360 ​degree employee assessment: How to Implement

360 degree employee assessment is one of the most general methods of employee evaluation. In the content of the article below, Viindoo will help readers better understand the role and how to implement this assessment method.

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What is a 360 degree employee assessment?

360 degree employee assessment is a process by which employees receive reviews, unbiased comments, and anonymous feedback from those around them. These people can be managers, superiors, colleagues or can also be subordinates of the employee being evaluated. 

360 degree personnel evaluation

360 degree personnel evaluation

In addition, this evaluation method is also one of the effective tools for human resource development, especially for individuals who do not hold managerial roles. In other words, the 360 degree employee assessment method will help employees work more effectively, and managers work more responsibly.

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The role of the 360 degree employee assessment method

Get feedback from colleagues

When using the 360 degree employee assessment, businesses will be able to address the concerns of employees within the company when commenting on others publicly. In order for everyone to be able to give honest feedback and unbiased comments on how colleagues are doing, this method provides a secure rating system with confidentiality and anonymity for users. 

Personnel will receive feedback from colleagues when applying the 360 ​​assessment method

Personnel will receive feedback from colleagues when applying the 360 ​​assessment method

Receive feedback from many sources 

Managers should not allow employees to receive feedback from one source of comments. In fact, the employees should receive evaluation from as many people as possible. Only then will new employees truly believe in the evaluation results. 

Managers need to carefully consider the evaluation scale

Feedback from various sources will be more comprehensive and reliable.

Obtain objective information on staff skills

The results of 360 degree employee assessment method will be aggregated with opinions of employees from different people. Therefore, this method will give managers an objective assessment of the capacity, attitude and behavior of those who are evaluated.

The 360-degree assessment method helps businesses get objective information about the skills of their employees.

The 360 degree assessment method helps businesses get objective information about the skills of their employees.

Support employees to develop a personal development plan

Through objective assessment data and information, this method will allow employees to clearly see their own strengths and weaknesses. From there, they will be able to build their own effective personal development plan.

The 360-degree evaluation method will support personnel in building a personal development plan

The 360 degree evaluation method will support personnel in building a personal development plan

Disadvantages of the 360 degree assessment method

Besides the advantages, 360 degree employee assessment also has some limitations that managers need to be concerned about. 

Role paradox

It is certain that not everyone is willing to give accurate and unbiased judgments to their colleagues. Feedback will be made public anonymously, no one will know the true identity of the reviewer. 

However, if given a negative assessment, employees will still have anxiety and some kind of reluctance. In particular, in cases where that feedback is credited for official rewards or even used to penalize a coworker, this becomes even more difficult.

Therefore, it can be affirmed that the reviews from colleagues in the same business will often be overly positive, the results are easily distorted. Sometimes these assessments do not even accurately reflect the employee's performance level.

Managers need to carefully consider the evaluation scale

Evaluation by 360 method will cause a role paradox 

Paradox of group activities

A fairly common phenomenon nowadays is that when it comes to criticization, people tend to point to a certain individual. Therefore, if a team is not performing well, members will often criticize each other and blame a particular individual for the failure.

Managers need to carefully consider the evaluation scale

360 degree evaluation can create a sense of distrust for the team

Measurement paradox

Objectively, a 360 degree employee evaluation will be able to help managers get the most accurate conclusions. But in fact, the application of this evaluation method sometimes does not provide appropriate comments and assessments for personnel to gain useful experiences and advice to improve themselves.

Reward paradox

The short-term evaluation of employees can help them learn from their experiences, improve their weaknesses, and at the same time improve the effectiveness of their work. But in the long run, this will cause employees to only care about whether the results of the evaluation will help them get rewarded or punished instead of focusing on the constructive, developmental comments from colleagues.

The evaluation of employees is the basis for deciding their reward/punishment level

The evaluation of employees is the basis for deciding their reward/punishment level

How to implement 360 degree human resource assessment

About the purpose

360 degree evaluation method is applied to help employees get sincere feedback and useful suggestions to improve work efficiency. In addition, when participating in the peer evaluation process, employees will also be aware of their responsibilities. 

The 360 ​​evaluation method can give useful and timely suggestions to employees

The 360 ​​evaluation method can give useful and timely suggestions to employees

In terms of scale

If conducting employee evaluations quickly, the effectiveness will be less. Besides, if employees don't feel how this feedback and evaluation affects themselves, it will certainly be difficult for them to seriously consider improvement. Therefore, choosing the right assessment scale is something that leaders need to pay attention to first.

Managers need to carefully consider the evaluation scale

Managers need to carefully consider the evaluation scale 

Problems arising when applying the 360 degree evaluation method

When applying the 360 degree employee assessment method, the following problems arise, directly affecting the final result.

  • Employees do not receive a response from their immediate superiors. 
  • The evaluation questions are still problematic, unclear and not really complete.
  • After the assessment has taken place, businesses often do not provide plans to update the situation in reality, or if so, it will only be done once.

To overcome the above problems, enterprises need to use technology and human resource management software to evaluate employees. Currently, Viindoo Employee Assessment System is one of the most commonly used HR software to support employee evaluation in many large enterprises. This software will help businesses manage the work of their staff in the most comprehensive and effective way.

Viindoo HRM will help businesses evaluate personnel more effectively through the following features:

  • Support for personnel evaluation according to the skill framework of the job position
  • Support to manage the working hours of personnel by timekeeping tool
  • Integrate training planning tool for each job position

Through the above article, we have compiled for readers information about the 360 degree  employee assessment. If readers are in need of advice on human resource assessment and management solutions, do not hesitate to contact Viindoo at hotline 02257309838 for support from our staff.


The different types of 360-degree evaluations include upward feedback (from subordinates to managers), peer feedback (from colleagues), self-assessment (individual's self-reflection), and customer feedback (from clients or customers). These diverse perspectives provide a comprehensive assessment of an individual's performance.

The frequency of conducting 360-degree evaluations may vary based on organizational needs, but it is common for organizations to conduct them annually or biennially. This timeframe allows for regular feedback cycles and enables individuals to track their progress and development over time.

Yes, managers can use 360-degree evaluations as a valuable tool for performance appraisals. By gathering feedback from multiple sources, including peers, subordinates, and other stakeholders, managers can gain a comprehensive understanding of an individual's performance and make more informed decisions during the appraisal process.

Yes, 360-degree evaluations can be adapted and implemented in various industries. While the specific feedback criteria may vary, the underlying concept of gathering multiple perspectives on an individual's performance and development is applicable across industries, making it a versatile and valuable tool for assessing employee effectiveness and fostering growth.

Organizations can ensure the anonymity of feedback in 360-degree evaluations by implementing certain measures. They can use online survey platforms that hide the respondent's identity, remove identifiable information from comments, aggregate feedback from multiple sources, and provide clear communication on the confidentiality and non-attribution of responses to encourage honest and open feedback.

360 ​degree employee assessment: How to Implement
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