What is Employee Engagement? How to improve Employee interaction​

What is Employee Engagement? How to improve the interaction with the enterprise's personnel? What are the benefits of improving the employee engagement factor in the business? All these problems will be answered by Viindoo in the article below.

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What is Employee Engagement?

Employment engagement is a concept that describes an employee's commitment, enthusiasm and dedication to the job and the business. An employee who is attached to the company will be aware of his existence in the organization and work hard to make a difference. Therefore, employee engagement is the driving force that motivates employees to do their best at work and to be dedicated to the organization.

What is Employee Engagement?

What is Employee Engagement?

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Employee engagement levels

Based on company perception, employee engagement will be divided into the following 4 levels:

  • Highly engaged employees

Employees who highly engage with the company will often give a positive opinion about the workplace and have connections between departments and teams. They are also the ones who put more effort into the success of the business. Employees at this level will often speak well of the company to family and friends.

  • Moderately engaged employees ​

Moderately engaged employees are characterized by generally liking the company, but there are still some unsatisfied aspects of the organization. These employees often have a sense of responsibility in their personal work, but can work with low performance.

  • Barely engaged employees

Groups of employees with low engagement will feel lethargic towards the workplace. They often lack motivation at work and do not put their best effort to complete the assigned task. These employees are often oriented to quit or move to another organization with better potential and compensation. 

  • Disengaged employees

Disengaged employees often have a negative view of the workplace. This group of employees tends to be unconcerned with the mission, future, and goals of the organization.

types of employee engagement

Levels of Employee Engagement in the business

The role of Employee engagement in the business

Employee engagement plays an extremely important role in the development of an organization with the following benefits:

Improve employee performance

According to a study from Gallup, highly engaged employees are 17% more productive than their peers. This productivity difference stems from a passion for work and a sense of constant effort to improve results, thereby adding more value to the organization.

importance of employee engagement

Improve work efficiency

Reduce unemployment rate

Employee engagement plays an important role in retaining talents. The cohesion will create a deep relationship between employees and the business, thereby creating a driving force for the development of the organization.

Many businesses develop attractive employee policies to keep employees engaged with the organization more. Whereby the turnover rate is also minimized.

importance of employee engagement

Reduce the turnover rate in the business

Increase customer satisfaction

Engagement among employees always has a great impact on the ability to serve customers. Thereby, employees will create closer relationships and increase the customer experience.

Reduce absenteeism

Employee engagement helps businesses reduce absenteeism or leaving jobs. Employees will be committed to the mission of the organization, and always have a sense of responsibility for their work and present themselves to the fullest.

Some large enterprises have gained many achievements thanks to the strategy of minimizing the rate of personnel change. In addition, the lack of cohesion and employee engagement in the company is also one of many reasons for leaving job.

Improve employee health

Engagement always has a positive impact on the mental and physical life of employees. An employee who is aware of the values ​​and meanings in each job will always keep himself a healthy body and full of energy to work. One survey found that employees who are engaged in their jobs have a lower risk of obesity or chronic diseases thanks to healthy eating and regular exercise.

importance of employee engagement

Improve employee health

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How to assess the level of Employee engagement in the business


The three types of surveys that help measure employee engagement are:

Engagement survey

An employee engagement survey will help managers understand employee engagement at the organizational level. Managers should apply a set of questions that have been tested in the survey to be able to accurately measure employee engagement.

benefits of employee engagement

Evaluate employee engagement

Heart rate emotion survey

The emotion and heart rate survey has been used by many large corporations such as Microsoft, Apple, Airbnb or Etsy to understand the psychology and condition of employees. This survey is designed with the goal of helping businesses gather feedback over time regardless of the topic.

Employee lifecycle survey

Business can survey employee experience to gather feedback from employees at key points in their tenure at the organization. For example:

  • Survey on new hires: Find out what candidates think about the company's onboarding process at 30, 60 and 180 day timelines; their hope for future work, etc.
  • Retention survey: Why do employees stay with the company? What made employees want to leave the company?
  • Exit Survey: Why do employees want to quit? Does revenue have an impact on intention to quit? What should the company do to prevent employees from leaving?

Build and develop Employee Engagement evaluation strategy

After conducting the survey, businesses will have a more intuitive view of the employee's engagement level so that they can come up with an appropriate Employee Engagement development strategy. In the Employee Engagement strategy, businesses need to allocate personnel to take on the following tasks:

  • Monitor the effectiveness of the strategy
  • Adjust policies and make appropriate adaptations to the actual situation
  • Aligning strategies to improve Employee Engagement
benefits of employee engagement

Develop an Employee Engagement assessment strategy

Employee Engagement Advanced Solutions - Vindoo HRM

Don't skip training

Training is one of the activities that businesses cannot ignore if they want to improve Employee engagement. Onboarding training or internal training will help employees better understand the mission that the organization is aiming for, thereby helping to adjust behavior as well as equipping the necessary skills to achieve the set goals.

Viindoo's HRM module provides training features to help businesses implement training strategies effectively. The solutionhas the feature of storing training programs, managing and evaluating employees after each training session, thereby helping businesses improve training quality and increase the working experience for employees.

why is employee engagement important

Operational training in business

Internal communications

Internal communication is seen as the soul in corporate culture​. Communication is the key to boosting motivation, morale and bridging the gaps between members of an organization. If you use effective corporate communication channels, you will surely increase your Employee engagement index.

Social Network for Enterprises - Vindoo Discuss is a solution that businesses should refer to and apply. With Vindoo Discuss, the connection between departments in the company will be maintained more effectively through the live-chat channel in the same administration system.

Set clear goals and work directions

Without a clear goal and direction, employees will lose their direction and become unaware of their role in the business. This will make them feel discouraged and increase the likelihood of leaving the company. Therefore, when assigning work, managers need to pay attention to clearly define the scope of employees' responsibilities, and at the same time indicate the work that they need to perform in order to achieve the goal or pursue  career development.

why is employee engagement important

Establish clear direction and goals within the organization

Therefore, businesses should use project management software of Viindoo to divide the workload of employees more effectively. Besides, Viindoo Discuss also provides the ability to report work progress visually. As a result, businesses will track the productivity of each employee in detail.

Evaluate and recognize the dedication and efforts of employees

Every employee is expected to be recognized for their contributions and dedication to the business. Recognition of efforts is a must-have in an organization if business wants to increase employee engagement.

What is Employee Engagement?

Evaluate and recognize employees's dedication and efforts

Managers need to let their employees know that their participation means a lot to the organization. If they are valued for their contributions, employees will want to contribute more and help the business to grow continuously.

To have objective evaluation data, businesses can use software Vindoo Project. This tool will assist in tracking employee productivity and making overview reports according to visual charts. As a result, businesses will know which employees are having outstanding performance and have contributed a lot to the project.

The above article has helped answer the question What is employee engagement as well as solutions to help improve the level of cohesion in organization. Follow Viindoo to be able to update more useful human resource management information.

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What is Employee Engagement? How to improve Employee interaction​
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