10 effective recruitment strategy to help attract talent

Planning and building recruitment strategy requires long-term research and investment from businesses. Therefore, an effective and optimal recruitment strategy is capable of attracting many talents. In this article, Viindoo will reveal 10 effective recruitment strategies, which are most commonly applied today.

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What is the recruitment strategy?

What is the recruitment strategy? Recruitment strategy is a plan that includes actions to help businesses identify recruits, thereby attracting and finding talented people for job positions at the company.

Organize regular seminars to improve knowledge and find new talent

A great recruitment strategy helps the company recruit new employees

An optimal recruitment process brings businesses a quality workforce and help the business grow more and more in the future. In addition, building an employee recruitment strategy also:

  • Reduce employee turnover: One study found that employee turnover can be reduced by 28% if a company invests in hiring. A good corporate culture will help really quality employees stay with the company for a long time. Besides, an effective recruitment strategy also reflects the quality of work and the company's reputation.
  • Save costs and resources: A well-invested recruitment plan and strategic research from the beginning will give the company a large number of qualified employees, and a solid foundation to support the company but it doesn't cost too much.

The process of developing a recruitment strategy

This section includes the most important information. The 5 steps below will help your business build an effective recruitment strategy.

  • Determine recruitment needs: Determining the company's development ability in the future, estimating the employee turnover rate, the general policy of the enterprise, and the number of employees missing in each department, etc. After identifying the above issues, develop a plan to train and develop the number of recruited staff.
  • Build an HR skill framework by answering the following questions:
    • What qualities and skills do you want your employees to have?
    • What do they need to do every day to achieve the goal you desire?
      In this process, you should consult with the head of that position to get the desired talent.
  • Create an attractive job posting: Instead of inserting a series of recruitment requirements, businesses emphasize the benefits and rights that employees enjoy when joining your company. Businesses should also create a compelling job description that outlines the company's mission and vision to appeal to employee needs.
  • Apply aptitude test when building recruitment process: This will be an important step for you to categorize and select the most suitable candidates. Ask questions to challenge candidates to reveal their own experiences. Some tests you can apply are IQ test, EQ test, especially professional ability.
  • Gain experience for the following hirings: Using a few tools to make the process of serving and learning better. What did the business receive through the last recruitment round? What should employers think should be improved after the hiring process has taken place?
Former employees are one of the potential resources

The process of developing a recruitment strategy.

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10 most popular and effective HR recruitment strategies today

Below, Viindoo has compiled 10 ways to build a recruitment strategy to help businesses quickly develop and attract other investors. Check it out now:

Focus on building recruitment brand

The brand and image of the employer can be considered the most decisive factor in the recruitment strategy of talented candidates. This is the most difficult step, requiring businesses to invest large amounts of time and money.

According to a Glassdoor survey, every company must spend at least $129,000 on employer branding. Although the investment is large, the business will offset the costs when the strategy is successful.

Organize regular seminars to improve knowledge and find new talent

Prestigious employer branding helps businesses attract more talents​.

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Improve the quality of the interview

Interviewing is probably the most important step in the recruitment strategy, which largely effects the success or failure of the recruitment. According to LinkedIn, 83% of candidates feel negative during interviews with employers.

Former employees are one of the potential resources

The quality of the interview is an important factor.

Instead of repeating dry questions, ask candidates interesting questions that assess their expertise along with their professional competence useful information about their experience. Also, keep the interview in a elegant, friendly atmosphere. In this way, even without being recruited, the company's image in their eyes is still good.

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Use data to improve the recruitment process

Recruitment strategy needs to be rigorously built around key metrics. With these real metrics, businesses can easily identify what's going well as planned and where they need to be improved.

Organize regular seminars to improve knowledge and find new talent

Apply data to manage and improve strategic quality.

Some of the issues businesses need to pay attention to are:

  • The number of suitable candidates for each vacancy.
  • Recruitment time.
  • Job offer acceptance rate.
  • Recruitment source.
  • Mandatory investment costs for each recruitment.
  • Turnover rate, etc

Make sure the job description is accurate

Job descriptions for HR strategies should be drafted by professionals who have experience and knowledge of the vacancy. Many companies make the mistake of assigning the job of create a job description to the recruiting department.

Invisibly, those companies have lost their brand reputation and cannot find good candidates, because no employee wants to work at an incompetent and careless company right from the smallest details.

Former employees are one of the potential resources

Job description is a measure of the professionalism of the business.

Find passive sources of candidates

Passive candidates refer to those who are not actively looking for a job even though they are capable. This will be a great human resource for companies that know how to make the right use of it.

To access this resource, your company needs to widely promote recruitment information on websites, social networks, Google, and word of mouth, etc. During the search process, businesses also need to make sure the benefits offered are enough to attract other candidates.

Organize regular seminars to improve knowledge and find new talent

Potential resources - Passive candidates.

Develop employee referral program

Unlike conventional HR recruitment strategy, an effective employee referral program does not cost too much. In return, businesses can quickly get results. Such as:

  • Reduce turnover rate.
  • Improve the quality for the next recruitment.
  • Shorten recruiting and training time for new employees.
  • Reduce recruitment costs.
Employee referral program is a strategy that should be adopted more

Employee referral program is a strategy that should be adopted more.

Choose the right recruitment channel

Depending on the position your company is hiring for, businesses can identify sources to post job advertisements. For example, LinkedIn, although it is a leading recruitment channel, is not suitable for you to search for a Developer. Some groups on Facebook may be the right place for you to look for part-time, collaborator positions, but not for you to find a project manager.

Organize regular seminars to improve knowledge and find new talent

Prestigious recruitment channels will help you find talented candidates.

Contact former employees

Recruiting former employees can be a desirable strategy that companies should consider. If your former employees do not leave for negative reasons, the business can re-hire them and consider a higher position.

Former employees are one of the potential resources

Former employees are one of the potential resources.

Some of the benefits a company can enjoy include:

  • Spending a little training time. A new employee needs 3-6 months to do his job well. Meanwhile, this time for former employees is often quite short when they can start work right away.
  • Former employees are familiar with the company's working environment and style.
  • Good working skills. Your former employees often bring with them some of the experience inherent in new companies. This would be a great fit if it's your competitor's business.

Approach talented candidates in the past

There are hundreds of job applications that you have to sift through. However, with today's competitive job rates, a large number of applicants who are unfit or lack certain skills will not be accepted. However, in the future, they can be a potential human resource. Therefore, businesses should save information about candidates in the recruitment process so that they can be contacted when needed later.

Organize regular seminars to improve knowledge and find new talent

Reaching past candidates is a novel recruiting strategy.

Organize seminars

Organizing seminars is a good HR recruitment strategy to increase employee engagement and find new faces. When there are industry events, try contacting and sending a few representatives to promote the company.

Organize regular seminars to improve knowledge and find new talent

Organize regular seminars to improve knowledge and find new talent.

For example, your business holds a seminar on content marketing. You can prepare a few freebies and promote, invite people to attend. This is both a good opportunity for people to learn knowledge from leading experts in the industry and an opportunity to attract potential candidates.

A perfect recruitment strategy will bring many advantages to your recruitment goals. Viindoo hopes the above 10 recruitment strategies will help businesses recruit the best employees. Of course, there is not any strategy that works in every situation. Businesses need to flexibly apply, change and update the latest trends. 

Contact us if your business is looking for an easier and more effective recruitment solution.

10 effective recruitment strategy to help attract talent
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