How to measure recruitment effectiveness: 9 criteria

How to measure recruitment effectiveness? This is an important factor in the process of building an enterprise apparatus. So what criteria to evaluate an effective recruitment process? Find out in the article below with Viindoo!

Cost per recruitment

How to measure recruitment effectiveness? It is the average amount a company must spend to hire a new employee. This is a crucial metric for evaluating the recruitment process, and businesses must pay close attention to it.

The cost-per-hire is determined by dividing the recruitment budget by the number of new hires during the same time frame. In particular, the recruitment budget includes both employee salaries and personnel costs.

Employers must plan, allocate budgets accordingly, and improve recruitment efficiency to optimize costs. Longer than anticipated hiring times can result in higher actual recruitment costs for each employee at all levels.

How to measure recruitment effectiveness: 9 criteria

Cost per recruitment

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Number of candidate profiles

The number of candidate profiles helps to determine if the recruitment procedure is effective. Good employer branding will bring many benefits to businesses, especially in the process of receiving applications. The number of records obtained shows the level of trustworthiness, clarity, and effectiveness in the recruitment information of the enterprise and vice versa.

However, the number of candidate profiles is not an absolute criterion for assessing the efficacy of the recruitment process, as many applicants do not fully comprehend the position for which they are applying. Employers will schedule interviews with the most qualified candidates after sifting through a large number of resumes as part of the selection process.

Recruitment time

Recruitment time is the amount of time taken to hire a new employee. It is measured by the number of days between the approval of recruitment information and the successful recruitment of an employee. Recruitment time optimization is one of the HR department's top priorities. This helps the enterprise meet its human resource needs.

Recruitment time is a recruitment performance metric closely related to the recruitment department during the implementation of recruitment plans. The average time required to recruit a staff-level employee is approximately one month; higher-level positions require more time. For some organizations and enterprises with a positive reputation and business culture, the recruitment period can be reduced to one to two weeks.

How to measure recruitment effectiveness: 9 criteria
Recruitment time is the amount of time taken to hire a new employee.

Candidate quality

Employers place a premium on candidate quality as one of the core recruitment performance metrics. This criterion evaluates the ability of the candidate. In addition, it evaluates the candidate's compatibility with the organization.

The quality of candidates can be evaluated during the recruitment process based on their resumes, prior employment, and finally the probationary time. Applicants who pass this recruitment examination will be qualified to meet the needs of the organization.

Turnover rate

Employees who pass probation will become full-time employees. Currently, the human resources department must monitor and calculate the percentage of new employees at the enterprise.

On average, about 25% of new hires leave the company within the first year. Consider and reevaluate the problems, and find ways to improve the recruitment process if your company is among them.

Recruitment channel

Along with the great development of technology, recruitment sources are increasingly diversified. Therefore, the recruitment channel criteria cannot be ignored when evaluating recruitment effectiveness. Based on the number and quality of candidates through each channel, recruiters easily evaluate the performance and select the right source for the company.

How to measure recruitment effectiveness: 9 criteria

Choosing a reasonable and highly popular recruitment platform

However, the downside of recruitment channels is that there are too many different sources. Because of cost-saving and the right audience targeting, employers can miss out on talented candidates or prolong the hiring period in the first place.

Candidate Experience

Candidate experience is an important metric for evaluating recruitment effectiveness. Candidate experience is a candidate's feelings and thoughts about the recruitment process in particular and the overall business in general. According to statistics, 38% of candidates think they are more likely to accept a job offer for businesses that provide a positive recruitment experience.

Therefore, assessing the candidate experience is extremely necessary. Paying attention to the candidate experience will help businesses improve their processes and enhance their recruiting brand in the long run.

Conversion rates in the hiring stages

This is one of the equally important evaluation criteria. Through the conversion rate between stages in the recruitment funnel, HR will know how many candidates can make it to the next round. This helps find flaws in the hiring process to improve results.

How to measure recruitment effectiveness: 9 criteria

Talent recruitment funnel model for businesses

If the number of candidates at the top and the bottom of the funnel is too different, the recruitment department needs to review the process of receiving applications and interviewing. Whether the business has overlooked any factors? In particular, the conversion rate also evaluates the performance in other departments such as Marketing (attracting candidates).

Offer acceptance rate

Based on the statistics of the number of applicants accepting offer letter, the HR department can measure the effectiveness of the recruitment strategy. In fact, not all candidates accept an offer to work at a company.

However, if most potential candidates turn down a position at the company, this can be a sign of danger. Does the company have a bad reputation in the recruitment network? The recruitment department needs to pay attention and detect problems that need to be fixed, avoiding bad situations like not being able to recruit new talent.

How to measure recruitment effectiveness: 9 criteria

Review the hiring and interviewing process if too many people turn down

How to measure recruitment effectiveness? The criteria to evaluate the effectiveness of human resource recruitment make the recruitment work of enterprises more scientific. Currently, most businesses have been applying these criteria to the process of recruiting and acquiring quality and adequate human resources. Hope that this article of Viindoo helps.

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How to measure recruitment effectiveness: 9 criteria
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