What is Servant leadership? Benefits of applying servant leadership.

What is Servant leadership and what benefits does it bring to corporate governance? Read the articlae of Viindoo today for an overview and secrets to becoming a proper servant leader!

What is Servant leadership?

Servant Leadership is a leadership philosophy in which the goal of the leader is to serve. This leadership philosophy is expressed when individuals interact with other individuals with the goal of achieving prestige rather than power. When applying this philosophy, the leader will have to help subordinates develop themselves and perform well.

Based on the above definition, a servant leader will be a person who is constantly looking for ways to assist his subordinates see their own abilities to have an effective promotion plan.

In fact, Servant leadership is a combination of behaviors and manners that leaders use to run the organization. Servant leadership is formed based on 04 criteria as follows:

  • Building and maintaining trust in their subordinates: The best way to help a leader build trust in subordinates is to always show honesty and reliability in words. From the employee's sight, they never hide anything, they are always ready to give up power, control, bonuses, or recognition.

  • Helping subordinates discover and develop their potential: Leaders always take advantage of their empathy and understanding for their subordinates. Then, they will be willing to support subordinates to find hidden strengths that facilitate their work.

  • Prioritizing the employee’s wishes over their own: A good organization is an organization like a big family, where there are individuals who are fulfilling their passions and developing themselves day by day. To do this, there is the constant willingness of the leaders, to help their subordinates, not be controlling, and do good things for the employees rather than for himself.

  • Learning to listen instead of focusing on commanding: A good leader will always choose to listen to the problems that subordinates are facing to find the best solution together. Along with that, they will never impose their thoughts on others.

What is the concept of Servant leadership?

What is the concept of Servant leadership?

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Distinguish between servant leadership and traditional leadership

Traditional Leaders 
Servant Leaders

Considering leadership as a hierarchy and a goal to be achievedConsidering leadership as an opportunity to serve and support others

Driving performance with authorityEmpowering subordinates to enhance interaction

Success is measured by outcomes
Success is measured along the career path

Commanding, and giving speeches are the main thing

Focusing on listening
Assuming themselves is the main reason leading to successInteraction, and support for each other are the main reason leading to success

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The role of Servant leadership in the business

Defining the project vision

Clearly defining the project vision through back-and-forth communication with clients and stakeholders is one of the core values ​​of servant leadership. Another value that “Servant Leadership” emphasizes is to ensure that employees' daily work keeps track of the project's direction.

Then, members will focus on completing project-oriented work. At the same time, stakeholders will have a clear understanding of the vision and eliminate work that interferes with the overall project's goal.

Determine the future of the project

 Determine the future of the project

Improve employee performance

"Servant Leadership" sets out criteria to intervene and limit problems that affect or disrupt work.

Such as:

  • Meetings that are not within the scope of the project;
  • Activities of companies and associations that are unnecessary;
  • Issues affecting the employees' work progress.
Focus on sustainable promotion of employee performance

Focus on sustainable promotion of employee performance

Remove obstacles

"Servant Leadership" refers to the removal of all obstacles - those that make work stagnate, avoiding affecting the contribution to the company.

Such as:

  • Eliminating unnecessary administrative procedures

  • Removing obstacles helps subordinates focus more on work, bringing higher values ​​to the project and to the business.

Actively participate in removing obstacles at work

Actively participate in removing obstacles at work

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Team development

With Servant Leadership, leadership is more than just giving orders. True leadership is the act by which a manager trains, and empowers subordinates so that they are able to use power in the right way. Coupled with that, employees will be given the opportunity to take responsibility for all their decisions.

Servant Leadership helps build team firmly

Servant Leadership helps build aa team firmly

Building Loyalty

Based on the philosophy of Servant Leadership, employees' desires are the top concern. Therefore, managers will encourage employees to make decisions, build and contribute to a common goal. Then, employees will become aware of their own importance in the organization, and in the long term, they will possess a stronger sense of loyalty.

Servant Leadership builds employee loyalty

Servant Leadership builds employee loyalty

Motivating employees to participate in business activities

Always creating conditions for subordinates to work freely is the way Servant leadership usually applies. Thanks to this way, employees will have a certain comfort and positivity in case they are assigned tasks deviating from the scope of work by their superiors.

