5 core values ​​of leading enterprises in Vietnam and the world

In business, identifying 5 core values of the business is extremely important to achieve success. However, to achieve this, businesses need to build and maintain a number of important core values. In this article, let's Viindoo Learn about the core values ​​of today's leading businesses!

1. What are core values?

Core values ​​are the basic principles, beliefs and characteristics that an organization holds. Core values ​​do not merely reflect the nature, vision, mission and goals of an enterprise. These are profound values ​​that do not change over time and are not affected by short-term events.

Core values ​​are also considered as the soul of the company, capable of deciding the future and existence of the business. These values ​​are not only short-term goals but also focus on sustainability and long-term.

Core values ​​are the soul of the businessCore values ​​are the soul of the business

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2. Core values ​​of businesses in Vietnam and around the world

2.1 MWG (Mobile World)

Mobile World Investment Joint Stock Company (MWG) is a prominent name in the retail sector in Vietnam. With the goal of becoming a leading corporation in Southeast Asia in retail, e-commerce and related services by 2030, MWG has determined5 core values include

  • Fairness: Treat all employees, customers and business partners fairly
  • Dedication: Putting customers at the center of all thoughts and actions of the company, always listening and meeting the needs of customers in the most dedicated way.
  • Respect: Respect colleagues, partners and customers.
  • Honesty: Straightforward, honest about money and relationships
  • Enthusiasm: Show enthusiasm and fire in the work.
Core Values ​​of MWGCore Values ​​of MWG

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2.2 Vinser Archive - Vinschool

Vinschool is a prestigious education system invested and developed by Vingroup. With the mission of incubating Vietnamese talents and contributing to the development of the country, Vinschool has set out five core values ​​and behavioral principles for employees:

  • Inquisitiveness: Employees need to continuously strive to improve their skills.
  • Proactiveness: To become a global citizen, initiative and creativity are indispensable factors.
  • Caring: True to Uncle Ho's teaching "forgetting virtues and talents", Vinsers must love, care and take care of others.
  • Integrity: Vinsers always put honesty and integrity first, dare to say wrong things.
  • Respect: Respect the opinions and feelings of others.
Core values ​​of VinschoolCore values ​​of Vinschool

2.3 Viettel

The slogan "Viettel - Your way" is not merely a slogan, but also the expression of one of Viettel's core values ​​- taking reality.do criterion for testing truth. Viettel always puts customers and the market first, offering the best products and services to meet the needs of customers. Viettel's core values ​​include:

  • Learn and grow through challenges and mistakes
  • Quick adaptation creates a competitive advantage
  • Creativity is the life force of Viettel
  • Forming systematic logical thinking
  • Combining East-West working environment.
Viettel's core valuesViettel's core values

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2.4 Samsung

Samsung has always been committed to providing the best user experience through its mission of dedicating talent and technology. To achieve this goal, Samsung determined 5 core values unique:

  • People: People are considered the core foundation of the company, Samsung is committed to training employees to become the best, most excellent individuals and behave with culture.
  • Quality: In order to enhance the customer's perception, Samsung always brings quality products, suitable for each different audience.
  • Change: Samsung continuously innovates and applies the latest technologies to create the most innovative products.
  • Integrity: Samsung aims for a fair, civilized and upright working environment.
  • Joint development: Samsung always cooperates with other units to grow and develop together.
Core Values ​​of SamsungCore Values ​​of Samsung

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2.5 Yody

Starting with the name Hi5 in 2009, Yody has experienced many difficulties on the way to become one of the leading fashion brands in the world. With enthusiasm and unremitting efforts, Yody changed its name in 2014 and continued to expand its business scale. 6 important core values ​​at Yody include:

  • Dedication to customers: Putting customer satisfaction first, always proactive, polite and dedicated in all communication with customers.
  • Take the initiative to take responsibility: Take responsibility for all of the company's problems, focusing on finding solutions instead of blaming or complaining about the challenges Yody is facing.
  • Ethics and Integrity: Yody always lives up to its promises and treats its customers, partners and colleagues with honesty and ethics.
  • Progressive spirit: Willing to test new methods for improvement and development.
  • Love and support for teammates: Always ready to support your teammates to complete the best work together, listen to and accept the contributions of colleagues, treat them fairly and respect.
  • Dedication and attention to detail: Yody always pays attention to the smallest detail to ensure that every project and job is completed to the best of its ability.
Core Values ​​of YodyCore Values ​​of Yody

2.6 Vinamilk

Vinamilk now continues to affirm the importance of innovation and creativity in business activities. In addition to innovating production technology, the company also focuses on researching and diversifying product categories to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Thanks to the introduction of high-quality products that meet the preferences of each target group, Vinamilk has built a solid brand and is trusted by customers. 5 core values ​​that become Vinamilk's trust symbols include:

  • Integrity: Vinamilk is committed to integrity and honesty in all of its transactions and actions.
  • Respect: Vinamilk puts respect first, including respect for self, colleagues, company and partners. The company cooperates with partners in the spirit of prestige and professionalism.
  • Fairness: Vinamilk practices fairness with all employees, suppliers and stakeholders.
  • Ethics: All employees of Vinamilk must adhere to and uphold the established ethical values ​​according to common standards.
  • Compliance: Vinamilk complies with all regulations, policies, regulations and Laws in the company and develops a code of conduct to ensure compliance.
Core Values ​​of VinamilkCore Values ​​of Vinamilk


ABBANK has a great vision to become the leading Joint Stock Commercial Bank in Vietnam, focusing mainly on the retail sector. This vision shows ABBANK's desire to contribute to the development of Vietnam's economy through financial services and the latest products for its customers.

