Employee Onboarding Software: Streamline Your Hiring Process

If you're in search of an employee onboarding software that can efficiently train new employees while saving time and effort, this article will introduce you to the top 5 most effective options, according to Viindoo.

What is employee onboarding software?

An employee onboarding software is a platform that provides a tool for sending welcome emails to new hires, as well as the ability to send and receive electronic documents for signature, saving a significant amount of time. This software allows new employees to complete necessary forms independently from any location. Additionally, you can personalize emails to convey information about company policies and other relevant details.

Why use employee referral software?

Providing a quality onboarding experience can have a significant impact on a company's financial performance. Successfully integrating new employees into the company culture, familiarizing them with policies, and providing training requires a lot of effort. Employee onboarding software can greatly enhance the experience of a new employee on their first day by:

  • Digitizing pre-boarding workflows and documents, such as offer letters, employee handbooks, and benefits previews
  • Eliminating paperwork related to benefits and payroll
  • Collecting electronic signatures and storing them in a digital database
  • Allowing new hires to enroll in benefits online
  • Involving multiple team members digitally
  • Simplifying payroll set-up

Why use employee onboarding software

The reasons for utilizing employee referral software

Manually managing checklists, paperwork, and training is an inefficient use of time. However, with the help of proper onboarding software, the process can be streamlined, making it easier for new hires to feel like part of the team.

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5 Best Employee Onboarding Software for Enterprise 

Viindoo HRM

Viindoo HRM is a recruitment management system that can assist businesses in establishing a successful onboarding process for their new employees. It's an efficient solution that streamlines personnel management and training. Viindoo HRM integrates multiple features such as OKRs, recruitment, and training plan development, enabling the creation of detailed performance reports to assess employee performance. This software offers a comprehensive overview of each employee's working capacity, giving managers the ability to make informed decisions.

Employee Onboarding Software Viindoo HRM

Viindoo HRM Software 

Features of Viindoo HRM software include:

  • Viindoo software offers easy ways to update new employee information through Employee App, Recruitment App, and User Account.
  • The software establishes a competency framework for new employees based on their current positions and offers training plans to help them develop their potential.
  • The employee skills assessment feature helps new employees identify competencies that match the skill framework for their job positions.
  • The software has a course selection feature for each position and title based on employee information, and it proactively calculates corresponding courses suitable for the employee's current and target titles.
  • Viindoo HR Employee Training enables new employees to actively integrate and participate in learning to achieve their goals.

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Enboarder is a cloud-based employee onboarding software that aims to provide a seamless and engaging experience for new hires. With its modern approach to onboarding, Enboarder takes the traditional process and transforms it into a dynamic, interactive, and personalized experience. Its features include:

  • Customizable workflows that can be tailored to the needs of each role and department
  • Automated communication that delivers messages to new hires and their managers, ensuring a smooth transition into the company
  • Mobile-first design that allows new hires to complete tasks and access information from any device
  • Real-time analytics that provide valuable insights into the onboarding process, identifying areas of improvement and offering suggestions to optimize the process
  • Interactive onboarding experiences that include video, audio, and other engaging elements to ensure new hires feel connected and engaged with the company from day one.

Employee Onboarding Software Enboarde

Enboarde system

Enboarder is an innovative and user-friendly solution that simplifies the employee onboarding process, allowing HR teams to focus on building a strong company culture and improving employee engagement. 


Sapling is a platform designed for mid-sized companies with remote employees that facilitates the connection between your personnel, tools, and information through a highly customizable system, focused on People Operations.

Employee Onboarding Software sapling

Sapling is a platform designed for mid-sized companies

Features of Sapling:

  • Sapling offers features to store and manage people data, create employee profiles, and build org charts for growing companies.
  • Users can create automated workflows for recruitment and onboarding.
  • Sapling integrates with existing systems through native integrations and offers an API and webhooks.
  • Sapling improves employee onboarding experience with complete visibility.

The onboarding module of Sapling is priced at $4.92 per user per month, while the complete core HRIS experience is available from $6.99 per user per month, for a minimum of 100 users.

Trakstar Learn

Trakstar Learn is a cloud-based employee onboarding software that leverages an LMS to enable employers to manage the onboarding process swiftly and efficiently. This tool simplifies the process of integrating new employees into an organization by automating a range of administrative tasks typically associated with onboarding.

Trakstar Learn is a cloud-based employee onboarding software

Trakstar Learn is a cloud-based onboarding software

Features of Trakstar Learn:

  • Trakstar Learn's LMS is customizable and includes real-time analytics, customized forms, and automated reminders for onboarding tasks.
  • The platform's streamlined UI is easily navigable and customizable.
  • Administrators can track progress on goals and objectives for new employees through real-time data captured via employee onboarding surveys.
  • Trakstar integrates with other leading HR technologies, providing access to further analytics functions and fostering more cohesive work environments by integrating data from diverse sources into one holistic performance measure.

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Deel is a comprehensive HR platform that offers a worldwide perspective to onboarding. It allows HR teams to provide a smooth and consistent experience to workers regardless of their location. The platform provides a secure and compliant solution for businesses to manage employee data, automate workflows, and establish local benefits and payroll.

employee onboarding software Deel

HR platform Deel

Features of Deel:

  • Deel's Employer of Record service simplifies the hiring and onboarding process by offering over 100 local entities for compliance and a contractor management service.
  • Deel's HR tools make it easy to manage employee access to tools, company equipment, and background checks.
  • Deel's contract creation interface includes templates and customizable clauses, while their onboarding tracker keeps track of documents and progress.
  • Deel integrates with many HR tools through the Deep API, providing a single source of truth for workforce data.
  • Flat pricing details are available upon request, and a free demo is offered.

Viindoo's article has put together a list of the top 5 best and most effective employee onboarding software. If you find it helpful, please feel free to share it with your friends, and don't forget to leave a comment below.

Employee Onboarding Software: Streamline Your Hiring Process
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