What is Applicant tracking system? Recruiting candidates in the 4.0 era

Currently, Applicant Tracking System plays an important role in the management of human resource recruitment in enterprises. The following article of Viindoo will provide you with useful information about applicant tracking software.

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What is Applicant tracking system?

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a management system focused on recruiting personnel trusted and used by many businesses today. This applicant tracking system is a form of software that applies the most advanced technologies to optimize and thoroughly solve recruitment problems.

Although Applicant Tracking System has many similarities with CRM customer management system, CRM only applies to business activities - Marketing. For ATS, it is applied in the field of recruitment of corporate personnel. However, the Applicant Tracking System always follows a basic process as follows:

  • Use exclusion questions:

When a candidate applies for a job through the company's portal, they will usually be asked to answer a number of questions that are required by the company's recruitment strategy. The purpose of these “direct questions” is to narrow down the pool of potential candidates.

In case, the candidates do not answer the requirements set out earlier from the employer, the candidate's profile will be flagged or automatically rejected by the application screening software. If the candidate's answer is approved, the CV will be moved to the next stage of application screening.

Purpose when applying ATS in the recruitment process

Applicant Tracking System is a management system for human resource recruitment

  • Screening resumes by keywords:

To screen resumes in recruitment management software, employers will search for skills or titles related to the position to be recruited right from the time of creating a job description. Because keywords play a very important role in the working mechanism of the Applicant Tracking System.

Applicant tracking software will analyze, store and organize candidate information by keywords. As a result, businesses can easily search for skills/character keywords related to the position they are recruiting for and filter out candidates who use that keyword in their resumes.

However, in case the candidate does not have the correct term in his resume, it may be removed by the software. Employers need to take a closer look at each profile to make the most accurate decisions.

  • Ranking for suitable resumes:

Applicant tracking system can also compare resumes with job descriptions. Through it, candidates will be ranked based on the relevance of the CV (Resume) applying for the job. As a result, employers will be able to focus on the top-ranked candidates instead of reading through each CV.

Software vendors allow businesses to experience products before purchasing.

Keyword is an important factor in the Applicant Tracking System.

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Advantages of Applicant Tracking System (ATS) compared to traditional Spreadsheet

ATS software is favored by many businesses and is an advanced recruitment solution thanks to its great features. By increasing the efficiency of the candidate screening process, companies can achieve success in their recruitment of good candidates. This management tool is known for its outstanding advantages compared to traditional Spreadsheet which are:

Applicant Tracking System

  • Automatically capture data to help employers save time.
  • Avoid data loss and errors.
  • Improve communication with users through notifications or auto-suggestion.
  • ATS is cloud-based. Therefore, the storage and exchange of information is not limited.
  • Information when updating on this software is always kept confidential.

Traditional Spreadsheet

  • No automatic acquisition of new data.
  • Lack of user interaction.
  • Spreadsheet makes data spread.
  • Spreadsheet works only on Offline platform. Therefore, the exchange of information will be much limited.
Purpose when applying ATS in the recruitment process

Information when entered into the ATS software is always confidential.

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Benefits of using Applicant Tracking Software for businesses

In the current technological context, applying technology to businesses will bring higher productivity than usual. Therefore, applicant tracking software for businesses has the following benefits:

  • ATS software supports the process of business expansion:

The larger the enterprise size, the larger the amount of data and the more complex it becomes. This leads to communication problems between job applicants and employers. ATS is known to be a system with very scientific storage and management capabilities. From there, the recruitment team will easily solve recruitment-related issues as quickly as possible. 

  • Increases employer performance:

When using Applicant Tracking System, recruiting has never been easier with features such as interview management or candidate evaluation and automatic recruitment report generation.

  • ATS helps to improve the candidate experience:

When you save time for the recruiting team, it means more time to communicate with candidates better. In addition, candidate tracking software also helps to simplify the recruitment process. Moreover, ATS will support automatically communicate with candidates via Email feedback or Chatbot, etc.

  • ATS software supports recruiting management transparently:

ATS will save the entire history of communication between employers and candidates. From there, all information about candidates as well as the recruitment process is transparent and clear. In addition, reports can be generated automatically and quickly with complete metrics. As a result, managers will capture deeper parameters of hiring performance.

