Download 5 sample company rules in a word file

Brief company rules is one of the important factors to ensure a professional and effective working environment. Establishing and applying company rules will help increase consistency in company activities, reduce conflicts, and create a safe working environment. In this article,Vindoo will share the latest office rules templates today.

1. Download the latest concise company rules template

Understanding the psychology of readers, in the next partVindoo Will provide samples Brief company rules Latest. Please download and apply right Today!

1.1 Simple and concise rule template

Below is a sample of simple rules that still ensure the necessary regulations, including working time, ethics and behavior, occupational safety, property management, and beauty maintenance in the workplace.


Simple rules templateSimple rules template

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1.2 Form of general rules

Here aresample brief company rules ensure that all applicable companies operate in a professional and consistent manner. With this general rule template, businesses can easily identify basic regulations and provide guidance to their employees to ensure compliance and increase work productivity.


General rules of the companyGeneral rules of the company

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1.3 Sample rules of production company

Readers are a manufacturing business and looking for the right template for your company? Then don't miss the sample of the latest production company rules below. With clear and fully updated regulations, businesses can easily apply without spending too much time and effort. Download it today and get started.


Sample rules for manufacturing companiesSample rules for manufacturing companies

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1.4 Model of construction company rules

Word file company rules below will help businesses build an effective working environment, improve work productivity and ensure safety for employees. Download this template immediately to refer to some important content, build a strong and growing construction company.


Sample construction company rulesSample construction company rules

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1.5 Sample rules of trading company

To help the commercial company operate efficiently and achieve employee satisfaction, asample brief company rules, accuracy and clarity are extremely important. Below is a sample general rule for commercial companies with basic terms and conditions.


Sample rules of the stick commercial companySample rules of the stick commercial company

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2. The importance of company rules to businesses

Brief company rules is considered as one of the basic factors to help businesses maintain a complete organizational structure. Specifically, the company regulations have the following roles:

  • Although it is not a labor law document or a manifestation of the will of the state, the content of the company needs to ensure the interests of employees and business organizations.
  • This document is one of the bases to help employees understand more about the corporate culture. From there, avoid violating established rules and behave more appropriately in a collective working environment.
  • Company rules also play an important role in engaging employees. Through consistent behavior, the rules allow everyone in the company to understand the issue. Thereby, you can make an accurate assessment, selection and action orientation, avoiding affecting other colleagues.
  • Ensuring company rules can also help guide the development strategy of the business. Labor managers can direct employees to a common working mechanism to achieve desired goals.
Regulations help ensure the interests of both the company and employeesRegulations help ensure the interests of both the company and employees

3. Content that should be included in the company rules

Company rules are important documents to ensure order and culture of the business. business operations are smooth and efficient. In particular, the development of key contents in the company's rules is essential to help officers and employees understand and comply with the rules, making the working environment professional and disciplined.

According to the law, the company's internal regulations must include the following contents:

  • Working time and rest time: It is necessary to specify the working time in a day, a week; rest time; working shifts; overtime; leave periods; weekly/yearly/private day off; unpaid leaves. This section will help employees adjust their work plans properly, while minimizing disputes over salary and benefits.
  • Order in the working environment: some rules of travel, dress, scope of work, work assignment and culture of behavior need to be clearly defined to create a professional working environment. polite and disciplined.
  • Safety and hygiene in the working environment: is one of the important contents to help ensure the health and safety of employees. Enterprises need to set out processes and measures to ensure occupational safety and health. At the same time, employees also need to be disseminated the rules on general hygiene.
  • Prevention of sexual harassment: The rules should clearly state the order and procedures for dealing with and sanctioning acts of sexual harassment in the workplace. (Refer to Article 85 of Decree 145/2020/ND-CP for more information.
  • Liability for facilities: The Regulations should provide provisions on compensation for damage to damaged facilities, acts of causing property damage, loss of company tools or excess consumption within the specified time period. At the same time, it should be clearly indicated who has the authority to handle matters related to facility liability.
  • Regulations on disciplinary violations: The internal regulations should clearly state the levels of violations, the forms of violations and regulations on handling corresponding to each act. This will help employees better understand prohibited behaviors and avoid disciplinary violations.
  • Protection of corporate secrets and copyrights: This content includes: infringement; forms processing; project secrets, business, documents, technology, intellectual property; storage and protection measures.
  • Transferring employees to a different department than the labor contract: The company's rules should clearly state the cases of employee rotation. This is to avoid misunderstandings and disagreements between employees and the company about changing jobs. At the same time, it must also clearly state the time of advance notice and the responsibilities of both parties. (Clause 1, Article 29 of the Labor Law).
  • Persons authorized to handle violations: Clearly define who has the right to handle violations in the company. Accordingly, the competent person will be the employer (Clause 3, Article 18 of the Labor Code).
Contents that should be included in the company's rulesContents that should be included in the company's rules

