Top 5 Best Employee Database Software for Enterprises

An employee database software is a vital resource that companies use to oversee the individuals who work for them. This system acts as a centralized location to maintain any records pertaining to all employees. Viindoo's article will provide an overview of the top-rated employee database management software that is relied upon by numerous businesses.

Viindoo Employees - best employee database software for SMEs

The software facilitates the administration of all staff information and enables HR managers to make precise decisions through its reporting and analysis capabilities. Furthermore, Viindoo Employees automates the storage and retrieval of records, which saves the HR department a significant amount of time.

employee database software viindoo

Human resource management software - Viindoo Employees

Viindoo Employees' software for managing personnel files assists administrators in the following ways:

  • Effortlessly managing all employee data:
    • This software allows for the management of various employee information, including personal information, resumes, job details (such as job title, position, skills, experience, and seniority).
    • It enables the creation of an organizational chart to simplify collaboration, task delegation, and coordination.
    • Employee records, such as personal information, degrees, health records, and ID cards, can be digitized and stored on the same platform.
    • The software also keeps track of employee history regarding job rotation, appointments, and promotion routes.
    • Moreover, this software not only allows for the sharing of employee information with internal users but also ensures the security of confidential employee documents based on user access rights.
    • Lastly, the software enables easy search, retrieval, addition, modification, and creation of new data from anywhere at any time.
  • Analyzing and reporting on records, contracts, work schedules, and personnel development roadmaps stored centrally
  • Conveniently searching records and avoiding information loss by storing everything on a unified platform.
employee database software

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BambooHR - Best HR database software for managing the whole employee life cycle

BambooHR is an employee database management system that provides a secure and centralized database, making it easy to manage employee records effectively. It offers complete control over the dashboard, allowing HR to add personal and payment information, as well as custom information tabs as needed. There are no restrictions on accessing data, enabling businesses to access their data from anywhere and at any time. 

employee database software bamboo

BambooHR system

The platform employs organized, precise, and enterprise-level security measures to safeguard sensitive employee data, resulting in saved hours on administrative tasks.

Features of human resource management system BambooHR:

  • BambooHR provides a central HR database that shares information across all its features, avoiding duplication errors.
  • Custom access feature allows employees to edit their personal information while limiting their access to confidential company data.
  • Custom field feature allows HR to create and store personal information about each employee in the database.
  • The platform employs accurate and enterprise-level security to protect sensitive employee data.
  • BambooHR includes built-in document storage and management features, enabling employees to store their documents in the database.

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Freshteam - Best HR database software for customizable analytics

As an organization grows, it requires software like Freshteam to manage employee records. The platform includes a self-service portal, an employee profile directory, and an organizational chart that can map across multiple locations. By using this platform, employees can take control of their profiles, edit their information, and connect with colleagues independently.

employee database software freshteam

Freshteam hr software

Features of employee database software Freshteam:

  • With the customizable personnel fields feature, HR can easily add 40+ predefined employee fields to the database by dragging and dropping.
  • The platform is user-friendly and organized, making it easy for HR to browse through employee data.
  • Freshteam's employee ID sequencing enables HR to assign custom IDs based on specific criteria.
  • The platform provides secure and centralized storage for HR documents, enabling employees to store all their HR-related documents in one place.

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Zoho People - Best HR database software for organizations needing scalability​

Zoho People is a cloud-based system designed to provide a secure and seamless employee database management experience. It helps businesses manage their global workspace with ease and allows HR to customize the database according to their unique requirements.

employee database software zoho

Zoho People - HR database software for organizations needing scalability​

Features of Zoho People:

  • Zoho People's data synchronization and integrity feature enables businesses to sync employee data quickly and efficiently.
  • Employee self-service features help reduce errors, redundancy, and administrative burden by allowing employees to add or edit their information.
  • The built-in Zoho Vault provides password security and enables employees to generate complex passwords.
  • With field-level access controls, HR can manage employee access based on their job roles.
  • The customization feature enables organizations to build organizational structures by adding custom entities and their divisions, allowing for greater flexibility.

HRMatrix - Best HR database for customizations

HRMatrix is a top-rated employee management system that provides a self-service platform and offers numerous advantages. The platform automates all aspects of employee management, including recruitment, training, and performance evaluations, resulting in a streamlined process. This tool acts as a secure vault for employee data, allowing quick access to employee information. It can handle vast amounts of employee information, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes.

employee database software hrmatric

HRMatrix - HR database for customizations

Features employee database software HRMatrix:

  • HRMatrix offers digitalization to encrypt paper employee records, securing them from unauthorized access.
  • The dashboard is user-friendly, allowing HR to quickly understand trends and competencies.
  • HRMatrix allows businesses to control what is stored in their databases and file systems.
    The platform offers multilingual centralized employee data management, ensuring compliance in various languages.
  • HRMatrix has an innovative search feature that enables HR to retrieve employee data within minutes.


When selecting employee database software, consider features such as customizable employee profiles, secure data storage, role-based access controls, document management, reporting and analytics, integration capabilities, and ease of use.

Yes, employee database software is designed to handle various employee sizes, ranging from small businesses to large enterprises. The scalability of the software ensures it can accommodate a growing number of employees without compromising performance.

Employee database software reduces the risk of manual data entry errors by providing standardized fields and validation checks. It also allows for easy updates and ensures consistency in employee information across the organization.

Yes, most employee database software offers reporting and analytics capabilities. It allows HR professionals and managers to generate various reports, such as employee demographics, attendance, performance evaluations, and training records, to gain insights and make data-driven decisions.

 Can employee database software integrate with other HR systems?

Many employee database software solutions offer integration capabilities, allowing seamless data exchange with other HR systems such as payroll, performance management, time and attendance, and recruitment software. Integration eliminates data silos and improves data accuracy.

The above-mentioned five employee database software options are among the most modern and widely-used systems by businesses for managing their workforce and personnel. By providing this information, Viindoo aims to assist managers in selecting the best software solution that meets the specific needs of their organization.

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Top 5 Best Employee Database Software for Enterprises
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