Purpose when applying ATS in the recruitment process

ATS has the ability to store the entire history of communication between employers and candidates

Basic features of the ATS - applicant tracking system

Applicant tracking software is known for being a multi-functional application. At the same time, ATS is an effective support tool for many businesses today. So what are the basic features of the applicant tracking system? Take a look at the content in detail below.

Manage the recruitment process

The recruitment process is actually very complicated and it takes many steps to find the right candidate for the business. Therefore, a system to manage this process is essential. ATS software will help businesses optimize recruitment work as well as avoid unnecessary errors. 

One of the outstanding advantages of this software is to make the recruitment process lean and flexible. Besides, the user-friendly interface system makes it easy for businesses to apply to the organization. The process will be automated from creating application forms and promoting jobs to announcing candidates' applications.

Set up sources and manage candidate data automatically

One of the steps that wastes time and increases recruitment time is the manual data entry process to generate the right candidate pool. This is a very wasteful job and affects the recruitment time as well as the productivity of the business.

ATS is one of the software that automates the recruitment process. Now, businesses do not need to worry about dry manual methods. By Applicant Tracking System will have integration with social networking sites and job postings. All information about candidates will be exchanged, contact will be recorded automatically. This will help businesses save time as well as maximum recruitment costs.

Purpose when applying ATS in the recruitment process

Candidate information and communications are automatically recorded.

Collaborative recruitment

Every candidate can participate in the recruitment process and be evaluated accurately and objectively. At any stage of the interview, the candidate and the interview panel are also notified by ATS software of the time and appointment scheduled quickly and promptly.

On the software ATS allows users to monitor recruitment activities right at the interface of the software. Problems such as communication errors or interruptions in information will be minimized and ensure the best recruitment quality.

Recruiting cooperation

In addition to direct support for recruitment, ATS also helps businesses manage their recruitment process. Besides, ATS also automatically measures candidate metrics over time as well as round conversion and gives appropriate reports. Then, leaders and managers can make the correct decisions to select the most suitable candidate.

SmartRecruiters recruitment software

ATS has the ability to automatically measure the number of candidates in real time

Criteria for choosing the right Applicant Tracking System software for your business

In order for employers to choose the most suitable HR software for their needs, Viindoo would like to present a Checklist with the following criteria:

  • Have an understanding of your business:

What departments does the business currently have? What strengths and weaknesses does the business have? How is recruitment going and what are the results?

Purpose when applying ATS in the recruitment process

Have basic information about your business

  • Purpose when using Applicant Tracking System software:

When choosing a recruitment software, the most important thing is to understand what the recruiting team needs. At the same time, people can ask questions to find their own answers such as:

    • Review the recruitment process
      • The recruitment process and work directly related to the employer will be recorded.
      • The best period that business performing? 
      • The 3rd party services (recruitment sites, social networks, ..) that Business cooperate with? 
      • The time that these steps took place?
    • Identify current deficiencies
      • What are the problems that recruiters face?
      • Where and what does the employer spend most of their time?
      • What features are missing to make the hiring process smoother and more efficient?
    • Define a list of requirements for ATS software
      • What would be the criteria for a perfect ATS?
      • What features are must-haves and which should be?
Purpose when applying ATS in the recruitment process

Purpose when applying ATS in the recruitment process

  • Determine who will use the system
    • What is the number of people accessing the system? Who are those?
    • What are the future goals of your business? From there, in the future, how will the number of employees change?
  • Consider the budget factor of the business
    • What is the company's ability to pay for an ATS system?
  • Research
    • Refer to Website Reviews about ATS as well as similar recruitment software providers. Through that, businesses will find software capable of matching their needs.
    • Schedule a Demo with parties to better understand the features included in that software.
    • In the Demo session, the participation of recruiters is required. These are the people who will regularly use this software on a daily basis.
  • Get Demo of recruitment software:

If businesses are in need of software, they are allowed to use the trial version of the software before deciding whether to buy the software or not. Businesses can make an appointment to see what advantages the software has to help them and make a reasonable decision.

