What is Cloud Recruitment Software? Top 5 Best Software

Are you interested in learning more about cloud recruitment software , including how it works and who offers it? Viindoo's latest article provides a detailed answer to all your questions!

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What is Cloud Recruitment Software?

The traditional recruitment software is a valuable tool for managing an organization's recruitment procedures recruitment process. It facilitates posting job vacancies, keeping track of applications, interview schedules, and performance reviews. Additionally, it includes built-in features for managing candidates, such as parsing and tracking resumes, which can save time and expenses.

However, selecting the appropriate cloud-based recruitment software is critical, as not all solutions are suitable for all types of organizations. Some software is more appropriate for small businesses, while others provide more advanced capabilities for large-scale enterprises.

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Definition of Cloud-based recruitment software

Benefits of Cloud Recruitment Software

The traditional recruitment process involves repetitive and time-consuming tasks, including paperwork, miscommunication, limited insights, and human errors. Consequently, companies are shifting to cloud-based recruitment software, which provides a faster, more reliable, and error-free alternative.

Cloud-based recruitment software automates various conventional recruitment tasks such as sourcing, screening, scheduling, evaluations, etc, and presents recruiters and hiring managers with a centralized database, ensuring a single source of truth.

Cloud recruitment solutions aid in expediting outdated hiring processes, enhancing productivity, thereby enabling your company to:

  • Cost savings
  • Enhanced talent profiles
  • Increased productivity
  • Ability to scale the business while growing net profits and customer base
  • Reduced time to hire talent.

With the growing need to hire skilled talent possessing specialized skill sets, cloud-based recruitment solutions have emerged as a saving grace for organizations, enabling them to efficiently test, recruit, nurture, and develop talents.

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How Does Cloud Recruitment Software Work in the Hiring Process?

Posting Job Openings and Sourcing Candidates

In the current business landscape, the process of posting and disseminating job openings has become increasingly crucial. Cloud-based recruitment software simplifies and streamlines this process, making it more efficient for businesses.

Cloud or ATS recruitment software provides various features that can assist in posting and sourcing candidates for open positions. For instance, numerous applicant tracking system enable job postings on several job boards with just a few clicks. This feature can save businesses a significant amount of time and effort compared to manual posting on individual job boards.

Furthermore, cloud-based recruitment software often includes tools that aid in candidate sourcing for open positions. For example, some cloud-based recruitment software solutions provide resume parsing capabilities, facilitating quick identification of candidates with relevant skills and qualifications.

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Posting Job Openings and Sourcing Candidates

Resume Storage for Review

Cloud-based recruitment software enables companies to download resumes directly onto the software, ensuring that all employment applications are secure and organized in a single location. In the event of a lost resume, it can be effortlessly retrieved from the system.

This feature is a significant advantage for companies aiming to streamline their recruitment process. It not only saves time but also guarantees secure storage of all resumes.

Qualification-based Scanning and Sorting of Applications

Manually scanning hundreds of resumes to identify the most suitable candidates for a job is a tedious and ineffective process. ATS software can swiftly and conveniently scan resumes and classify them based on qualifications, expediting and simplifying the recruitment process.

With the aid of ATS recruitment software, you can rest assured that only the most qualified candidates are being evaluated for a position. This can save you numerous hours during the hiring process and assist in finding the best candidate for the job.

Keyword-based Crawling of Resumes

In today's job market, a candidate's resume is a critical factor in landing a job. ATS recruitment, a cloud-based tool, can aid recruiters in identifying and contacting suitable candidates by automatically scanning resumes for particular keywords. This type of software can be particularly useful for recruiters seeking candidates with specific skill sets.

The process works by analyzing resumes uploaded to job boards and social media sites, searching for keywords relevant to the job opening. Once a match is identified, the software contacts the candidate and shares their contact information with the recruiter.

Recruiters looking for candidates with specialized skill sets can benefit significantly from this type of software.

Candidate Tracking and Selection

The hiring process involves various aspects such as tracking and selecting candidates for interviews. Cloud technology can simplify this process by providing a centralized platform to store all candidate information. This software can also include tools for evaluating and ranking candidates as well as saving notes and contact information.