Servant Leadership encourages employees to participate in all activities at the organization

Servant Leadership encourages employees to participate in all activities at the organization

Limit abuse of power

Once the Servant Leadership style is chosen, the leader will always be willing to give up his authority for the common goal. Problems of abuse and autocracy will be less happen. From there, businesses will possess a professional and civilized working environment.

Servant Leadership does not allow any abuse of power

Servant Leadership does not allow any abuse of power

Helps to adapt faster to environmental changes

Servant Leadership style will strengthen the role of employees in a comfortable working environment. As a result, employees will form the ability to adapt themselves to the working environment and bond more closely with their colleagues.

Servant Leadership helps employees promptly adapt to the working environment
Servant Leadership helps employees promptly adapt to the working environment

The secret to becoming a standard Servant leadership

As a 4.0 leader, you must be very interested and want to get more information of the secret to becoming a standard Servant leadership? Below, Viindoo will summarize 10 skills based on Larry Spears. Details are as follows:

  • Listening: Managers know how to listen to both words and unspoken thoughts to understand the spirit of the whole team.

  • Empathy: Empathy is accepting the unique personality of each employee and always thinking about things in a positive way.

  • Healing: Healing wounds helps to increase the connection between leaders and employees to find a “complete healing” together.

  • Awareness: If a manager is properly aware of himself and his surroundings, it will facilitate them to create strong bonds with their employees.

  • Persuasion: Instead of using power to coerce, Servant Leadership persuades their employees.

  • Conceptualization: Putting all the daily tasks into small actions in a journey closer to the big goal of the organization.

  • Foresight: Managers rely on the past and present to accurately predict future results.

  • Stewardship: All members of the organization play an important role in holding the organization to realize common social interests.

  • Commitment to the Growth of People: A leader who is deeply devoted to the personal, professional, and spiritual growth of each individual in his or her team.

  • Community building: Servant Leadership helps build an efficient, civilized, fair working community at the organization or in a locality.

List of 10 factors to become a Servant leadership

List of 10 factors to become a Servant leadership

Large enterprises apply Servant leadership

Currently, some large corporations in the world have successfully applied the Servant leader philosophy such as FedEx, Google, Starbucks, etc. This success has shown the real benefits of Servant Leadership for the development of the organization.


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International shipping company FedEx adopts Servant leadership

International shipping company FedEx adopts Servant leadership


At Google, all employees will be inspired by their managers to freely generate creative ideas and develop themselves. All Google employees also enjoy free services such as food services, transportation services, haircuts, etc.

Servant leadership at Google

Servant leadership at Google


Starbucks CEO - Mr. Howard Schultz chose the Servant leadership model. For him, by aligning the values ​​of shareholders and employees, the company will become greater and more prosperous.

The great benefits that a Starbucks employee experiences such as healthcare, college fee reimbursement, health care, stock purchases, participation in opinion forums, etc.

Starbucks is the leading F&B unit applying Servant leadership

Starbucks is the leading F&B unit applying Servant leadership

Through the article, Viindoo helped readers answer the question of what is Servant leadership, the role, and the benefits of this leadership method. If readers want to learn more about business and human resource management solutions, please immediately contact Viindoo via the hotline at 0225 730 9838 for free advice and support from staff!

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A servant leader possesses key characteristics such as empathy, humility, listening skills, a focus on others' needs, a commitment to personal growth, and a desire to serve and support their team.

Yes, servant leadership can be applied in various industries and organizations. It is a flexible leadership philosophy that can be adapted to different contexts and situations.

Practical strategies for developing servant leadership skills include active listening, practicing empathy, fostering open communication, delegating authority and responsibility, promoting collaboration and teamwork, providing growth and development opportunities for employees, and leading by example.

Some challenges of implementing servant leadership may include resistance to change from traditional leadership styles, the need for strong communication and decision-making skills to balance employee needs with organizational goals, and the potential for exploitation or misuse of the servant leader approach.

Can anyone become a servant leader, or are certain personality traits required?

While certain personality traits can facilitate the adoption of servant leadership, anyone can become a servant leader with the right mindset and commitment to developing the necessary skills. It requires a willingness to serve, support, and empower others, as well as continuous self-reflection and growth as a leader.

What is Servant leadership? Benefits of applying servant leadership.
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