4. How to build a concise company rule

The setting Brief company rules help to ensure organization in the company. The following,Vindoo will share the necessary content in a form of company regulations, ensuring efficiency in business management.

  • Determining what the rules need: To build a complete company rule and in line with the reality of the company, businesses need to determine what is required in the rules. This decision can be found through employee observation and evaluation. Management can find shortcomings in the company then can model based on its own criteria and standards.
  • Determine the necessary content: To ensure transparency and fairness in the work, the company's rules need to contain the necessary regulations and content. You should note that these regulations need to be consistent with the reality of the company, avoiding the situation of "circumvention of the law" of employees. In addition, the company's rules also need to have regulations on rewards and punishments when employees commit mistakes to motivate employees to work better.
  • Notice of new regulations to employees: After developing new regulations, the company needs to notify all employees about the new regulations. This helps employees understand the rules and avoid conflicts later on. You can ask your employees to sign the documents that have just been applied to ensure transparency and accountability.
  • Update and amend company rules: When amending rules, businesses need to notify employees of the changes, ensuring that all employees understand and comply with the new regulations. During the amendment process, enterprises should focus on compliance with the latest policies of the law, and at the same time ensure that the rules meet the needs and operations of the company.
Construction guide with the latest concise rule templatesConstruction guide with the latest concise rule templates

5. Notes when building company rules

Xbuild Brief company rules It is one of the most important factors for the success of the business. The next section presents the notes to build an effective company policy, ensuring the harmony between fairness and professionalism.

5.1 General Notes

Developing a company policy can help shape and promote employee professional and ethical behavior. To ensure that the rules are applied effectively, it is first necessary to:

  • Defining corporate purpose: This can be achieved by drawing on the company's mission, vision and core values ​​to create appropriate criteria and standards. In addition, observing the actual behavior of employees is also an effective way to identify shortcomings and improve the internal regulations.
  • Determining the content of the rules: Managers need to learn each item to know what the necessary content in each section is. This requires deep and careful standards of administrators, avoiding the case that employees find holes in the charter to "evade the law" or push responsibility to others. It is necessary to clearly mention the reward and punishment mechanisms in each category so that employees can clearly understand and comply with the rules.
  • Update and amend regulations when necessary: ​​Company rules are not an immutable document. If there are any new employee complaints or problems, the company rules should be revised to meet the needs and interests of all employees in the work environment.
  • Announce the rules for all employees right From the first day of work: This helps employees understand the working process as well as their responsibilities in the company. Rules can be sent via email or as a large printed rule sheet in a conspicuous location within the company. In addition, employees should sign the regulatory documents sent to them to ensure their agreement and strictly abide by the company's regulations.
Some notes when building company contentSome notes when building company content

5.2 Does the company's regulations need to be registered with a state agency?

The company rules are an important document specified in Clause 1, Article 119 of the Labor Code 2019. Accordingly, if the employer employs 10 or more people, the internal labor regulations must be registered at specialized labor agency under the People's Committee of the province where they register their business.

  • To register company rules with state agencies, organizations and enterprises, it is necessary to prepare a complete and accurate profile, including:
  • Form of written request for registration of labor regulations, filled in with required information, signed by the representative and stamped with the unit's seal.
  • Documents with regulations related to labor discipline and material responsibility of enterprises, ie employers.
  • Minutes of comments made by the representative organization of the workers' collective at the grassroots level.
  • Within 7 days from the date of receipt of the application, if the company's written regulations have incorrect regulations, the specialized agency will guide the employer to supplement and amend.
Regulations on registration of company rulesRegulations on registration of company rules

Rules are one of the important documents to manage, ensure the quality and efficiency of business activities. Samples Brief company rules The above is the best way to ensure employees will understand and comply with the regulations in the company. Contact now with Viindoo if readers are looking for ways to manage their business.

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