It is crucial to keep track of a candidate's qualifications, experience, and skills when tracking them. With cloud based recruitment software, recruiters can create a custom profile for each candidate, making it easier to monitor and evaluate their progress.

Once recruiters have shortlisted potential candidates, they can use the software to select the best ones for interviews. The cloud recruitment system provides a list of pre-screened candidates that can be sorted by their qualifications, experience, or skills, making the selection process much more efficient.

Email Outreach

Cloud-based recruitment software can assist in organizing, sending, and monitoring customized emails as part of your talent recruitment strategy. With the use of such software, you can connect with a broader range of candidates and efficiently focus on the most promising ones.

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Email Outreach: Send Emails That Convert

Recruitment software cloud can also provide valuable data regarding which applicants show the most interest in your available positions. By leveraging this data, you can enhance your recruiting methods and boost your chances of making successful hires.

Top 5 Best Cloud Recruitment Software

Viindoo Recruitment Software

Viindoo Recruitment software operates on cloud technology, providing an automated and efficient way to manage recruitment, attract top talent, and cut recruitment time and costs for enterprises by up to 80%. This software offers a range of features to effectively manage the recruitment process, including the ability to build and manage candidate resources, automatically process candidate profiles, create interview schedules directly in candidate profiles, and quickly generate recruitment reports.

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Viindoo Recruitment Software - Smart recruiting management


Recruitee is a collaborative employee recruitment software that helps businesses hire the best talent and build strong relationships with candidates. It facilitates team collaboration in the hiring process by assigning tasks to team members, resulting in better recruitment decisions. Additionally, Recruiter's analytic tools enable employers to identify candidates with superior skills.


Freshteam is a great option for growing businesses looking to improve their recruitment process and build stronger relationships with candidates. Its ATS feature helps reduce repetitive tasks for HR, while pre-onboarding and data syncing options facilitate better hiring decisions. Additionally, the pricing options are flexible and cater to different organizational sizes and needs, making it accessible to businesses on a budget.

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Freshteam System


Breezy is a comprehensive recruitment tool that offers various features to help you streamline your hiring process. With Breezy, you can easily post your job openings across multiple platforms, including social media and job boards. You can also use the ATS tool to track your candidates and communicate with them via messaging tools and emails. Additionally, Breezy offers questionnaires and interview scheduling links to speed up the hiring process and ensure that you find the right candidate for the job. 

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Breezy Software


Vincere is a cloud-based recruitment software that serves as both an ATS and CRM tool and is widely trusted by over 1800 companies worldwide. It offers an advanced search function that ensures top talent is not missed. Vincere is also ideal for collaboration between candidates and team members, thanks to its excellent communication system. Moreover, the software is customizable, and employers can use it for onboarding and training new employees to ensure a smooth start to their new tasks.


Cloud recruitment software is suitable for businesses of all sizes. It offers scalability, allowing organizations to adapt the software to their needs and grow as their recruitment requirements increase.

How does cloud recruitment software ensure data security?

Cloud recruitment software providers implement stringent security measures, including data encryption, regular backups, user access controls, and compliance with data protection regulations such as GDPR. These measures ensure that candidate data remains secure and confidential.

Yes, cloud recruitment software often offers integration capabilities with other HR systems such as applicant tracking systems (ATS), human resource information systems (HRIS), and payroll software. This enables seamless data transfer and enhances overall HR management.

Cloud recruitment software allows hiring teams to collaborate effectively by providing a centralized platform for sharing candidate information, feedback, and interview notes. This ensures that all team members have access to up-to-date information and can make informed decisions.

Yes, cloud recruitment software is particularly beneficial for remote hiring. It enables virtual interviews through integrated video conferencing tools and provides features for remote candidate assessment, making it easier for organizations to conduct interviews from anywhere.

To optimize the effectiveness of your cloud recruitment software, it's crucial to assess your organization's specific needs and select software that aligns with those needs. The article by Viindoo above aims to provide you with the most relevant and valuable information to guide you in making an informed decision.

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What is Cloud Recruitment Software? Top 5 Best Software
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