What is Onboarding? The process of implementing effective onboarding

What is Onboarding? How to implement the Onboarding process in the business effectively? What is Onboarding in HR? What is the difference between HR Onboarding and Customer Onboarding? All these questions will be answered by Viindoo in the following article.

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What is Onboarding?

Onboarding is the process of integrating new employees, helping them learn and get acquainted with the business. This integration training process helps new employees have the opportunity to interact and become familiar with the company culture, and better understand how to carry out work effectively. In particular, this process also helps businesses build trust with new employees. 

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What is onboarding process?

Onboarding process is the process by which new employees integrate into the company. Usually, the onboarding process last from one, to two days to a few weeks, or even a few months. Onboarding process implementation will take place from recruitment to understanding company culture and overview of the business. After that, the new personnel will get acquainted with the old employees and the manager before proceeding to receive the job

Viindoo HRM software helps businesses build a more professional integration process

Onboarding is the process of training and integrating new personnel in the enterprise

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What is the difference between HR Onboarding and Customer Onboarding?

Despite the similar name, HR Onboarding and Customer Onboarding are two different concepts:

 HR Onboarding

Customer Onboarding

This is the process of helping new employees integrate with the business internally.

Customer Onboarding is the process of approaching and welcoming customers, making it easy for them to access and learn about products and services.

HR Onboarding goes through 4 steps as follows:

- Prepare for Onboarding.

- Perform welcome of new employees.

- Support staff training depends on each specific position.

- Provide full equipment, employee handbook as well as specific work instructions for each employee

Customer Onboarding process usually consists of 3 simple steps:

- Welcome customers, taking customers on tours

- Introduce products and services of the business.

- Give detailed instructions on how to use each product or service of the enterprise.

Benefits for businesses when applying Onboarding

Currently, Onboarding is applied quite popularly in many Vietnamese and foreign businesses because it brings many benefits as follows:

Increasing employee engagement

A Gallup study showed that attachment to the business is shown through the affection, the connection between them and their colleagues. Therefore, businesses should create conditions for new employees to get to know everyone through the onboarding process.

Viindoo HRM software helps businesses build a more professional integration process

Building an effective Onboarding process to help improve employee cohesion

Enterprises can bring all employees together by announcing welcome or organizing some programs to facilitate new employees with familiarization. Besides, enterprises can have all employees connect with each other through some training activities on vision and mission.

Improving employee experience

It can be said that the current human resource market is facing fierce competition. Talented people will be more interested in the working environment and spiritual values of the business than in previous generations. So, if the new employee does not have a good experience or is not satisfied with the business, they can leave at any time.

Therefore, building an effective Onboarding process makes employees excited and motivated to improve work efficiency. From there, new employees will bring value to the business in the long run.

Viindoo HRM software helps businesses build a more professional integration process

Onboarding enhances the new employee's experience

Retaining talent

Some surveys show that the number of employees who quit after the first 3 months of employment accounts for ⅓ of the company's employees. At the same time, average businesses are likely to spend the equivalent of 150% of the vacant position’s salary to train new talent. These numbers show that the ineffective new human resource integration process will greatly affect the overall situation of the business. 

In addition, the situation of trainees leaving work too much will affect the morale of other employees. Therefore, businesses need to consider building and improving the onboarding process more effectively to retain talent.

Attracting talent

In order to attract quality talent, businesses need to build a good recruitment branding. However, the absence of a standard and professional integration process will affect the recruitment branding, thereby making it more difficult for businesses to recruit actively.

Viindoo HRM software helps businesses build a more professional integration process

Building an effective integration process to help businesses retain talent

In addition, social networks can open up many opportunities for businesses to find employees as well as increase brand recognition. Through social networks, employees can share experiences at the enterprise and communicate the brand to new talent.

Promote company culture

Corporate culture is a factor affecting whether employees want to stick with the company or not. Therefore, leaders should build a good culture to attract talent.

Improve work performance

Normally, new employees will need some time to get used to the job and integrate with the business. Therefore, the organization needs to put in place an employee training strategy to help reduce the time to get acquainted as well as increase work productivity. In addition, allowing qualified employees to work in the right professionals will help businesses avoid the problem of wasting time in training.

Viindoo HRM software helps businesses build a more professional integration process

Effective onboarding helps to improve the working efficiency of new employees 

Onboarding process in enterprises

Pre-Onboarding stage

Pre-Onboarding is a stepping stone for enterprises to build an Onboarding process. The main purpose of the Onboarding process is to provide a great experience for new employees before joining an organization or business. At the same time, this is also the first step for the enterprise to attract and retain talents that will stick with the company for a long time.

