What is HRIS? Tips to choose a human resource management system

What is HRIS software? How to choose the right HR information management system for your business? Let's find the answer with Viindoo through the article below!


1. Human resource information systems (HRIS) help save time and money by centralizing HR data and automating manual, repetitive HR processes.

2. HRIS can help businesses improve HR management efficiency by providing a bird's-eye view of HR data and helping businesses make data-driven decisions.

3. Two key factors to consider when choosing an HRIS software:

  • The ability to meet all aspects of HR management
  • The HRIS needs to be able to connect with the finance department

What is HRIS?

HRIS is a Human Resources Information System that supports collecting and storing all personnel information in an organization or business.

The concepts of HRIS

The concepts of HRIS

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Why should businesses apply the HRIS system?

Each business has different needs, but if a business is facing the following difficulties, it should consider applying HRIS software:

Rapid and continuous changes in the number of employees

Difficulty in managing hybrid, remote or freelance employees

Need for accurate workforce data analysis

Small businesses may not have dedicated HR staff

Businesses with employees scattered in different locations

Businesses that want to improve employee satisfaction

In addition, businesses can also consider the following benefits when deciding whether or not to implement HRIS software

Easily access to information

In the past, HR officers often had to spend a lot of time and effort searching for employee profiles placed in separate "rooms". Even if employee information is saved to the Excel Sheet, they do face the risk of information being edited and lost. Now, thanks to the HRIS system, the searching process becomes extremely easy and fast thanks to the cloud data application.

With HRIS, businesses can easily access and search each employee's profile anytime, anywhere. In particular, information retrieval is also extremely simple, ensuring high security as managers can easily set a password to protect or limit access rights within the company.

HRIS software allows super-fast HR information search

HRIS software allows super-fast HR information search.

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Support tracking and reporting

HRIS Software helps businesses track employee performance transparently, synchronously and accurately. Each employee will be evaluated for work performance through each set of standards relevant to the department in which they are working.

HRIS software helps keep track of reports

HRIS software helps keep track of reports.

Minimize human error

Traditional management methods require people to take notes regularly, which is prone to mistakes. Instead, the process automation of the HRIS can ensure the accuracy of employee data.

Thanks to HRIS, errors will be reduced

Thanks to HRIS, errors will be reduced.

Quickly train new employees

The human can resources department provides new employees with access to training documents, employee handbooks, or other information. In this way, they will easily control employee access and make the discrete onboarding process fast and synchronized. So the process of onboarding also becomes more efficient and consistent.

HRIS software trains employees quickly and effectively

HRIS software trains employees quickly and effectively.

Functions of the human resource management system - HRIS

With the traditional method, manual management of all information of personnel in the enterprise is very difficult, easy to lose, even potentially at risk of information leakage to the outside.

Therefore, the function of HRIS software is to help the management of human resource information become more efficient and secure. Here are some typical functions of HRIS software:

  • Employee information management: HRIS supports managing and checking information related to salary, insurance, work experience, ... of personnel in the company.
  • Recruitment process management: HRIS supports the optimization of the recruitment process, from posting job postings, storing candidate information, sending recruitment notices,...
  • Employee evaluation and reward management: HRIS helps managers evaluate employees, track work progress and reward employees.
  • Training and development management: HRIS helps to manage employee training programs, track training details and personnel development plans.
  • Insurance and salary management: Insurance and salary information is stored and managed in a scientific and confidential manner by HRIS.
  • Management of timekeeping, leave, sick leave: HRIS helps to manage working time, leave of employees,...
  • Reporting and analysis: HRIS helps to retrieve information, build reports and analysis such as working time, employee evaluation,... to help managers make better management decisions.

It can be said that HRIS is a good support software system in automating human resource management. With HRIS, senior managers will have an overview of the human resources situation at the company, from which they can make appropriate decisions for the development of the business in general and the personnel in the company. in particular.

Professional Criteria for HRIS System Evaluation

After introducing the concept what is HRIS, Viindoo will present in detail some criteria to evaluate a professional HRIS system as below:

  • Ability to meet HR's needs: HRIS software is supposed to be fully meet the needs of HR officers to support the personnel when needed.
  • Scalability as the business expands: HR administrators need to clearly assess the development ability and compatibility of the HRIS system, especially when the company recruits many new employees or change the compensation regime, etc.
  • Ability to integrate other systems: In addition, the software must be compatible with the salary, compensation, recruitment, etc of the company. 
Criteria to evaluate the HRIS system professionally
Criteria to evaluate the HRIS system professionally.

HRIS Software selection guide suitable for business

Step 1 - Learn about the HRIS system

An overview of the features of HRIS enables businesses to be more aware of the necessity to apply this software. This step also gives businesses insights, practicality and applicability of the software.

