level of completion by coloring. This way helps associates when accessing files easily find and understand their work. 
    • Google Sheets is linked to Email, so any changes to the above will be notified to the user's email.
Easily divide work for team members

Easily divide work for team members

  • Add users to edit work
    • Owners can give editing rights and access rights to other users to work together on a unified file.
    • For essential data that is not allowed to be edited, users can choose the content lock feature.
Support each other to edit data through the sharing feature

Support each other to edit data through the sharing feature

  • Organize information in a scientific way
    • The filter feature is equipped in Google sheets to help users easily filter or search for information. This feature saves time searching for data.
    • Users can divide different arrays of information into other sheets for easy management.
Selectively find important information easily

Selectively find important information easily

Task management templates using Google Sheets

Some templates in Google Sheets that you can apply to manage tasks in different areas will be listed in full and Attached download link below.

  • Monthly expense tracker template
    • Download link: Here
Monthly expense tracker template

Monthly expense tracker template

  • Project timeline template: This template helps you track the implementation and progress of the project.
Template timeline for project

Template timeline for the project

  • Gantt chart template: Gantt chart gives users a visual picture of project progress. 
Gantt chart template

Gantt chart template 

  • Project tracking dashboard template: 
Project tracking dashboard template

Project tracking dashboard template

  • Schedule template: Makes it easy to plan and follow Work frequency tracking. 
    • Download link: Here
Weekly schedule template

Weekly schedule template

  • CRM template: Helps businesses easily organize and update contact information for businesses. 
CRM Template supports customer relationship management

CRM Template supports customer relationship management

Besides the convenience that Google Sheets brings to users, this software also has disadvantages such as poor security, when there are too many people access is easy to overload, etc. To best manage the work, businesses should invest and choose software with high stability and security. 

One of the software chosen by many businesses is Viindoo. When using this software, managers will understand the situation and work progress of employees. Employees easily collaborate to perform tasks, operating on a single software.

Viindoo Project Management software brings high efficiency.Viindoo Project Management software brings high efficiency.

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So, Viindoo has fully introduced#basic information about project management with Google Sheets. Wish readers work productively with this free and useful tool. 

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Project management with Google Sheets quickly and effectively​
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