Common employee training types in the enterprise

employee training types have become a part of the long-term business development strategies of many businesses today. Human resources training not only helps employees gain knowledge but also helps businesses develop sustainably in the marketplace. In the following article, Viindoo will introduce all popular employee training types!

1. Targeted personnel training methods

Every business, organization, and company will have different HR training types. The following are human resources training types according to common targets in companies:

1.1 Job orientation training

This training process is intended to provide specific information and knowledge about the job and the tasks that the new employee needs to do. From there, employees can complete tasks quickly and efficiently. This is also a way to help employees get acquainted with the company's culture and working orientation.

employee training typesJob-oriented training type is often applied to new employees

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1.2 Skills training

Skills training helps all employees improve their own capacity and professional qualifications. At the same time, personnel also accumulate many necessary skills, supporting the performance of daily tasks. This training type helps employees optimize their work processes, thereby, improving product quality and work performance.

1.3 Professional training

This is one of the employee training types that helps improve the professional level of personnel in the enterprise. With this form, the staff will be trained and updated with new professional knowledge, and familiar with many different working methods.

Depending on the employee and job position, the enterprise will conduct different training courses. Training to improve knowledge in professional and technical fields should be carried out regularly with diverse forms, helping employees hone their professional skills.

employee training typesProfessional training for staff

2. Employee training types by location

Outside training types in enterprises According to the target, businesses can choose suitable training locations. The following personnel training types in enterprises by location are being chosen by many companies.

2.1 In-company training

With the company internal training programs​, personnel will be trained directly at the company where they work. They will also be guided in detail and specific jobs through people with experience in the company. Through this form, employees can work, study, and hone skills and expertise.

employee training typesEmployees are trained directly at the enterprise

2.2 Training at the workshop

This is one of the most popular forms of training today. Workshops are an opportunity for employees to listen to presentations, share experiences, and help improve their professional skills. In addition, they can also ask questions, ask questions or share problems in their work for answers and support.

2.3 Classroom training

With the type of training through the classroom, companies will send their personnel to external classes, or can also invite experts in training. The knowledge is mostly based on the actual experience or the inherent experience of the lecturer.

This type will help employees easily absorb and apply to work. However, the limitation of this type is the time and cost for the company. Therefore, small businesses should consider this when choosing this training type.

forms of human resource trainingEmployee training classes

2.4 Online training

Online training is also known as E-learning training. This is a relatively new type but is increasingly popular and chosen by many companies. The type gives personnel certain advantages. Learners do not need to move or search for training rooms, trainers only need Internet-connected devices and personal accounts to access.

2.5 Combined training

Blended Training is also known as Blended Training. This is a method of training human resources highly appreciated for its effectiveness. With blended training, trainees can choose between self-study sessions on the Internet and focused practice sessions to apply the knowledge they have learned.

This type helps businesses not to interrupt their working time at the company. At the same time, businesses will save a lot of costs but the efficiency is undeniable. Employees will always receive help from instructors without affecting work performance.

employee training typesThe combined training type

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3. Classification of employee training methods by content

Companies can also choose personnel training types in enterprises by content, including the following types.

3.1 Company-oriented training

Company-oriented training will mainly focus on improving soft skills. Every business will have a different character as well as a different working culture. Therefore, this type of training helps train employees integrate into the company's culture and working style.

3.2 Job-oriented training

Job orientation training is usually held during the first week an employee starts working. This type focuses on the skills and experience of each employee in each specific job position. As a result, employees can apply what they learn quickly and accurately to daily tasks.

employee training typesJob-oriented training in the company

4. Employee training types according to the organizational manner

4.1 On-the-job training

The type of on-the-job training brings many advantages to employees. With this form, employees can study and work at the same time. Employees can also participate in training outside of working hours in accordance with their free time. Depending on the size and situation of the company, the number of employees involved will be considered by the company.

4.2 Formal training

Unlike on-the-job training, formal training requires employees to take a break from their current job to participate in learning and training. Companies when training employees of this type will have to consider the number. Because if there are too many people participating in the study, it will cause a shortage of personnel. However, this type is considered to be very effective.

5. Types of training according to subjects

Depending on the type of employee, the company will also have different forms of training. New employees and experienced employees will be trained in different ways.

5.1 Training new employees

This type of training is for new employees who do not have the necessary qualifications and soft skills. With the training process, employees will be trained from basic to complex knowledge in business to apply to work at the enterprise.

employee training typesTraining knowledge and skills for new employees

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5.2 Train staff with expertise and skills

Not the same as training new employees. This is a type of training for experienced employees who desire to change their position or working environment or have the ability to take on more specialized jobs.

6. Some other forms of personnel training

In addition to the above forms of training, there are many more employee training types other than the business may choose.

6.1 Directly mentoring employees

This is a type of training conducted within the company. Here, the manager or direct supervisor will tutor and guide their employees during working time. Although this is a traditional type of training, it is extremely effective. Whenever an employee is in trouble, They will be guided to fix and solve the problem as quickly as possible.

Moreover, through this form, managers or direct supervisors can also monitor the progress of employees. Employees will be supported promptly to be able to complete tasks and work quickly and efficiently.

employee training typesDirect tutoring form

6.2 Periodic training

Periodic employee training is a method of employee training that takes place over a planned short period of time. In this training session, the company's experts or direct partners from the outside will be the ones to directly train and dialogue, imparting sharing as well as answering questions for employees.

This type will help employees build better relationships with colleagues as well as gain more experience when working with external partners. However, this method takes a lot of time and money for the company. The company has to spend a lot of money to be able to invite experts or senior managers with a lot of experience.

6.3 Forming a reading culture at work

Building and forming a reading culture at the enterprise is also considered one of the employee training types quite effective. type a team of employees with highly effective reading sessions related to expertise and skills. Because books are considered an infinite source of knowledge, providing people with a lot of useful knowledge.

Through reading sessions, employees can read together and share the content they have accumulated. In addition to helping to improve understanding, this is also considered a type of training that contributes to the beauty of the company culture and increases employee engagement.

forms of human resource trainingBuilding a culture of reading and learning expertise at the company

6.4 Turn trained employees into trainers

This is a type that is considered to save costs and optimize working time for employees. Companies can select qualified, skilled, potential employees to participate in employee training sessions. Then organize seminars so these employees can pass on what they have learned.

6.5 Employee promotion

Businesses can also choose to train employees by offering promotions. This is a way for employees to see the company's recognition for their efforts and dedication.

In addition, this type will also contribute to motivating employees to improve themselves and try their best at higher positions. Besides, businesses also need to build career development and appropriate employee skills framework for each position.

employee training typesPromotion is a type of motivation for employees

6.6 Change of working position

The type of changing working positions will give employees the opportunity to experience many different working positions. Thereby, personnel can accumulate more skills and professional knowledge themselves. This makes it easy for them to identify the right field for them, discover new abilities, and be able to challenge themselves in many different fields.

Posts on here Viindoo introduced to readers employee training types most popular in businesses today. Hopefully, the above sharing will help readers to refer and choose the right training type for their business.

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Common employee training types in the enterprise
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