ABBANK has chosen 5 core values based on mutual trust and commitment to customers. That is:

  • Customer-centric: With a "customer first" mindset, ABBANK focuses on understanding customers' needs and desires to enhance their happy experience. Dedicated service and comprehensive solutions are how ABBANK makes a difference in the banking industry.
  • Cooperation for mutual development: ABBANK believes that teamwork is an important factor to create collective strength. ABBANK is ready to cooperate with partners, customers and the community for sustainable development.
  • Flexibility and adaptability: ABBANK always thinks innovatively to solve relationships flexibly and adapt to each change. This helps ABBANK maintain its leading position in the industry and meet the needs of customers in the best way.
  • Human resources are assets: ABBANK believes that people are the root for all development. Therefore, ABBANK always invests in developing employees' capabilities, creating a friendly and motivating working environment to encourage creative thinking and create competitive advantages.
  • Discipline to win: ABBANK sets rules for themselves to exercise their will and respects common principles and goals to achieve success together. This helps ABBANK build a solid foundation to develop and maintain the trust of customers and partners.
ABBANK's core valuesABBANK's core values

2.8 Unilever

Unilever is a multinational corporation and is trying to develop on a global scale. To achieve that goal, Unilever always respects and acts based on its core values:

  • Equity is the first value that Unilever always values ​​in all its decisions and actions.
  • Unilever innovates and develops continuously to achieve positive results that benefit both customers and the community.
  • Unilever defines clear goals and is committed to bringing the highest quality products to consumers, meeting all customer needs.
  • Collaboration is the ultimate value that Unilever is always ready to demonstrate and collaborate with partners to achieve the group's common goals.
Unilever's core valuesUnilever's core values

2.9 Vietnam Airlines

Vietnam Airlines is a famous international airline, representing the dynamic and modern development of Vietnam's aviation industry over the past 20 years. With a double-digit growth rate, Vietnam Airlines has always led the domestic aviation market, one of the fastest growing markets in the world.

5 core values ​​that Vietnam Airlines brings to customers include:

  • Safety: Safety is always a top priority at Vietnam Airlines. The airline is always committed to providing the safest and best quality aviation service to its customers, ensuring that all international aviation safety standards are strictly adhered to.
  • Customers are the center: Passengers are the center of all activities of Vietnam Airlines. The airline always strives to bring the best flying experience to customers by improving in-flight facilities and services, as well as improving the quality of service staff.
  • Considering employees as the most valuable asset: Vietnam Airlines always builds policies and remuneration based on the principle of fairness and ensures the interests of employees, creating the strength of unity in the organization.
  • Responsibility: Vietnam Airlines always focuses on social responsibility and environmental protection. The airline regularly carries out social activities to help communities in need, and always applies environmental protection measures in business activities.
  • Creativity: Vietnam Airlines always strives to innovate and improve its products and services to meet the increasing demands of customers. The company is researching and applying new technologies to enhance customer comfort and experience.
Core Values ​​of Vietnam AirlinesCore Values ​​of Vietnam Airlines

2.10 SeAbank

With the vision of becoming the most popular bank in Vietnam, SeABank constantly provides a full and diverse range of the best financial products and services to all customers. SeABank's mission is to serve with dedication and enthusiasm, towards a happier life and prosperous future for the community.

SeABank's solid strength comes from 5 core pillars:

  • Risk management helps banks to regulate their finances safely and effectively.
  • Technology investment helps SeABank apply advanced technology to bring the best experience to customers
  • Customer development is considered as one of the important pillars for SeABank to achieve its sustainable development goals
  • Human resource development is also a top priority by SeABank, in order to ensure staff are trained and improve their capacity, creating a team of professional and dedicated staff to serve customers.
  • Organizational culture is considered as the foundation for SeABank to develop a professional and positive working environment.
SeABank's Core ValuesSeABank's Core Values

2.11 Shopee

In 2015, Shopee officially launched an e-commerce platform, with the goal of creating a convenient, safe and fast online shopping experience for users. Shopee has invested and developed a powerful payment and operating system, giving users complete peace of mind and confidence when using its services.5 core valuesDuring Shopee's operation, including:

