Develop a roadmap for promotion and Career development for employees

Career development is a factor that helps employees identify career orientation, promotion, and development in the future. Once their knowledge and skills are fully equipped, employees will support the business to thrive. In the following article, Viindoo will help businesses learn the most detailed information to build career development for employees.

What is career development?

Career development is the orientation for the development of the personal capabilities of an employee in the enterprise. This roadmap will assist in mapping out short-term, long-term goals, and stages of development in an employee's career. With Career development for employees, employees in the company can visualize how to develop their career path.

Career development

The promotion path is the orientation to develop the personal capabilities of employees

Benefits of building a career development path

Attract talent

A successful business that succeeds in building career development paths for employees will improve its image and position in the market, thereby attracting talent better. As a result, highly qualified employees will want to attach and cooperate with the company for a long time.

Career development for employees

The promotion path helps the company attract and retain talent

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Improve engagement and productivity

Once there is a specific promotion path, each employee will know what he or she needs to do to achieve the set goals. As a result, the staff will work more productively and strive to improve themselves. This leads to improvement in business performance.

Career developmentImprove work productivity

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Reduce employee turnover rate

If the business cannot build career development specifically for employees, stagnation and loss of motivation at work will often occur. In the long run, the fact that employees do not stick around for a long time will increase the turnover rate and cost of recruitment and training for new hires.

In the long term, the lack of stability in the staff will affect the sustainable development of the business. Therefore, if a company has a long-term vision for strong development, it will have to find a way to retain employees and build a quality team.

Promotion roadmap template

The promotion route will help reduce the employee turnover rate

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Diversify leadership team

Enterprises should pay attention to incubating talents from within the enterprise. These employees are the foundation on which to build a dynamic, diverse leadership team. At the same time, this is also a solution to reduce the cost of recruiting staff for C-level positions.

Career development

Diverse leadership team

The process of building a career roadmap for employees

Update the business organization chart

A specific business structure diagram will show the hierarchy and relationships between positions in the business. The structure of the business can be flat, traditional, or anything else. The following questions are the basis for businesses to adjust the structure diagram accordingly.

  • Does the company plan to develop more products and services?
  • Does the company expand the market?
  • Do you need to add any teams/departments that the company does not have?

Build job description for each position in the roadmap

After completing the organization chart, the enterprise needs to build a specific job description for each position in the company structure. This description should include the key responsibilities, skills, and qualifications required. At the same time, it is necessary to identify KPIs to evaluate the performance of the HR department. Pay attention to considering employees with high performance in each role and position.

Create a roadmap for promotion

A clear promotion roadmap will help employees better understand their roles and positions in the business. This is the basis for creating a career development orientation program for the staff.

Develop a career development roadmap for employees

The promotion roadmap framework will help employees better understand their position in the company

In the process of building a career development roadmap for employees, managers should also consider the possibility of employee rotation to other positions. This is a way for both businesses and employees to find the most suitable path to unlock their potential.

Develop a staff training program

If the business has not invested much in training its staff, now is the right time for planning to do it. The combination of training programs, vertical employee development, and a business plan is also a way to motivate employees to develop in the process of building their promotion path.

As a result, employees can effectively apply the knowledge they have learned in practice. From there, businesses can create a training culture with a difference from their competitors.

How to link career development path with HR

Conduct a survey for thoughts and opinions of

Start the career development path with surveys of the thoughts and opinions of employees. This will help businesses gain specific insights into employees' goals, personal orientation, motivations, and current abilities. From there, businesses will get initial information to evaluate and analyze the skills that need to be developed for each different position.

Hold a 1-1 meeting to understand the development orientation

One-on-one meetings should be held so that managers can better understand the career orientation of each candidate. Businesses should listen and give g constructive opinions. These orientations are an important factor to build effective Career development for employees.

Career development

One-on-one meeting

Consider the "touch point" between the desires of employees and the direction of the business

All businesses have limited resources and cannot meet all the needs of their employees. Therefore, instead of making too many commitments and promises to employees, managers should take the time to learn the commonalities between employees and the company on their career path.

Career development path

Find the touch-points of employees and businesses

Share tips for career development

Enterprises should let employees know the reason why the business is building career development. At the same time, managers also need to emphasize the company’s commitment to investing in the sustainable development of the team. Since then, all employees feel they are cared for, respected, motivated to work, and develop in the long term.

Common mistakes when building a career development

Make empty promises

Enterprises should not promise too much to employees about uncertain things. If promises cannot be kept, this can cause employees to lose belief in the organization. Enterprises should also not commit to employee benefits that the company cannot apply in the short term.

The best thing that businesses and managers can do for employees is to help them in the working process and motivate them to develop their best abilities. From there, employees can devote themselves to the development of the business in general and personal development in particular.

Be responsible for employee's promotion route

Managers should not take full responsibility for implementing the career development plan for employees. Let employees be proactive with their plans and career development.

Career development

Let your employees take charge of development themself

Managers should only create favorable conditions for employees to self-improve and develop their careers. At the same time, managers should also encourage employees to set goals for their own career path development process instead of doing it for employees themselves.

Invest too many resources and time

When focusing too much time and resources on supporting employees to develop according to the set roadmap, managers will not be able to perform their tasks well. This will lead to difficulties for managers when working and managing projects, adversely affecting the overall goals of the business.

Through the above article, Viindoo has compiled the most detailed information about the construction process career development for effective employees in the enterprise. Hopefully, the article will partly help businesses build an effective career path for their employees. Moreover, enterprises could apply software such as Viindoo HR Skills Framework to build a career development path for employees.

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Develop a roadmap for promotion and Career development for employees
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