The process of Pre-Onboarding in a business usually begins right after the employee accepts the job offer. At this time, managers need to implement some welcome activities such as:

  • Invite new employees to visit the company or branch.
  • Send letters, and emails about organization information, benefits, or company documents to employees.
  • Send gift sets, and care packages for new employees (welcome kit). These gift sets can be gifts with company logos or costumes for employees.
  • Connect a new employee with a colleague on the first day of work to assist in understanding and answering the rules and questions on the first day of work.
Viindoo HRM software helps businesses build a more professional integration process

 Enterprises will conduct emails about job information in the Pre-Onboarding phase

Orientation stage

Orientation phase is the process of welcoming new employees to join the company's team. At this stage, the manager will introduce new employees to the teams to familiarize themselves with working methods and corporate culture. Through this, new personnel will be able to better understand the organization. Then, the manager will introduce the necessary information to the new employee.

Activities to welcome new employees are usually organized according to the size of the business. However, the basic process of welcoming new employees should be divided into sections as follows:

  • Human Resources Department: The task of the HR department is to complete the paperwork for new employees. In addition, the human resources department will provide specific working times for employees, introduce an overview of the history, background, and organization chart, and lead new employees to visit the business.
  • Training Department: The unit responsible for building training programs, and providing integrated accounts for personnel. In addition, the training department is responsible for guiding the organizational culture as well as the goals of the business.
  • Manager: This is the person who is specifically responsible for the work of the new employee. Therefore, managers need to discuss this in detail and assign specific jobs to new employees. Then, the manager introduces the new employee to other members, considering the role and relationship in the department.
  • Colleagues: These are the people that new employees can easily approach to inquire and learn at work. Colleagues will share how to work as a team, how to get things done, how to find tools, equipment, or places when you need help.
  • Mentors, close friends: These people take on the role of introducing new members to other team members, answering daily questions, and assisting in reviewing company rules or policies.

Note, this is the stage in which new employees are easily overloaded with information. Therefore, businesses need to consider the implementation time of this phase lasts from a few days to a week.

Viindoo HRM software helps businesses build a more professional integration process

 Orientation phase needs to be implemented from a few days to a week

Role-Specific Training Stage

This is a job-specific training phase so that employees can grasp the job as well as the necessary knowledge to complete the task well. Through this stage, enterprises can assess the capacity and skills of personnel in general. Thereby, managers will be able to provide training and development directions in accordance with the capacity of personnel. 

Some content that the training phase should ensure to provide:

  • Tasks, responsibilities of employees.
  • Platform, tools that HR can use.
  • Course, business-related account to study.
Viindoo HRM software helps businesses build a more professional integration process

 Job-specific personnel training

Ongoing Support Phase

This is the final stage of the Onboarding process in an enterprise. At this stage, the manager should share a common goal of working with the new employee. Then, each new member will set personal goals to accomplish the collective work. Managers can help employees set personal goals and assist with goal setting and development. 

In addition, the job picture as well as the development orientation to achieve work performance also need to be outlined through the goals. Moreover, managers also need to evaluate employee quality periodically on a yearly, monthly, or quarterly basis. From there, the enterprise will come up with policies to reward employees for good achievements.

Viindoo HRM software helps businesses build a more professional integration process

New personnel need support in setting goals in Ongoing Support

Solutions to optimize the Onboarding process with Viindoo HRM

Businesses who want to implement an effective Onboarding process can refer to recruitment management system Viindoo HRM. This is considered an effective solution to support the management and training of personnel in the enterprise.  

Viindoo HRM software integrates functions of OKRs, recruitment, training plan development, etc on the same system. In particular, this software supports analyzing and making reports to evaluate the performance of personnel. As a result, managers will have an overview and more detailed assessment of the working capacity of each employee.

Viindoo HRM software helps businesses build a more professional integration process

 Viindoo HRM software helps businesses build a more professional integration process

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The above article has helped readers explain what is Onboarding and the benefits of building an effective HR integration process. If businesses are looking for a software to support in the process of employee integration and training, they can refer to Viindoo HRM solution. Businesses can call the hotline number 02257309838 to get more detailed advice from our staff about this software.

What is Onboarding? The process of implementing effective onboarding
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