  • Ask software vendors before making a decision:

After determining the exact needs of the recruiting team, there is a basis for choosing recruitment software. However, to be able to choose a suitable application, you can refer to the set of questions Viindoo suggests to pose to that software provider. Immediately after that based on the answer to make a final decision.

Software vendors allow businesses to experience products before purchasing.

Software vendors allow businesses to experience products before purchasing.

The most effective Applicant Tracking System software available today

In the current digital transformation era, there are many Applicant tracking system on the market. Here is some software that is being favored by businesses.

Recruitment Management Software Viindoo Recruitment

Human resource management software Viindoo Recruitment is a recruitment management software trusted by many businesses today. The software allows users to manage, collaborate, and report recruitment plans in the enterprise. In addition, Viindoo Recruitment software is also integrated with related applications on the same platform for comprehensive recruitment management.

applicant tracking system

All-In-One Recruitment Software


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So what are the advantages and outstanding features that Viindoo Recruitment recruitment management software possesses that is trusted by many businesses? Here are the preeminent features to help your business manage recruitment simply and professionally:

  • Ability to translate by multilingual recruitment software;
  • Ability to link data with the internal recruitment management system of the Enterprise;
  • Ability to customize the interface arbitrarily;
  • Ability to be compatible with many devices such as computers and tablets,..;
  • Ability to update exactly where the candidate source comes from, from which campaign;
  • Ability to create contacts automatically associated with candidate profiles when clicking the apply button on the Website;
  • Ability to quickly and fully update candidate information;
  • Ability to store all records in one system and easily find them back in case the candidate re-applies;
  • Ability to filter candidate profiles by the following criteria such as education, address, skills...
  • Ability to send an email automatically to the candidate at the end of the interview to report the results.
  • Ability to simple implement, just press the mouse button, the candidate information into the employee's profile.

Oracle Taleo Profile Screening Software

Oracle Taleo is one of the best Applicant Tracking System recruitment software available today. Oracle Taleo software is cloud-based and has the ability to automate the recruitment process. From there, employers can adjust to suit their business. Oracle Taleo software is improved with features such as:

  • Ability to makes the recruitment process easier;
  • Ability to link to social networking sites. From there, businesses will be introduced to the source of candidates;
  • Ability to access automatically data anywhere;
Oracle Taleo works on cloud-based

Oracle Taleo works on cloud-based

SmartRecruiters candidate tracking system

SmartRecruiters software is a good choice for businesses. This software allows employers to find suitable candidates thanks to the built-in and designed assessment tool. Moreover, the communication with candidates is simpler and faster. And here are some outstanding features that this software possesses:

  • The Employers can track candidates' profiles and exchange content.
  • The software supports the selection and search of the most suitable candidate for the business.
  • The cards are always personalized to help managers coordinate a group of talented candidates.
  • The software creates a library of templates aimed at reinforcing a consistent recruitment process according to the company's established motto.
SmartRecruiters recruitment software

SmartRecruiters recruitment software


  • Follow conventional section titles when labeling your work experience and education sections.
  • Utilize standard fonts to avoid any issues with automatic text scanning (ATS). Certain modern fonts may convert letters into special characters, leading to inaccurate scanning results.

In contrast to the visually appealing, tailored-for-human modern CV, which features a fresh and crisp design, infographics, and colors, the ATS CV takes a completely different approach. The ATS CV is simple, traditional, and may be perceived as "boring," but it effectively fulfills its purpose.

How do I pass my CV through ATS?

  • Include keywords. 
  • Format your CV correctly.
  • Include specific qualifications. 
  • Avoid the fluff.
  • Use clear job titles.
  • Clean up your social media presence. 
  • Save your CV in plain text. 
  • Request a free ATS scan.

The above article is a summary of all the detailed information about the Applicant Tracking System as well as the benefits of ATS. Hopefully, by the above article, businesses have understood more about the software as well as choosing the proper software. If you have any questions, you can contact Viindoo directly for timely support.

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What is Applicant tracking system? Recruiting candidates in the 4.0 era
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