  • Diversity of products and services: Shopee offers a wide range of products and services to meet the needs of its users, from clothing, shoes, home appliances, to food and pets.
  • Competitive prices: Shopee provides products and services at competitive prices, helping users save on shopping costs.
  • Customer support: Shopee always puts the interests of customers first and provides professional customer support services.
  • Secure Transactions: Shopee provides a safe and secure payment system, giving users peace of mind when making transactions on the platform.
  • Continuous innovation: Shopee always updates and innovates the platform to meet the increasingly diverse needs of users and suppliers.
Shopee's Core ValuesShopee's Core Values

2.12 TH True Milk

TH True Milk is one of the favorite milk brands because of its variety of products such as fresh milk, nut milk, yogurt, ice cream... However, not just a regular milk brand, TH True Milk also aim to deliver excellent quality in every product, with offering 5 core values:

  • TH True Milk is committed to using fresh, safe ingredients and does not contain any preservatives or additives to ensure that the product always benefits consumers' health.
  • TH True Milk products are produced from absolutely natural fresh milk, without any chemical treatment.
  • TH True Milk is produced with modern technology, helping to keep the quality and nutrition of the product, ensuring freshness and nutrition.
  • TH True Milk is committed to using milk from clean and safe farms, while optimizing the production process to minimize the impact on the environment.
  • TH True Milk always researches and offers new dairy products that are suitable for the needs and tastes of consumers.
The core value of TH True MilkThe core value of TH True Milk

2.13 Techcombank

To become the best bank and leading enterprise in Vietnam, Techcombank has determined 5 core values and make a note in the employee handbook toward this goal:

  • With Techcombank, customers always come first. The goal of the bank is to bring the best service experience to customers.
  • To become the best bank, Techcombank is always innovating and absorbing feedback from customers. This helps the bank to improve and provide the best customer experience.
  • Techcombank always listens and works together in the most fair and civilized way to create the best efficiency and productivity.
  • With the motto "Empowering and being empowered", Techcombank creates conditions and opportunities for employees to develop and become the best officers.
  • Action is indispensable in Techcombank. The Bank is always growing and moving forward to fulfill its mission and commitments.
Core Values ​​of TechcombankCore Values ​​of Techcombank

2.14 FPT

FPT is one of the leading corporations in the field of telecommunications and internet in Vietnam. FPT's core values ​​are reflected in the 6 key words "Ton exchange dong - Shining mirror", including:

  • Respect: FPT always respects superiors, colleagues and customers to build the best working environment.
  • Innovation: FPT always focuses on innovation to develop and compete with other businesses.
  • Teammates: Team spirit and mutual support are at the forefront of FPT.
  • Chi Cong: FPT believes that righteousness is an important foundation for leaders to build trust in their employees.
  • Exemplary: FPT's leaders are always an example for employees to follow and respect.
  • Insight: In order to bring FPT to the next level, the FPT team must have foresight and determination.
FPT's core valuesFPT's core values

2.15 ACB

Asia Commercial Bank (ACB) is one of the largest commercial banks in Vietnam, established in 1993 and headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City. ACB is a multi-industry bank, providing a wide range of financial services such as credit, savings, credit cards, securities, insurance, and many more. The core values ​​that ACB has identified include:

  • Integrity: ACB always upholds integrity in all its activities. This ensures trust from partners, customers and regulators.
  • Prudence: ACB has always aimed to ensure due diligence in managing assets and developing new products and services. This prudence helps to protect the interests of shareholders and customers.
  • Innovation: ACB is always ready to accept challenges and adopt new approaches to meet the needs of customers and the market. This helps ACB strengthen its competition and achieve sustainable development.
  • Harmony: ACB emphasizes harmony in its relationship with partners and the community. By treating them fairly and respecting local cultural values, ACB becomes a reliable and sustainable partner in various fields.
  • Efficiency: ACB always tries to maximize efficiency in all its activities. This helps ACB increase productivity and achieve high business results, while ensuring customer and shareholder satisfaction.
Core Values ​​of ACBCore Values ​​of ACB

2.16 Manulife

Manulife Financial Group is one of the leading corporations in the field of providing global financial services, with the main goal of helping customers make smart decisions to optimize their lives. These core values ​​represent Manulife's commitment to customers, colleagues, communities and business partners.

  • Customer-oriented: Manulife always puts customers first, focusing on meeting customers' needs and bringing the best value to them.
  • Do the right thing: Manulife is committed to doing the right thing and to complying with regulations, laws and high ethical standards.
  • Think Big: Manulife is constantly innovating and improving to achieve bigger goals and bring greater value to customers.
  • Accompanying for success: Manulife considers customers as partners, with them sharing goals and desires to achieve common success.
  • Take ownership: Manulife encourages employees to take ownership of their work, contribute ideas and participate in decision making to achieve the best results.
  • Spread Kindness: Manulife is committed to contributing and making a positive difference in the community, through charitable activities and community support programs.
Manulife's core valuesManulife's core values

Identification and implementation 5 core values in an enterprise will help orient all employees, create unity and synchronization in business activities. However, building and maintaining core values ​​is not an easy process. Hope the above article of Viindoo It has helped businesses better understand the core values!

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