What is HRBP? What are the key roles and responsibilities of HRBP?

What is HRBP? What role does this position play in the business? These are questions that many people who are just starting out in the HR field ask themselves. In this article, let's learn more about the roles and responsibilities of an HRBP, as well as the skills needed to be a successful HRBP.

What is HRBP?

What is HRBP? HRBP is an acronym for Human Resource Business Partner, ie Human Resources - business partner. This is an important position, which is considered by the enterprise as a senior position in the Human Resources department. This position is responsible for ensuring that HR processes, policies, and strategies all support and positively contribute to the organization's business.

HRBP is Human Resources Manager - business partnerHRBP is Human Resources Manager - business partner

The HRBP position gives businesses peace of mind because there is always a knowledgeable, experienced professional to help them solve complex problems in human resource management. Some of the benefits that businesses receive when having an HRBP are:

  • Regularly update changes in regulations on business development in domestic and foreign markets.
  • Help businesses track and handle tasks such as recruitment, training, salary evaluation, promotion, etc.
  • Handle difficult situations, such as termination, layoffs, leave, discrimination and harassment in the workplace, and employee conflicts.

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Distinguishing HR and HRBP

The two positions of HR and HRBP have significant differences in solving business problems. HR focuses on human resource management, while HRBP is a strategic partner supporting the organization to optimize human resources to develop business goals. The next section will present to you the difference between these two positions.

HR (Human Resources)
HR specialists

HRBP (Human Resource Business Partner)

Human resource management - business partners

The main task
Office and administrative tasksPlanning, implementing, and developing HR strategy
Specific work
C&B (Compensation and Benefit) - Manager of matters related to compensation and benefits
Policy development
Training human resources according to the company's regulations
Develop human resource strategy in line with business strategy
Organization of building and training the main and continuing staff in the company
Consulting on orientation and personnel mobilization in accordance with business practices with optimal cost and efficiency

5 important roles of HRBP

What is HRBP? What role does this position play? HRBP has 5 important roles for businesses. They are strategic partners, trainers, executive coordinators, problem solvers, and corporate branding. Learn more about these 5 roles right here:

  • Strategic Partners: HRBP is equipped with the strategic vision to identify problems early and run more efficient recruitment processes.
  • Employee Development and Coaching: Provide relevant expertise from the perspective of an HRBP to managers and employees.
  • Coordinating with management: Supporting the management team, always giving positive opinions to help shape the future of the business.
  • Responsible for problem-solving: This position will be responsible for changes and errors in the management process and finding ways to optimize the problem.
  • Corporate branding: HRBP is responsible for introducing and promoting the company's culture to human resources in order to attract talents and retain them to work for the company.
Learn about the role of HRBP in the businessLearn about the role of HRBP in the business

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What are the routines of HRBP?

With such a role, what is the role of HRBP in each business? ProfessionWhat is HRBP?? Let's find out the duties of HRBP right here:

  • Participate in meetings with partners to understand the difficulties and propose a reasonable HR strategy for each department. This result helps team leaders and department heads to have a premise to make appropriate strategic business decisions. In addition, HRBP also helps leaders develop plans and manage HR budgets.
  • Cooperate with other HR positions to analyze the job, and training needs of the company and establish an appropriate career development path for each HR unit. This roadmap needs to be designed and adjusted to suit the tasks of each department. Once agreed upon by the leaders, HRBP will implement the plan and report the results.
  • Design KPI system (work performance evaluation) and guide periodic evaluation along with OD/C&B. After the assessment, HRBP develops a reward policy in stages.
  • Observe, listen, and receive information from employees to understand their needs and difficulties, then advise and support them, ensuring employees are satisfied with the company.
  • Generate HR reports for each unit on a monthly basis or at the request of superiors.
HRBP is a position that handles a lot of important business tasksHRBP is a position that handles a lot of important business tasks

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Skills required to become HRBP

Unlike other administrative positions, HRBP focuses on strategic direction and change management for the future of the business. Therefore, businesses always require a perfect profile for this position. Let's find out the skills required in an HRBP:

  • Business platform:
    • Comprehensive understanding of the organization's hierarchy, job roles, and HR practices
    • Master problem-solving skills such as compensation, employee relations, organizational change, and performance management.
    • Knowledge of labor laws and labor regulations.
    • Having expertise on other topics makes communicating with leaders from different business units more effective.
  • Expertise:
    • Possessing a degree related to an HRBP position is a big plus in the eyes of employers.
    • Certified by the Human Resource Management Association. This organization offers a variety of professional certifications for this position.
  • Qualification: Equip yourself with important skills such as:
    • Problem-solving
    • Time management
    • Strategic leadership
    • Research and project management
    • Proficient in digital and data analytics.
    • Always ready to learn and improve knowledge.
  • Personal skills:
    • Communicate effectively and have a strong network
    • Comprehensive cooperation
    • Inspiring Leadership
    • The ability to drive change
    • Coaching/mentoring skills
    • Actively listen
    • Ability to recognize talent
    • Ensure the security of business information
The position requires many important skills to run the job wellThe position requires many important skills to run the job well

Career path and salary of HRBP

Advancement route Typical for HRBP are:

(HR Business Partner) HR Business Partner - (Senior HR Business Partner) Senior HR Business Partner - Head HR Business Partner - HR Director ) and finally Chief Human Resources Officer.

Given the special nature of the job, HRBP requires specialized knowledge, communication skills, and holistic thinking. Therefore, the average salary of this position is usually quite high, but it depends on many factors such as experience, responsibility, and geographical location of the personnel. In Vietnam, the average salary of HRBP managers is around 46 million/month, equivalent to about 550 million per year (according to Vietnamworks).

Promotion opportunities of HR managers - business partners are very openPromotion opportunities for HR managers - business partners are very open

What is HRBP? This is an important position that requires extensive professional knowledge, management skills, and strategic thinking. HRBP jobs can offer attractive salaries and high career advancement opportunities in the industry. If readers are looking for a position in the field of human resources, HRBP could be an option worth considering. Hope the above article of Viindoo provided useful information.

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Examples of HR initiatives include employee engagement programs, diversity and inclusion initiatives, performance management systems, and talent development programs.

HRBPs are typically hired by medium to large-sized companies across various industries. These companies recognize the strategic value of HR and seek to align their human resources functions with their business objectives. 

Industries such as technology, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and professional services commonly employ HRBPs. However, the presence of HRBPs can vary depending on the organization's size, structure, and HR needs.

Generally, HRBPs require several years of HR experience and a combination of technical and soft skills. However, some companies may have entry-level HRBP roles available for candidates with less experience.

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