To find the right source of documentation about the system HRIS, businesses can consult information on the Internet, at the official website of a reputable HRIS software supplier.

Find out information about what is HRIS software, how are its benefits?

Find out information about what is HRIS software, how are its benefits?

Step 2 - Identify your business needs

This step helps businesses clearly identify their needs, desires and have a calculated plan for HRIS to meet their short, medium and long-term strategies. To do this, business leaders need to discuss and agree on the needs, functions, data, processes, and interfaces of HRIS.

Besides, through the identification of needs, businesses will also easily set up the expected budget. At the same time, this also helps businesses easily find the right software provider among hundreds of providers in the market.

Identify the actual needs of your business

Identify the actual needs of your business.

Step 3 - Determine your budget

After identifying the needs, the next thing is to determine the budget level that the business intends to invest in. Thereby, enterprises can determine the necessary feature set of the HRIS system, thereby limiting the appropriate supplier file.

Depending on the needs, businesses can choose to rent software, buy software packages, or deploy & upgrade in stages to match the investment cash flow in the business.

How much is your business budget?

How much is your business budget?

Step 4 - Select several suppliers and request a quotation

Businesses should review at least 2-3 suppliers before requesting for a quotation. To ensure the credibility of partners, businesses should conduct in-depth research, direct or indirect interviews through partners or customers.

In addition, businesses need to find out suppliers with basic information such as:

  •  Human resources team;
  • Product strategy;
  • Number of years of experience in the field;
  • Similar customer files;
  • Way to implement the project;
  • Feedback/reviews from customers;
Choose reputable HRIS software suppliers, suitable for business needs

Choose reputable HRIS software suppliers, suitable for business needs.

Step 5 - Redefine requirements and implementation scope

When taking this step, businesses have fully grasped the real needs, software costs as well as features that suppliers respond to. Such key features may include hardware, software, implementation services, and add-on services.

Thus, based on the scope of their requirements and the supplier's ability to respond, businesses can clearly determine which are the available software requirements, which are the requirements that need to be refined or need time to develop further and then apply it in reality.

Redefine the range of features your business wants to implement

Redefine the range of features your business wants to implement.

Step 6 - Negotiate with suppliers

Next, the business needs to negotiate with all the suppliers on the selected list. In this step, businesses will choose the right supplier based on cost factors, requirements, project scope, support services and implementation roadmap.

Only then, when the application is implemented in reality, business will be sustainably maintained and good response to short, medium and long-term business strategies.

Conduct direct negotiations with all suppliers

Conduct direct negotiations with all suppliers.

Step 7 - Make decision

In the end, the business will have to make the final decision for the negotiation. If the business has the right analysis and determination in the previous steps, the decision-making will be easy, reaching the consensus of everyone.

The final decision is made after the consensus and consistency of the management board

The final decision is made after the consensus and consistency of the management board.

Effective human resource management solution - Viindoo HRM

Currently, many businesses apply modern technology to human resource management and achieve great success. Among many products on the market, Viindoo HRM software is the solution chosen by many units because of its wide range of outstanding features.

Human Resource Management Software Viindoo is created based on the core value "Human-centric". With Viindoo HRM, all businesses will be able to create a sustainable competitive advantage and increase their brand value.

Viindoo HRM is a complete suite of human resource management solutions that integrates all the preeminent features on a single platform including Employee, Recruitment, Skills Framework, eLearning, Payroll, etc.

  • Equipped with features for recruiting talent such as creating job offers, customizing the recruitment process, screening, interviewing and evaluating candidates, building a professional online recruitment website.
  • Supporting businesses in human resource management through integration management, digitization of all employee information, labor contract management as well as actual working time management.
  • Training and developing human resources based on the competency framework, recognizing the achievements of online courses, thereby defining a clear promotion path for employees.
  • Automatically calculating salary, bonus, remuneration, and allowance based on the salary structure specified in the labor contract.
  • Viindoo HRM software is the optimal solution with a suitable cost for the budget of small to large businesses.
  • The software can integrate and synchronize with many other useful applications, helping to effectively plan human resources based on a single system.
  • More specifically, Viindoo software is confidential, safe about internal information for businesses.
Vindoo HRM - The best Human Resource Management Software today

Viindoo HRM - The best Human Resource Management Software today.

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Through the above article, Viindoo hope businesses and human resources officers have understood more about What is HRIS? as well as the great benefits that this system brings. If businesses are interested in human resource management solutions, please contact us immediately for detailed advice and answers!

What is HRIS? Tips to choose a human resource management system
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